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Monday, June 17, 2024

TALL, LANKY, LONG-HAIRED STRANGER Suddenly Manifests on Mojave Desert Highway

While driving through the Mojave Desert the witness describes a tall, long-haired man who he observed suddenly appear in his rearview mirror, as if he simply manifested.

I received the following account:

"Hello. I've been reading your posts. Here is a strange encounter I experienced several years ago. I was traveling with one of my ex-partners across the country. Just a spur-of-the-moment backroads Route 66 road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast. I did stuff like that sometimes. I don’t remember the exact area we were in, but I believe it was somewhere in the Mojave Desert between New Mexico and Needles, California.

Anyway, I met a lot of people on that road trip and learned to find the older seniors working as rangers or guides at visitor centers. I would seek those people out to find the off-of-the-beaten-path places wherever I may happen to be going. I met this very old ranger who told me about a place two hours out in the middle of nowhere where I could find some petroglyphs. He told me there would be no people there whatsoever and he was right. We filled up on gas and headed out and barely saw anyone for the next hundred twenty-mile drive out into the middle of nowhere.

I remember stopping the rental car and getting out whenever we saw the first sand dunes in the distance. It stood out on the landscape because everything else was pretty much flat with scrub brush in every direction for miles.

We both walked around the car and took pictures for probably 10 minutes or so as we weren’t in a hurry. Once we got back in the car and started moving, I happened to look back in the rearview mirror and saw something odd. I watched as a tall lanky man strode out of the middle of the desert up onto the road where we had just been parked not even one minute before.

Immediately struck me as strange because he was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and pants. This is the middle of the desert at least an hour away from any form of civilization, and this guy just walks out of the middle of nowhere all casual wearing all black. I remember thinking then that we had just been parked there, and we had been standing spinning in circles taking pictures. Everything was completely flat for miles which meant he was either hiding inside a hole in the ground, or he had been laying flat on the ground in the very short scrub brush.

I stopped the car after pointing him out to my girlfriend. She became pretty apprehensive. I told her I was getting out. At this point, I was probably 300 miles away. I cupped my hands over my mouth and called out asking if he needed help but didn’t get a reply. Although he did then walk out into the middle of the road and turned to face us putting his hands on his hips.

I could see then that he had very long black hair that went most of the way to his waist. Judging by that, I thought maybe he was Native American. So here I was standing in the middle of a vast desert while this guy who looked like he was probably 6 foot six, if not a little taller, just stared us down not saying anything. I was confused and had a very strange feeling about the situation. I told my girlfriend I was going to turn the car around and just drive by and make sure he was okay, but she started freaking out saying she had a really terrible feeling about it. She was practically crying so I decided to not do that. I turned back to the guy and tried calling out once more, but he still gave no reply. Before I got back in the car and took off, I noticed he had slowly started walking in our direction, not waving or saying a word. I started driving off then but stopped every little bit to look back. He still continued walking towards us, It seemed weird because he looked pretty slow and leisurely swinging his arms from side to side, but it seemed like he was still covering a pretty good distance regardless. But we drove on then and left him there alone in the desert. To this day I still don’t know who the hell that was, what that was about, or why he was hiding in the scrub brush." B




Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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