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Sunday, June 23, 2024


The witness and his Mother both had experiences with what they believe was the Jersey Devil. Both encounter descriptions are included. What do you think?

I received the following account:

"Hi, Lon. So this is actually both me and my mom's experience with what we believe was the Jersey Devil, but not at the same time. We had separate "encounters". I'm still not sure what I saw.

My Mom grew up near Morristown, New Jersey during the 60s. She's a pretty skeptical person when it comes to anything "supernatural" and I would say I am too. Not religious in the slightest and I don't believe in ghosts, but after my own experience, I do accept that there are sometimes things you can't really explain. And I think she feels the same way based on our conversations, though it honestly creeps both of us out to talk about so it doesn't really come up much haha.

It's been a few years since we've talked about it, but from what I remember, Mom's experience from what she's told me is this:

I think it was 1964 or 1965 so she would have been 10 or 11 at the time. For some background, she has two brothers and both were involved in Boy Scouts, but as the only girl she tended to feel left out when they'd go on camp-outs, etc. She was definitely a tomboy and didn't understand as the little sister why she couldn't also go camping with the boys. Luckily, my Grandpa was pretty in tune with this and started including my mom where he could. He was a mechanical engineer and was a big proponent of practical, hands-on knowledge. Just because she was a girl didn't mean she wasn't going to learn how to change a tire or build a fire.

My Grandpa started taking the boys and her camping himself shortly after my two uncles started scouts. Obviously, she'd get upset when my uncles would go on troop trips without her, but my Grandpa did his best to give her the same types of experiences where he could. My grandparents tried to get her to join Girl Scouts, but I guess her issue was wanting to be with her brothers doing what they were doing.

As I said, I think she was 10 or 11 and Grandpa had taken my mom and uncles to some state park for some late summer overnight camping and canoeing. All I remember is it was some river. Bass River Forest sounds right after Googling.

They spent the day paddling around in my Grandpa's canoe near the campsite and then did the typical hotdogs-on-skewers and s'mores dinner before turning in for the night.

Sometime during the night, she woke up needing to pee. There were pit latrines on the edge of the campground, but with it being pitch black out she laid awake for what was probably 20 minutes but felt like hours from what she said needing to go pee. She finally got up the courage to go (or at least realized it was either that or wetting herself), unzipped the tent, and poked her way across the campsite to the latrine. She went to relieve herself, poked her way back across the campsite, and climbed back into the tent. As she turned around to zip the tent shut she caught a glimpse of two red dots staring at her from around the side of the latrine she'd just come from. She said at first she just sat there staring wondering what it was. Like, she thought it was brake lights from a car but it was just woods behind the latrine so she didn't understand what a car would be doing way over there. That is until they blinked and started moving very smoothly toward her. She said she zipped the tent up, crawled inside her sleeping bag, and didn't move the rest of the night.

They were camping right on the edge of the woods so deer or other animals moving around at night isn't unusual. But she said the whole rest of the night she felt like something was slowly moving around their campsite breathing. Any little twig breaking or leaf crunching had her terrified. But she didn't want to seem like a scared little girl and not get invited on any more trips so she just stayed quiet and didn't wake my grandpa. She did say something to him the next morning and he joked, "Oh, the Jersey Devil?"

As far as I know, that was the end of it. She insists it wasn't a deer because the eyes seemed to put off a red light of their own and moved so smoothly towards her like they were hovering. She didn't have a flashlight or anything and other than the moon it was a pretty dark night, so she didn't believe it was just the reflection of a deer's eyes or something.

So this is my story:

My grandparents lived in New Jersey until the early 2000s, so as a kid, we'd go up there for Thanksgiving or Christmas to visit. Usually a couple times a year, once in the fall/winter and once over the summer. On this particular trip, it was just after the 4th of July in 1999 (I was 9). Our neighbors in Virginia had put on a neighborhood fireworks display. So a couple days later we were up in NJ visiting and spent the trip swimming in my grandparents' pool.

It was a while after dinner one night and we were sitting out on the porch watching some stray fireworks that their neighbors were setting off (it was probably July 6th or 7th at this point) and the night was winding down. My grandma had gone up to bed and it was me, my dad, and my grandpa sitting out on the porch while my mom and sister were inside watching a movie. I remember it was a warm breezy night and you could smell the fireworks. My grandpa finally decided to head up after my grandma and my dad walked into the house behind him to grab another beer, so I was left on the porch on my own. The fireworks had died down a few minutes earlier, so I was about to follow my dad in when I heard a thump up on top of the house. I looked up over my shoulder and saw two red dots on the eave of the roof. I just sat there for a second thinking they were embers from the fireworks. But then they blinked.

I don't know what I saw that night, but it most likely flew up on the roof. We never heard any climbing noise. What do you think?" S

NOTE: Mmm. It sounds like it may have been something supernatural, but I'll leave this up to the readers to ponder. Lon




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Approximately a decade ago, an incredible phenomenon began to occur. Internet users, in earnest, began reporting frightening encounters with emaciated, hairless humanoids that crawled on all fours and occasionally were bipedal. Internet users attempted to equate these entities with characters of Native American mythology, oblivious to the fact that the humanoids in these encounters bore a resemblance to the fictional 'Rake.' A vast number of reliable witnesses claimed to have seen these humanoids.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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