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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: South Carolina Bigfoot Yells...Intriguing -- Swamp Ape Encounter -- Village Where Girls Change Into Boys

South Carolina Bigfoot Yells...Intriguing

The guttural sounds are quite intriguing...

Description: This audio was captured right after a tree knock. It was getting late and we were cooking dinner at base camp when we heard a tree knock. Two of our members went in the direction it came from to see if they could find anything. They saw some eye shine from what they assumed to be two different creatures. We do not make any claims as to what these yells came from as we didn't have a direct visual on any animal or human. We were in a secluded area where we know there were no other people around. All other team members were accounted for at base camp.

Click for audio - Bigfoot Yells September 19, 2015


Swamp Ape Encounter

No date given - Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Amy In Ohio called in to tell of her encounter with a swamp ape while camping in Florida.

“We were camping in an area outside of Fort Myers, Florida. It's a place where, sometimes it's swampy, there but it had dried up and there's a swimming hole back there. So me and about four other people are camping back there. I had gone off into the woods to get some firewood and I saw this creature. It was definitely not a bear. I seemed to have startled it. I mean, it... all I could say was that it looked exactly like what you had seen (she's referring to Scott Marlowe, the guest, who had earlier described seeing a Swamp Ape creature). That's what it looked like. About 7 to 8 feet tall. It had long reddish hair. It walked away and it walked like a person. The arms were swinging like a person. That's when I knew that it wasn't a bear or anything else. Then my other friend, he also had seen the same thing. I didn't say anything to him but later on, around the campfire, he said, 'I saw something kinda weird out there in the woods today' and I was like, 'Oh!'”

Marlowe claims that the area where she had her sighting was Corkscrew swamp and that a large number of Swamp Ape sightings have been reported in that spot over the years.

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 9, 2015

Transcrbed by Jamie Brian


Village Where Girls Change Into Boys

In a remote village in the Dominican Republic girls become boys at puberty because of a rare genetic disorder

In every way, Johnny is physically and biologically male. But, astonishingly he did not grow a penis until he hit puberty.

He is one of many children who live in Salinas, an isolated village in the southwestern Dominican Republic, who are seemingly born female, only to become men in their teenage years.

Although Johnny’s story may seem extraordinary, cases of little girls turning into boys are so prevalent in the village that it is no longer considered abnormal. The children are simply referred to as the ‘guevedoces’ – which literally translates as ‘penis at 12’
Johnny, 24, was originally named Felecitia by his parents and brought up as a girl. He spoke to Dr Michael Mosley for the new BBC2 series “Countdown to Life – the extraordinary making of you"

“I remember I used to wear a little red dress,” he said. “I was born at home instead of in a hospital. They didn’t know what sex I was.

“I went to school and I used to wear my skirt. I never liked to dress as a girl. When they bought me girls toys I never bothered playing with them. All I wanted to do was play with the boys.” Read more at The astonishing village where little girls turn into boys aged 12


100 years ago Stonehenge sold for £6,600

The world famous stone monument in Wiltshire, England was once sold at an auction in Salisbury.

The peculiar series of events took place 100 years ago when the wife of barrister Cecil Chubb sent her husband to an auction at the New Theatre in Salisbury to pick up a set of dining chairs.

While attending the event Chubb happened across the sale of Stonehenge and, rather than spending money on the furniture as his wife had asked, decided that the monument should go to someone from Salisbury and opted to place a bid on it. He ultimately won the auction for £6,600.

Rather than keeping it however he later decided to transfer the stone circle over to public ownership for which he received a knighthood and the local nickname "Viscount Stonehenge".

"It is odd to think that just 100 years ago you could bid for Stonehenge," said curator Heather Sebire. “Who knows what would have happened to it if someone else had bought it ?"

The second highest-bidder at the auction had been a local farmer by the name of Isaac Crook.

"He was going to put sheep on to it," said his grandson Richard. "It’s quite a thought that our family might have owned Stonehenge. But who knows what he’d have done with the stones?" Read more at Stonehenge under the hammer: stones sold 100 years ago for £6,600




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