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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

West Virginia Siblings Experience UFO ENCOUNTER & ALIEN ABDUCTION!

A West Virginia brother and sister are playing on their family property when a UFO hovers above them. The sister is abducted, leading to confusion by the parents.

“Me and my little sister’s experience happened in 1980 in Central West Virginia. We were 7 years old and dying to get a new Red Rider wagon, you know, with the wooden rails. We begged our parents for weeks for this wagon. Dad was a coal miner at the time, working the afternoon shift.

We got home from school one day and there was a wagon, that brand new Red Rider wagon! Me and my sister were determined we were going to wear the wheels off of it. Dad left for work as we were getting home. Of course, we hugged the crap out of him. Well, I might have been young but wasn't stupid, so I would have my sister pull me up the hill and then we would switch places and I would pull her down the hill towards the house. Mind you, we owned the whole end of the hollow.

We knew Dad didn't come home until midnight so it was getting dark. The porch light came on and Mom yelled, ‘Time to come in.’ My sister was just getting me to the top of the hill, so we switched places and I was going to pull her to the house. As soon as she sat down in the wagon and I just grabbed the handle, the brightest light hit us! The first thing I thought was Dad got off work early and we were about to get run over. I turned around to look down the road and there were no lights. It never made a sound. There was no wind. When I looked up, the object was approximately 25 feet above us, and from what I determined now, as an adult, it was at least 100 feet straight across and it was just one solid bright white light.

Like I said earlier, I was young but not stupid. I knew exactly what it was. I slammed the handle to the wagon on the ground and I was off to the races. I made it about 10 feet and realized I didn't hear my little sister behind me. It took all I had to stop, let alone to look back, but I did, and she was laid back in the wagon, looking straight in the air with the back of her palms down on the asphalt. She looked like she was paralyzed and deep in my heart I knew if I didn't turn around and go back and get her, I was never going to see her again.

I ran back and grabbed the first wrist I came to. I was going to grab the handle of the wagon but I had a feeling that when we got to the house, I would look back and she wouldn't be in it. Of course, I got my butt beat for dragging her like a rag doll, not once but twice that night. First by my Mom and then by my Dad when he got home. The worst of all when my dad got home at midnight he made me go back up and get the wagon that was left behind. My sister couldn't speak until the next afternoon, to verify that it really happened. By this time my parents thought she was trying to defend me.

They are out there! What's crazy, is that my sister hadn't talked about it in years. She called me about a week ago and said, ‘Hey, remember the time we got abducted?’ So we are going over the experience and more is coming to the surface.”

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JadXvEtTV8g




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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