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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Missing Time in Asheville -- Polish 'Vampires' Research -- What the...?

Missing Time in Asheville

No Date Given - Asheville, North Carolina

Steven in east Tennessee called in to Coast to Coast to talk about an experience he had when he was in the seventh grade.

“I was in the seventh grade. Me and my family, we lived near Asheville, North Carolina and were coming back from Columbia, South Carolina, where we were originally from. Along the way on I-40, we saw something. I know everybody says that but I distinctly remember looking out of the windows. I saw it. My mom saw it. My little brother even saw it. My step-father, he's sketchy on it. He's religious and he can't mesh the two things together. It just screws things up for him. So, anyway, we're driving along and the next thing, we're home. The next morning, he's the one, he goes outside and he comes back inside, because I got school the next day, and he said, 'Tina,' that's my mom, 'why did you reset all the pre-sets on the radio? The times wrong, everything.' And we got thinking about it, we don't remember coming home last night. But I can remember what we saw when we looked out the window and my mom remembers a little bit more than we can. There was a craft. It was huge! I-40 is not lit up. When you're coming up into Asheville, it's not lit up. There's no streetlights at the time. Maybe now? But it was bright like floodlights and I’ve since been in military and law enforcement and that's the only equivalent as to how bright it was, that I know of. I remember looking up and there were three distinct lights, two red ones and it took up the entire interstate. You couldn't see any stars. It was jet black other than the three lights and it didn't make any noise. I remember rummaging through the car trying to look out the window and my mom saying, 'Get back in the car! Get back in the car!' The only thing truly lasting is the all of us have a scar on our arm now. It's in the shape of a half-moon.” Elaborating further on the scar, he said, “The only thing that I can recall is, and my mom helped, you know when you have like a zit? Well, I had one in my ear. It was bothering me and I guess I was in high-school and obviously I can't see my ear so I said, 'Mom can you help me with this?” and she looked and she popped it and when she popped it, a metallic thing came out. She kept it for a year.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 6, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Polish 'Vampires' Research

Middle Age Europe was a place ruled by superstition and mythical beliefs – at least some parts of it were. Now, researchers are trying to figure out what made some people in Poland believe there was an ‘outbreak of vampires’ in the 17th and 18th century.

Archaeologists have discovered surprisingly many burial sites of presumed vampires; people used a variety of practices to stop people from rising from the ground: from placing rocks under their chins and placing sickles across their bodies to tying them up in fetal positions and piercing them with wooden steaks. But until now, very little was known about their origin and what made people believe they were vampires.

This new study, conducted by the University of South Alabama, is the first of its kind. It suggests that unlike some historians believed, the “vampires” were not strangers – all of them were locals. The researchers studied six such graves and over a hundred regular graves, measuring the strontium isotope ratios of their permanent molars. Strontium is an element found in virtually all rocks, but with varying isotope ratios depending on the source.

Their results, which have been published open-access in PLOS ONE, makes the whole situation even more mysterious. If the victims were locals, then what made the other folk believe they were creatures of the night? Was it something about their social behavior, or did they suffer from some sort of disease? The authors of this study propose a different theory: the alleged vampires were victims of a cholera outbreak. Read more at New research reveals the origins of the Polish “vampires”


Police Identify Suspect in Deadly Domestic Violence Incident

It's not for me to judge...RIP


What the...?

Snellville, GA - I have been experiencing close encounters, abductions, manipulation and a lot of other experiences including being on some sort of a TV show where they sedate my family and I and then rape, torture and murder us violently and then dissect us and then put us back together so they can do it all over again the next night. Every night all night for years now. The people involved are the travelers from the Mexican military and the Cubans. Both presidential families and they're obviously represented and have the ability to turn humans into energy to make transport easy and the possibility of being caught almost impossible. They record it all in the woods and peoples houses and it airs on Direct TV and local internet. I'm being told that this is the night I die and need you desperately to investigate and inform the United States military and government immediately. PLEASE! Thank you so much for your time and I pray I see you in the very near future! - MUFON CMS



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