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Thursday, June 20, 2024

PHANTOMS & MONSTERS NEWS: Lake Michigan SHARK ATTACK! - Divers Encounter TERRIFYING MONSTERS! - "I Swapped Souls With An ALIEN"


Lake Michigan SHARK ATTACK!

It's long been rumored that sharks exist in the Great Lakes. While it seems improbable, because sharks mostly live in saltwater oceans, it's not IMPOSSIBLE that a shark could live in fresh bodies of water.

But do they live in Lake Michigan? Well, ask the victim of the infamous Lake Michigan Shark Attack of 1955.

The Chicago Tribune seems to be one of the only news outlets to write about the incident, as it occurred just off the coast of the Midwest city.

The child who was allegedly attacked, George Lawson, was swimming not too far from a boat offshore when he was abruptly pulled underwater. Upon resurfacing, his screams for help brought John Adler to the rescue. Read more at Did You Know About the 1955 Lake Michigan Shark Attack?



Divers often venture into worlds that most of us do not see, taking in vistas of tranquil seascapes and magnificent wildlife, some of it rarely glimpsed. They peek through a window into underwater worlds that lie out beneath the waves of our world, yet as enticing as this seems it is not always so wondrous. Indeed, many diver encounters with the strange are memorable for just how terrifying they are, and here we will look at some diver encounters with unexplained mystery monsters that left them shaken and horrified.

A very early account comes from all the way back in 1880, at the home of the famous Loch Ness monster, Loch Ness, Scotland. At the time, a diver by the name of Duncan MacDonald was sent to investigate a shipwreck at the Caledonian Canal entrance at Fort Augustus. The dive was supposed to be routine and conditions were clear, but things would soon get chaotic and very mysterious. Read more at Divers' Terrifying Encounters with Mysterious Underwater Monsters


"I Swapped Souls With An ALIEN"

Kelly Tyler is part of a growing number of people called ‘Starseeds’, who claim to be extraterrestrials sent from space to help humankind heal the world. Kelly says she was healed from long-term sickness after she swapped souls with a ‘walk-in alien’ when she was just a child. Since then, she says, she's been able to 'astral travel' - and can leave her earthly body on command, transporting herself to a galaxy far away, where she meets up with blue aliens. And, it's not just other aliens she can converse with... Kelly says she can also telepathically communicate with animals and trees too. Video found at Meet The ‘Alien’ That Believes She Is Sent From Outer Space | This Morning





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Are the crawler humanoids actual corporeal beings that are manifested by the human mind and perceivable by others? Or are we witnessing the nexus of an unknown and monstrous species of humanoid?

Approximately a decade ago, an incredible phenomenon began to occur. Internet users, in earnest, began reporting frightening encounters with emaciated, hairless humanoids that crawled on all fours and occasionally were bipedal. Internet users attempted to equate these entities with characters of Native American mythology, oblivious to the fact that the humanoids in these encounters bore a resemblance to the fictional 'Rake.' A vast number of reliable witnesses claimed to have seen these humanoids.

The crawler humanoid encounters and sightings that are detailed in this presentation offer varied glimpses into the phenomenon.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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