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The Terrifying Encounter of a Lady Security Guard with a UFO and a Dark Entity in the Vieques ROTHR Radar

By Jorge Martín Miranda

C. 2024, Jorge Martín Miranda

The following account was forwarded to me by investigative journalist Jorge Martín Miranda:

In our book 'Vieques: Polygon of the Third Type' we publish, after a rigorous investigation carried out by us between the years 1999, 2000, and 2001, many cases of encounters with UFOs and humanoid beings that occurred on the island-municipality of Vieques, a territory belonging to Puerto Rico.

Many of these events were experienced by civilian members of the security forces who provided surveillance services on land controlled by the United States Navy.

Without a doubt, the incident that we will reveal below was, in our opinion, the most impressive and shocking event of that nature that occurred in Vieques at that time.

It occurred on a stretch of land near the fence that surrounds the area where there is a ROTHR (Radar Over The Horizon) type radar that the Navy and the Raytheon Corporation had installed in the Playa Grande sector, in the south of that island. The aforementioned chain-link fence separates that place from the La Hueca community sector, further to the east.

On one of our visits to Vieques during our investigation, we made confidential contact with members of the US Navy and members of the aforementioned security surveillance personnel at the ROTHR facilities in the Playa Grande sector.

We were informed by them about a series of very important events that occurred in that area during the years 1999 and 2000 that had been kept under strict secrecy by the military authorities of the Navy, the Raytheon Corporation, and the security surveillance company that served in the place. Here are some of the facts.

Several security guards from the security company hired by the Navy and the Raytheon Corp. witnessed impressive events that occurred at the site, but one of them, which occurred one night in October 1999, at 2:30 AM, it was really disconcerting.

The information about the event was provided to us by completely credible sources linked to the security guards at the site, among them Mr. Jaime Peralta and Mr. Julio Bermúdez, who asked us to keep his identity secret. Since he has already passed away, and with the authorization of his wife, Mrs. Marisol Bonew, we are free from the promise we made to him in this regard.

On the night in question, the wardens were monitoring the radar area. Some of them were inside the offices and others outside. Others patrolled the areas surrounding the radar in surveillance vehicles.

Mr. Bermúdez, who was supervising the security camera monitors in the radar complex, observed around 2:00 am that very bright lights appeared on the monitors; there was a large luminous object suspended in the low air near a helicopter landing pad. That was right in front of the gate that gives access to the radar lands from the La Hueca community sector,

According to him and his companions, who were observing everything from the monitor room, the object would be about 100 feet away from one of the guards who was outside.

They quickly contacted the guard, who was Jaime Peralta, who told us the following: “I was outside and they told me what was happening,” he said, “and they asked me to identify the object, but I didn't see anything in the place. They indicated to me on the radio.

“Then - he continued explaining - they told me that it had moved about 400 feet away...and there I was able to observe it. An electrical blackout immediately occurred in the radar facilities, which added more strangeness to what was happening.

“The object was quite large, oval and all wrapped in a very powerful blue-white light, very bright. It moved in total silence and remained suspended for several minutes above the ground, next to the ROTHR radar, on the plain that is between the radar, the Playa Grande lagoon, and Cerro Ventana.

“That was suspended there for a while. Then it rose and went towards the sea, towards the South Trench... and was lost flying out to sea. It was something extraordinary!

“What we couldn't explain is how we couldn't see it when it was 100 feet away from us, but when it moved 400 feet away we could see it clearly. It is as if he could camouflage himself in some way, make himself invisible, but by moving to another distance and position we could define him.”

According to Mr. Peralta and other colleagues with whom we were able to speak, the incident was filmed by the security camera systems at the location, but 'someone' stole the video with the footage from the office where the recordings were kept. and the video cassette containing the footage disappeared. Apparently, there was no evidence of the incident.

A couple of days later the area was visited by personnel from the US Navy and the Raytheon Corporation. Those personnel did not speak with the employees, and instead dedicated themselves to examining all the previously recorded video tapes.

Peralta added that it was not the first time that unidentified objects were observed in Vieques: “Years ago,” he told us, “I was able to observe a huge flying saucer one night over the area where I live, in the plots of La Esperanza.

“My brother José is a fisherman, and he has had several encounters with those dishes at sea. This is something that has been happening for a long time in Vieques and warrants an investigation into what is happening. The Government and the Navy are covering up all this, and it is time for us to know what is happening here.”

Later we contacted his brother, José 'Cheo' Peralta, who assured us that on several occasions he and other fishermen have seen flying saucers emerge from the sea, and he even made us a drawing of what one of them looked like, which emerged from the sea. sea ​​and suspended in front of his boat one night when he was fishing in the south of the island, after which it quickly disappeared from view as it rose into the night sky (see drawing made by the fisherman).

Impressive Events

At the beginning of the year 2000, another of the security guards (whose identity we are keeping anonymous for the moment at his request) was outside the complex, near the radar, and suddenly heard a sound “like that of the turbine of a jet and a hum.”

Looking in the direction where the sound was coming from, he was surprised to see a huge flying disc illuminated with a very bright blue light descend towards the terrain located between the ROTHR radar, Laguna Playa Grande, and Cerro Ventana. Impressed by what he saw, the guard radioed for backup.

Meanwhile, the enormous disk, described by him as “...a flying saucer with a very large dome on top,” moved toward an area of ​​trees at the foot of Cerro Ventana, where it descended.  

A while later, after the ship left and the guards examined the area, they realized that the ground was on fire as if intense heat emanating from the ship had produced that effect. A fire even started there, so the island's fire service had to be called to put it out.

Two days later, another of the guards had an encounter with 'something', some type of creature with non-human characteristics. The incident occurred in the same sector located to the east of the radar, near the fence that surrounds the area and separates it from the access to the La Hueca sector.

“It is said that a fellow female guard (her name has been kept secret/confidential until now as she does not wish anyone to know who she is) was doing her rounds and felt the bushes move,” one of the confidant guards told us. -, she went to see what was happening and something happened and she shot 'something' that was going towards her, a tall figure. Something bad happened to her because she was very affected. They found her lying on the ground and in a state of shock. In fact, she later had to receive emergency medical assistance.

“They say that that figure,” he continued explaining, “walked toward the radar and crossed a series of high-voltage electrical cables in the system. It was as if it had no physical consistency! He went through the wires as if they weren't there!

At that time we tried to talk to the lady who experienced the encounter, but she flatly refused to do so. But we were able to perceive that what happened on that occasion was something extremely important, and we would not give up our efforts to know what happened.

Years passed, and later we were able to find out what really happened that night thanks to Mrs. Marisol Bonew, who was a graduated nurse who was working at the Vieques hospital at the time. She was one of the nurses who initially attended to the guard when she was taken to the Vieques hospital in an emergency.

What the nurse told us about the event was truly amazing. Below we inform you of what she told us.

"Mr. Martín, he told us, that happened one night at the end of 1999, around 2:00 in the morning. My husband Julio Bermúdez was in charge that night of monitoring the monitors that showed what the security cameras in the radar area were capturing. The monitors are in a bunker that is two stories below ground level.

“Julio was watching the monitors and saw bright lights suddenly appear on the screens that descended and were suspended at a low altitude more or less in the area where the heliport there is, a platform where helicopters landed.

"As there were no reports that helicopters were going to go down there that night, he contacted the guards who were outside by radio and told them to check the area because it seemed that a helicopter was there.

“The guards, some in motor vehicles and others on foot, immediately went to see what was happening. One of them, named Martínez, was the companion that night of the female guard, who was on foot.

“Everyone goes to the place, but they don't see the lights or any helicopter and they don't hear anything either, but nevertheless Bermúdez continued to see the bright lights through the monitors, and he notified his colleagues. Nobody understood what was happening.”

The aforementioned lady guard was monitoring the scene from a position near the chain-link fence (cyclone fence) that faced the La Hueca sector and was able to see the bright lights that her colleagues did not notice.

“Suddenly,” Ms. Bonew added, “she saw the dark figure of a very tall person appear coming towards her from the helipad area.

"She stopped him on several occasions, but the figure continued walking towards her without stopping and she pointed her automatic weapon at him. At that moment the dark figure began to run towards her and once close to her the lady shot him several times. , but instead of stopping or falling the figure continued its race with greater speed, crossed the chain-link fence as if it did not exist, and quickly passed through the body of the guard, crossed it as if it were immaterial!

“As she crossed it she fell backwards to the ground. Her companions heard her gunshots and rushed into her vehicle to where she was, finding her lying on the ground, still with her gun in her hand, and making the gesture of shooting it.

"She, lying on the ground, rigid and with her eyes wide open and as if in a trance or shock, was constantly saying 'I killed him, I killed him...I shot all the bullets at him!' Her companions took her gun from her and saw that it was empty. She had fired all 16 bullets in the gun.

“When asked by her colleagues,” Ms. Bonew continued explaining to us, “she only said that she was in the area of ​​the fence that separated that area from the place where the lights that could be seen through the security cameras in the complex were. of the radar and at that moment he saw a tall figure coming from that direction.

"It was the figure of something like a tall man about six to seven feet tall. He was slender, and he was dressed in black clothing. His face and head also looked black, so he could not see any defined features.

“When she saw him, she told him to stop, but contrary to that, he moved forward and ran towards her. There she shot him, and the figure began to run towards her without flinching, and she continued shooting him. There the character crossed the chain-link fence as if it were not material and rushed towards her, who continued shooting at him. At that moment the black figure passed through her, passed through her body and she fell backwards to the ground as she felt a pulling sensation originating in her when he passed through her body and he continued running.

“That was the only thing she managed to say because she immediately closed her eyes and remained rigid and silent, without responding to her companions.

“Something strange that they noticed was that their partner's clothes were wet, completely wet, just like her body, but only from the front, from behind it was dry, and the ground was dry. That surprised them because it had not rained that day and the entire area was dry. Where did the 'water', or whatever that liquid that covered it was, come from?

“Then she was taken to the Vieques hospital, where another colleague and I, who am a graduate nurse, treated her. We saw that she was wet...she did not react or open her eyes, and we gave her some cotton pads with ammonia and that made her wake up, she opened her eyes.

“Other strange things happened there when we went to do an electrocardiogram on my partner and me, the hairs on our arms and neck stood up, and we felt something, like static electricity emanating from her. She passed by several times, it was as if she was charged with some kind of energy.

“Then helicopters from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station arrived and base personnel took her to the US NAVY hospital in Roosevelt Roads. Before leaving they said that they couldn't talk about what happened. We don't know what happened to her later at the Roosevelt Roads hospital.

Later, so that the presence of the lights and the mysterious dark being would not be mentioned, the Navy in Vieques fabricated the story that she had shot because “...an unidentified large man had tried to physically attack her in an attempt to rape her.”

On the other hand, the security guards told us that after that incident, always around 2:00-3:00 in the morning, they received strict orders to stay inside the surveillance cabin of the radar complex, and Those who were outside received orders to stay in the area of ​​the entrance gates to the area and not to go inside the land despite what happened, saw or felt.

“Also,” another guard added, “they increased the number of guards patrolling the perimeter and nearby areas in vehicles to two guards per vehicle, and we had to be armed, even with rifles.”

To their surprise, shortly after receiving these orders, they saw large disc-shaped objects descending near the radar, wrapped in a brilliant blue luminosity, from which they sometimes saw figures emerge, backlit by small bodies similar in size to that of schoolchildren. about six to 10 years old, of humanoid physical conformation and with large heads.

These figures moved quickly and simultaneously unintelligible voices and murmurs were heard throughout the area, after which they ran and got lost in a crazy race towards the bushes that surrounded Cerro Ventana, where they disappeared.

After that the luminous disks rose and disappeared into the night sky, then everything was calm again.

According to the guards, they were pressured by the directors of the radar project, the Raytheon Corporation, and some Navy officials, not to divulge what they saw there.

Another experience experienced by the guards was that experienced one morning by Mr. Julio Bermúdez (husband of Mrs. Marisol Bonew), already mentioned.

One night he was doing surveillance outside the ROTHR radar and suddenly a circle of lights appeared around him. They were lights that came down from above, from the night sky, in the form of columns of white light.

“Each of the columns of light,” he told us, “was about twelve inches in diameter, and they formed a perfect circle on the ground about 50 to 60 feet in diameter.

"The columns of lights came from something that was suspended above me, but you couldn't see what it was, because whatever it was was dark.

"The lights were coming from whatever was up there, which had to be something circular because the columns of lights were lined up there in a circular shape. They touched the ground and formed a circle in which I was in the center.

“That lasted for several minutes, and then the lights went out and whatever it was was gone.”

Finally, Mr. Bermúdez resigned from his job with the Navy because it was already clear to him and his colleagues that very strange and disturbing things were happening in the areas controlled by the Navy in Vieques that that military body and the Raytheon Corporation were hiding from them.

Final Comments and Questions:

More events like those discussed here occurred in Vieques, which we will discuss on another occasion.

Now, the experience lived by the lady guard is one of a kind and truly impressive.

We do not know of another similar case in which an apparent UFO has physically passed through the body of a living person and caused the physical effects that she experienced and were witnessed by the different witnesses of the event: her fellow guards, the nurses, and doctors at the hospital. from Vieques and the Navy personnel who arrived at the hospital and immediately transported the lady by helicopter to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station hospital in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

Why did she fall into a trance after being thrown to the ground by the dark entity as it passed through her body? What did she feel when she was pierced by the entity?

Why were her body and clothes wet, soaked with a water-like liquid, but only on her forehead, while her back was completely dry, as was the ground beneath her?

Why was her body charged with a mysterious energy that caused a static phenomenon in the nurses and doctors who treated her at the Vieques hospital every time they touched her?

What consequences did what happened that night have on your body and health?

And why was she rushed to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station hospital in Ceiba?  

What happened next at the naval station hospital, and why has the affected lady refused to talk about what happened since then? Was she ordered not to talk about it? Yeah, it was like that; because?

Why did the luminous ship from which the dark character pierced the lady's body seem to emerge and land precisely on the ground where the United States Navy's ROTHR is located?

These and other questions related to the events discussed in this article still remain unanswered, but we continue to investigate them.

Finally, we ask any citizen in Vieques or people related to the Navy surveillance corps in Vieques, the medical corps in Vieques, and the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station who has information about what happened to contact us and inform the regard.

The case of the lady guard affected during the encounter is very important and deserves to be fully studied.

If you have information you can call us confidentially at tel. (787) 363-5247, send us a message to our email at jorgemartin87@yahoo.com or send us a message through our private inbox on Messenger, which appears on our Facebook page under Jorge Martín Miranda.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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