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Monday, June 10, 2024

UNKNOWN ENTITY Rescues Teen Girl From Pounding Surf at Cocoa Beach, Florida

A teen girl is on a school trip to Florida, spending the first night at Cocoa Beach. While in the surf, she is rescued from the waves by an unknown being. She felt an arm wrap around her.

I received the following account:

"'Something' saved my life on Cocoa Beach, Florida on Easter Sunday 1994. And no human stepped forward and claimed to be it. Something brought me in from the water, and seemingly no one else even saw any of the incident. It was actually a school trip, coming from Kentucky and headed to a 3-day Sea Camp on Big Pine Key.

Roughly halfway between is Cocoa Beach, Florida, which was where we stopped the first night and spent the next day (Easter) playing on the beach before continuing our journey (by school bus) to the Keys. I was 14, and this would be my first time ever seeing a body of water large enough that it ended on the horizon.

So there we were, a bunch of teenagers (about 12-15 of us on the trip) walking out into the ocean and “jumping” the waves. It was fun, but I wasn’t used to it. I had only played in creeks at this point in my life, and they don’t have waves. When you do find a swimming hole in a creek, the first goal is to walk out as far as you can until your head doesn’t go under. From there, playing is just a series of swimming back and forth to the spot where your feet could still touch.

With all my classmates stopping at waist-deep to play in this ocean, I thought I would impress them by walking out further. I started walking. I had to stay focused to keep my footing when the waves would come, but I was determined to make it until the water touched my chin while my feet touched the ground. And I did. Sure, it only hit both spots in between waves, but I was pretty sure I’d made it that far. I turned to make sure my friends could see me and be impressed, expecting to find a line of them following me, but no one was behind me. My friends were the size of ants, still back at waist-deep water, and no one seemed to notice how far out I had gone.

I panicked. I started to “walk” back, but my feet couldn’t find the ground. I was trying to swim, but the waves kept coming and the harder I tried, the further I went. I was trying to scream “Help!” But every time my head was out of the water and I opened my mouth, all I got out was “Hhh…” and then another wave would cover me and fill my mouth and drag me further out and under. I never even got to scream for help one whole time.

The next thing I remember is feeling an arm around my body and the rush of the water against me as I’m being swam to shore. I believe I was in and out of consciousness during this time because the memory is flashy. I remember a glimpse of blonde hair in the water, but I had blonde hair, so it could have been mine. However, something also made me feel like this was a female, whose arm was around me. Next, I remember being dropped face down onto the sand and immediately I began vomiting up tons of water.

Once I stopped vomiting and realized I could and was breathing air, I turned to thank whoever this was. There was no one. Nobody was there to see if this 14-year-old kid was going to stop puking up ocean water and breathe through her lungs. The beachgoers around the area weren’t even looking at me. Nobody was coming to check my vitals. The teachers and other students were further down the beach, and none of them even looked my way.

I made it back to my crowd and decided I wouldn’t say anything. I was a little embarrassed, and I also had a fear that if the teachers found out I’d almost drowned they would call my mom and she would demand I come home and the whole trip would be scrapped. So I said nothing and no one ever said anything to me." M




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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