Saturday, September 12, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Alien Photo Legit? -- Gram Parsons' Ghost Haunts the Joshua Tree Inn -- Working Alone at Night

Alien Photo Legit?

Decatur, GA - 2015-09-09 - 11:30AM: This photo was taken of the trash pile because there was movement of the bags without cause, thought it was an animal, raccoon or possum, but it was interesting because the bags moved vertical about 3-4 feet a few times. After the picture was snapped we noticed the figure in the picture IT WAS NOT VISIBLE to the naked eye! No one slept that night out of pure fear! MUFON CMS

Is this photo authentic?


'Witchcraft' Plane Crashes

Kasungu Police Station and Gundani location in the Kasungu district of Malawi became the centre of attention on Monday as hundreds of people flocked to the two places to see an object which is alleged to be a witchcraft plane. The ‘plane’ is said to have ‘crashed’ in one of the areas in the Municipality called Gundani in front of a house of one Liness Kaulungo.

According to people close to the house where the object fell, the object was discovered in the early hours of Monday after the owner went out to answer the call of nature. The black object which resembles an airplane attracted hundreds of people as the news of the ‘plane crash’ had spread like wild fire in surrounding areas of Chitete, Chiteyeye and as far as Juma and Kasalika. The police had to go to the area and take the object to Kasungu Police Station.

The attention of the people then shifted to Kasungu Police Station where people were gathering to have a rare sight of crashed ‘plane’. The crowd that gathered blocked the busy road which is usually used by vehicles going up north making it difficult for cars to pass. The country’s laws do not recognise the existence of witchcraft and when the Police Publicist Inspector Kaunda was asked why they had to intervene on the issue by taking away the object and questioning a few people, Kaunda said they did it for safety reasons.

“We saw that the issue was causing some commotion in the area so we had to act by taking away the object, to prevent further chaos,” said Kaunda. According to Kaunda the object is being kept at the Police Station but did not say what action will be taken next. The incident ignited some debate on the issue of recognising witchcraft’s existence in the country with some people saying that was evidence enough that witchcraft exists while some were still of the view that it is difficult to tell from the object itself. - Witchcraft plane crash caused commotion


Gram Parsons' Ghost Haunts the Joshua Tree Inn

Through the curves of the Morongo Valley pass in San Bernardino County, Calif., and across a desert that shifts from a sandy void to a land dotted with Seussian plants, there’s the Joshua Tree Inn. It’s a normal motel on the side of a highway, albeit one washed in a buzzing ochre light that comes in by sundown. It is also haunted, some say, by the ghost of Gram Parsons.

The country-music legend died in room eight of the Joshua Tree Inn on Sept. 19, 1973, succumbing to a stupendous amount of drugs and alcohol curdling inside his broken system. The room where he died can be occupied as if it were any other single-bed unit in any other motel, for $109 a night. (This kind of necro-tourism isn’t unheard of: One can rent bungalow three at the Chateau Marmont, where John Belushi lost his battle with speedballs, or stay in room 16 of L’Hotel in Paris, where Oscar Wilde lost his battle with the wallpaper.) “It’s definitely our most popular room,” said the man at the front desk, walking to room eight on an evening last month. “It’s amazing how much it means to people — people of all ages, really. Some of the people weren’t even born when Gram died here.”

Parsons was only 26 when he died, and not yet widely known, as he’d only become the godfather of alt-country in the aftermath of his death. He was, however, country’s greatest emissary to rock’s louche titans: His friendship with Keith Richards led to the band’s embrace of country and western stylings (see: “Honky Tonk Woman,” “Dead Flowers,” “Sweet Virginia”). He was with the band during the “Exile on Main Street” sessions, those famously lush days in a chateau in the South of France, until Anita Pallenberg kicked him out because he was constantly drunk and high. He was an integral member of the Byrds, pushing them to go full-outlaw on their greatest album, “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” He made country-fried jangle pop in the Flying Burrito Brothers, and he did the world a favor by discovering Emmylou Harris.

Outside room eight, there’s a small memorial for Parsons, a guitar-shaped stone that has littered at its base small tokens, prayer offerings: beer bottles, string tied into bows, candles, incense, guitar picks, metal crucifixes, an animal skull, vinyl records, violin bows, a stone angel, warped bark, cowboy boots, cigarette butts and a big hunk of sage that when lit launches a heady plume into the air, stuck there without wind. The room is small and stuffed everywhere with memorabilia: posters for Byrds gigs, guitar picks with little messages on them, a fan-made painting of Parsons with hair sun-streaked and shoulder-length, stickers on the walls. And there’s a big mirror that’s been there since Parsons died, in which he saw himself for the last time.

And on one table there’s a guestbook, where those who have stayed in room eight can write a note or share a memory. Some of the notes are brutally gorgeous, not unlike the music. “Gram,” read a note from earlier in the month. “It’s good to be back in room 8. Five years ago I almost died here. You kept me company in the early morning hours while I recovered and watched the sunrise & listened to the morning doves.” - A Joshua Tree Motel Room, Haunted by the Ghost of a Country Legend


Working Alone at Night

A reader recently forwarded the following account:

About 15yrs ago I got a part-time job as the night custodian at the Utah Children's Museum in SLC UT. The first night I worked alone after training I cleaned the ground floor offices w/ no problems then went upstairs to clean. I entered the break room which was the hotel kitchen when the building was a resort in the 1900's I believe because of the natural spring which filled the huge swimming pool w/ healing water which attracted tourists from all over. I immediately began feeling a very strong tingling-like sensation like I was being watched which was really odd because I was the only one in the room. With each passing minute this sensation kept getting stronger & stronger until I started feeling very anxious & almost nauseous. I left the room unable to stay in room any longer. I tried to clean the rest of the upstairs but eventually couldn't stay in the building any longer. I tried to clean the second floor again the next night but was still sooo weirded out I couldn't. I was fired the next day & never went back. M


Hi folks...this is just a quick update. Now that Vanessa's chemotherapy is done, some of the subsequent medical issues need to be dealt with. I suppose most cancer patients can relate to this...but it just seems like an never ending ordeal of doctors, tests and procedures. I have to give Vanessa credit for sticking with it...I'm not sure I could have handled it like her. Thanks again for the love and support given to our family. It has made the adversity easier for both of us. Vanessa & Lon



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