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Sunday, June 30, 2024

YOUNG ALIEN ABDUCTEE Probed by Human-Like Entities (PHOTO)

A boy and his step-sister are outside at night when they notice a star-like light coming closer to them. Instantly, the experiencer is in an unknown location and being probed by human-like beings!

This account was forwarded to me:

"When I was young, the neighborhood kids used to play dark hide and seek or dark capture the flag, often pretty late at night. Our parents were okay with it as long as we didn't leave the neighborhood (it was the early 1990s, and we were basically thrown out of the house on the weekends). Anyway, one night after the game was over and everyone had gone home, my step-sister and I were hanging out in our front yard, just sitting and talking. At one point she stops talking and points into the sky and asks about a light in the sky. I turn and look and see it myself.

The light was faint blue and was brighter and bigger than the stars around it. It was moving in ways that seemed impossible and I became aware we were looking at it as soon as I locked eyes on it. I don't know how to describe that I know that, it was just this immediate feeling that it was looking right back at us. Suddenly, the light moved towards us almost in the blink of an eye. It went from being roughly double the size of a star in the sky to as bright as an airplane or helicopter searchlight instantly. There was no sound and the light didn't illuminate the surrounding area, which gave it a weird feeling.

I tried to say something to my sister but I found myself unable to speak and I could suddenly barely move. I just reneger turning my head to see my sister looking very scared also unable to speak or move. I thought I heard a noise and the light started shining on me, which made me turn my head back towards the object and then I felt a piercing light basically blind me. I was like bathed in the blue light. After this things get a bit hazy like I was meant to not remember it even though certain moments are as plain as any memory from that time.

I was in a mostly dark place but some lights seemed to hover by themselves, with no visible technology, pole, etc holding them up. I don't know if I was lying down or standing up because there was a feeling of no gravity or downward force in any direction. I remember interacting with an entity that was human-like but seemed to be different - like a beautiful person but they had no male or female characteristics, completely androgynous but with a very symmetrical and smooth appearance to the face and body. Otherwise, very human-looking. They "talked" to me but I was acutely aware that it was in my head and not out loud. It was like moments of being conscious with moments of haziness in between. I don't know how to describe it.

I was aware that they were doing things to me, but I don't remember what - but I distinctly remember a piercing device they inserted just behind my ear on my right side. It went pretty deep but it didn't hurt, it just felt almost itchy for a second and they told me they were taking a sample and depositing something that would allow them to remotely monitor me for some time. They explained that this was not the first time they had done this to me specifically and that they would continue to do so throughout my life - and that there were literally thousands of people they were doing this to. It was a scientific study of some kind that they tried to explain to me but I honestly don't remember the purpose.

I was able to ask them a few other things in the moments of being conscious like where my sister was and they explained she was having the same thing done to her. I asked them point blank if they were aliens and they found it humorous and told me they were humans from the future - but I got the distinct feeling that this wasn't the truth. Again, I don't know how to describe why I thought this, it was just a different feeling when they told me this versus the other things they were saying. It felt like a lie or simplification of some kind.

After some time of being out of it again, I became aware that my body was bathed in blue light again and the darkness started to recede and I was able to see the stars and the sky again. I don't know how long it was before I really understood where I was but at some point, I sorta came to and realized I was sitting on the grass, next to my sister, in the neighbor's yard about 50-60 feet from the original spot. My sister came almost at the same time. We both immediately looked at each other and then at the sky and the light was gone, but the sun was coming up. It was then we realized it had been hours. We didn't really talk about what happened, we just felt the need to go inside and go to bed "before we got in trouble."

It was years later before I ever spoke to my sister about that night and she remembers much less than I do. She remembers seeing the light, being blinded by it, and then feeling weird, and then waking up beside me. To this day she has explained it away by us seeing a helicopter in the sky and just falling asleep because we were tired. She won't discuss it beyond that.

I honestly had forgotten about this event until two years ago when my wife mentioned that I had a "spot" behind my right ear that kind of looked like a burn mark or a scar but also like a pimple/mole. When she reminded me of it, the memories of the event flooded back into my head and I was a bit emotional but agreed to let her mess with it. It's still there and looks exactly as she describes it - kind of like a mole but also kind of like a scar. I've had MRIs and other scans throughout the years but nothing has ever shown up so I have no idea what it is or if anything is inside there. I try to not think of it now because although I wasn't scared at the time, it is unnerving to think about it now. That's my story as honestly as I remember it." S

The experiencer shared the photo below:



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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