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Friday, June 21, 2024

Reader Details MORPHING UFO/UAP Sighting at Home

The witness and his father were in their yard in mid-afternoon and observed a UFO/UAP as it changed color and shape, then later dematerialized.

A reader recalls his UFO experience:

"Hi, Lon. I have mentioned it briefly before on your live chat, but very briefly. I had a UFO sighting (with my father next to me looking at it at the same time) maybe in the 10 minutes that it lasted. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any video proof (this happened back on pre-Thanksgiving Day of 1991) and cell phones didn't exist. If my math is right, I was about 22 years old, and cell phones didn't exist. (Which sucks) but anyway. It's still in my memory like a small movie clip.

The time of day was around 4:10- 4:14 PM when we first saw it. I made a mental note and looked at my watch. Then it continued to move through the sky quite gingerly or slowly and against the clouds that were approaching it in the opposite direction until it finally settled into one medium-sized puffy cloud but it was "open" in the center so you could see it settle into it, stop and then slowly dematerialize. I saw it literally begin to change color from its original bright orange "eye shape" to charcoal black to gray and then dissolve. It was a super weird and exciting feeling for me at the same time. I had never seen anything like it ever and then never again after that.

This UFO was just a VERY bright orange silhouette light with no surface detail at all and in the shape of a human eye. Just a very bright orange light and as it moved across into my line of sight (left-west to right-east) now in the center. It briefly lost its color and turned to light gray, then transparent but with a kind of aluminum-colored thin outline and I could literally SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT AS IF ALL OF A SUDDEN IT HAD A "TUNNEL GOING THROUGH IT." It was exactly like looking down through a dimly lit hallway. I remember squinting my eyes a few times to see "how far" I could look through it? It was super freaky and eerie at the same time. I think I even got a bit confused by it for a few seconds.

Another thing. There was a point as it traversed the blue sky that it didn't seem as if it was supposed to be there. In other words, it's as if it had been literally cut out from the sky. Like when you fold a piece of paper and cut out a stencil and then move THAT across the sky. It had this similar look to it

Again, it was super bizarre. No noise. I DID notice that when we first saw it from my parents back yard, there were very brief moments where I thought I saw a few "flickers of white light" come out either from it or its edges. But it was at the start of its appearance. 

My mom was washing clothes that day and didn't want any part of it. I remember telling her that that might have been the only time she might see one but she remained steadfast and refused to come out and see it.

My father was actually the first person to see it and when he did, he had gotten pale and signaled it to me with his head and then fingers. I thought there was a Doberman Pincher behind me or something like that. I was worried, to put it mildly, but as soon as I turned around to look, I quickly saw what he meant.

It all started when he was watering his plants and I was actually looking at what he was doing. I may not have known anything at the time had he not brought my attention to it, since I was facing the opposite direction from where it was coming from. Not very high either. I guessed that it could have been maybe 1,000 feet or less? It was the size of maybe between a nickel to a quarter.

So, yeah, I had never experienced anything like it and have never forgotten about it to this day." JS




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Are the crawler humanoids actual corporeal beings that are manifested by the human mind and perceivable by others? Or are we witnessing the nexus of an unknown and monstrous species of humanoid?

Approximately a decade ago, an incredible phenomenon began to occur. Internet users, in earnest, began reporting frightening encounters with emaciated, hairless humanoids that crawled on all fours and occasionally were bipedal. Internet users attempted to equate these entities with characters of Native American mythology, oblivious to the fact that the humanoids in these encounters bore a resemblance to the fictional 'Rake.' A vast number of reliable witnesses claimed to have seen these humanoids.

The crawler humanoid encounters and sightings that are detailed in this presentation offer varied glimpses into the phenomenon.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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