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Thursday, June 13, 2024

MASSIVE 8-9 FOOT TALL UPRIGHT CANINE Disrupts Elk Hunt in Grant County, Oregon

On Tuesday, June 11, 2014, I was contacted by 'JS' by email about an encounter that he experienced while elk hunting in Grant County, Oregon on the 2nd day of the season in November 2021.

JS is a retired law enforcement officer, as well as a former employee of the Oregon Bureau of Land Management. He has also been an avid hunter and fisherman while growing up in a rural Oregon town. So JS had plenty of outdoor and wildlife experience.

JS and his father-in-law were on an elk hunting trip. Unfortunately, the father-in-law suffered an injury on the 1st day and was forced to remain at camp afterward. There was an arrangement that the father-in-law would pick up JS at a designated time and location later in the day.

The day of hunting was quite frustrating for JS since the elk herds were more skittish than usual. Many times the elk would easily spook and disperse. JS spent most of the morning tracking elk through a fairly rough terrain. In fact, it was an area in which he was unfamiliar.

At one point, JS found it necessary to remove some of his heavy clothing since the day was warming and he was starting to feel a headache developing. As he started removing his heavy jacket, placing it in his backpack, and then retrieving some water, he noticed movement in his right peripheral. As he closely observed the movement, he realized that he was within 50 feet of a hairy, black-colored creature that he didn't recognize.

As JS continued watching, he realized that this creature was upright and approximately 8-9 feet in height. The ears were the first feature that he distinguished, as they fixed high on the head and pointed. Also, the creature had a long snout unlike that of a Sasquatch or a bear. In fact, he was close enough to see the bright yellow eyes that seemed to radiate light. The creature now watched JS intently and was obviously upset by his presence. The creature leaned against an 8-10 inch diameter hardwood tree, then suddenly began shaking the tree violently! JS did not hear any growling or other sounds other than the tree moving back and forth. The unknown creature then leaned forward, dropped its ears, and studied JS as he began to raise his weapon (.270 rifle). At this point, the creature stood fully upright. That is when JS realized that the beast was canine-like. The body was described as looking like the werewolf in the 'Van Helsing' film, extremely muscular with broad shoulders, a heavy upper body, a tapered waist, and thick arms and legs.

JS flipped off the safety and lightly fingered the trigger, not knowing what to expect from the cryptid canine. He began to move toward a nearby old logging road to put distance between him and this beast. As he was walking, he was looking behind him, but the creature was no longer in sight. He began to move faster on the logging road, heading in the direction where his father-in-law was scheduled to meet him.

After several minutes, JS began to hear movement in the thick brush as well as heavy footsteps. He was positive that the terrifying beast was following him. At this point, JS swung around and released a shot from the .270 rifle in the direction of the sounds. JS heard the creature scamper away from the area. JS reached the rendezvous spot and waited nervously for his father-in-law.

Just before the darkness started to descend, his father-in-law arrived. As soon as JS got into the vehicle, his father-in-law asked JS if he was feeling OK. It was obvious that JS was experiencing anxiety and fear after his harrowing encounter. JS did not disclose any details of his encounter with his father-in-law or his wife. In fact, after he began to research the creature, he decided not to tell anyone. Eventually, he did tell a friend, who thought that JS was crazy. JS recently listened to my Phantoms & Monsters Radio channel and decided to come forward.

JS has not been back to the location since that terrifying day, but he does plan to make the trip there this upcoming elk season accompanied by several of his hunting friends."

NOTE: After going over the details of the encounter, it seems to JS and myself that the upright canine was hunting elk and that there may have been, at least, one other cryptid canine in the vicinity. The creature's physical display did indicate that it wanted JS out of the area as soon as possible so it could resume hunting elk. Once again, as in most of these cryptid canine encounters, there was no contact involved, though there was a determined attempt to move JS along without a negative outcome. Lon




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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