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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Recent Odd Ufology: Woman on Mars, Alien Couple in Dallas and Abduction in New Jersey

There have been a few strange and questionable reports submitted to various UFO watchdog sites this past week:

Alien Couple Masquerades as Humans in Dallas, TX

A witness has reported seeing an alien couple masquerading as humans in Dallas, Texas. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and was posted on 5 September, 2015. The witness begins the report by saying that he was walking on a city trail in Dallas, Texas. “We were doing a routine walking exercise on the Katy Trail, a city trail in Dallas TX.” Then he says that they came across a couple of aliens who were dressed as humans.

Here's another odd report:

Alien Woman Spots Mars Rover

It has long been suspected that there exists intelligent life on Mars. Although no space agency has is yet to prove this, some images coming from the red planet seems to indicate that this is actually the case. UFOovni2012 from YouTube recently made the discovery from a picture of a feminine figure looking at the Mars rover from a distance. This revelation has recently been brought to light by after being reported on Ufosightingsdaily.com.

When one looks at the photographs closely, there is evidence that the being looks like a woman with long hair partially covered by a cloak. Furthermore, she has two arms and breasts that are highlighted by the shadow falling on her chest. There is a contention that since it measures about 8-10 cm, it could actually be a statue. However, this is highly unlikely since it could have been easily destroyed by erosion.

This is not the first sighting of its kind. William Rutledge, an astronaut on the Apollo 20 mission said that he saw glass tubes with a length of 4-6 cm that which resembled tiny human skeletons inside the cigar ship on the moon’s Deporte crater. This sounds reals, and is evidence that there is life out there. This should be a matter of concern for all nations. - Alien Woman Spots Mars Rover

I posted the original report earlier this week:

UFO: Manipulative Aliens Abduct New Jersey Visitor

An Indian citizen who has a history of alien abductions recalls being abducted by aliens in New Jersey. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness claims that he has a history of alien abductions and was teleported to an alien base where he saw a grey alien similar to the Asgards shown in Stargate.

“I have a history of alien abductions and in 2010, I was Teleported to an alien base where I saw grey alien which is shown in Stargate show as Asgard.”

He says that he ventured outside the room which looked like a lab for performing experiments and in the corridor, he saw a grey alien about 5 feet tall coming towards him.

“I went outside the room ,it looked more like a lab for performing experiments and I went into the corridor and I saw Grey alien about 5 feet tall coming towards me.”

He further informs that later he was teleported back to his house.

“After a while I moved out of that room and I was Teleported back to my house.”

He talks about another incident later when he was in India and looked into the glowing red eyes of a bluish alien. He also informs that blue beams were coming out of his own eyes at that time.

“Around 2011 when I was in India, when I looked into the eyes of the alien (the alien color was little bluish) they were glowing red from the beams coming out of my eyes.”

He goes on to elaborate that he was shown this in 2011 when he was in India.

“I was shown this by aliens in around 2011 when I was in India, at that time blue beam(Blue beam was shot into my eyes in Canada in 2011 Nov ) wasn't shot into my eyes.”

He says that initially, he thought that this was how the aliens saw but later realised that it was the opposite.

“I thought that this is how they see but now after blue beam is fired in my eyes I understand it, it is actually “reverse” i.e., the beams are coming out of my eyes.”

However, he says that no one can see these beams coming out of his eyes.

“But the fact is no one can see the beams coming out of my eyes.”

He further reveals that once he was asleep in his room and was woken by an unknown presence.

“Also I was sleeping one night and was woke up by presence of unknown force in my room.”

He wondered if they were Tall Whites and could see a ball of lights before his eyes.

“so I just guessed that are you Tall Whites? ( I could see the ball of lights in front of my eyes 24/7 (aqua and red colors )”

The witness goes on to say that along with a blue beam of light shot into his eyes, he could hear voices saying “NEEMO MAIYA” which he searched on the internet and found out to be what Sirians called Nammos .

“And also when the blue beam was shot into my eyes I was hearing voices “NEEMO MAIYA ..NEEMO MAIYA..” so when I googled it I found only one match that it “SIRIANS called Nammos” so I thought those are the aliens behind it.”

He also reveals that the voices were binary in nature but he could not decipher them.

“I was hearing voices which were binary in nature. 01 01 0111 0111 0111 0111111 as so on ,I don't understand what they mean.

Finally, he discloses that mostly he is taken to his Indian house where he is shown large spaceships of rectangular nature moving in the sky and that he also has alien implants in his eyes and hands.

“But most of the time when I'm awake I'm taken to my Indian house and there they show me large spaceships of rectangular nature moving in the sky. Now I have alien implants in my eyes and hands.”

Alien abductions have become very common occurrences. Do you think these claims are true? - UFO: Manipulative Aliens Abduct New Jersey Visitor

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