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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Little Being Befuddles Scientists -- Blue Beams From the Alien's Eyes -- Russia's Mammoth Cloning Laboratory

Little Being Befuddles Scientists

Published on Aug 24, 2015 (translation)
The unknown little animals found by a fisherman Sosnovy Bor. People say it's a man crawled into the glove. And now social activists from the organization, which studies the strange phenomena are something different rocket scientist to figure out what it is and where it came from. Today this puzzle to biologists trying to solve and Darius Sennikova. When Andrew first saw it, was surprised, though, he says life seen any. An unknown creature of a matchbox, with the words of a specialist in anomalous phenomena, he gave Krasnoyarka Tamara, to explore. Catch is something in the river Esaulovka under Sosnovy Bor. Tamara says she does not know how her relative managed to catch it: not that it itself crawled to a man in gloves, not the fisherman accidentally scooped out of the water with his boot. Only here zverushku it away from sin, crushed. In the beginning, say social activists, they thought that Kesha - a mutant embryo chick, because, in their words, just near the place where he was found, is one of the poultry farms. Kesha has revealed dozens of experts. But none of them said researcher Andrew strange phenomena, could not identify what it is. Neither fish nor bird does not seem - a strange shape of the skull, no beak, no fins. Today we had a strange phenomena researchers meeting with the experts of the Institute of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk. Biologist Yegor Zadereev everything abnormal skeptical. Even on the phone, he said, have Sosnovoborsk findings have ancestors from the world of animals. But when his eyes looked at zverushku he said immediately identify what it is - it is impossible. But social activists say still dig that kind of a mutant. And they communicate with Moscow geneticists to conduct analyzes.

Click for video - Under the Sosnovy Bor fisherman discovered an unknown animal scientist


Blue Beams From the Alien's Eyes

New Jersey - 2009-09-01 - 1:01AM:

I have a history of alien abductions and

In 2010, I was teleported to an alien base where I saw grey alien which is shown in Stargate show as Asgard.I went outside the room, it looked more like a lab for performing experiments and I went into the corridor and I saw Grey alien about 5 feet tall coming towards me after a while I moved out of that room and I was teleported back to my house. This happened when I was in New Jersey in USA in 2010.

Around 2011 when I was in India, when I looked into the eyes of the alien (the alien color was little bluish) they were glowing red from the beams coming out of my eyes. I was shown this by aliens in around 2011 when I was in India,at that time blue beam(Blue beam was shot into my eyes in Canada in 2011 Nov) wasn't shot into my eyes. I thought that this is how they see but now after blue beam is fired in my eyes I understand it,it is actually “reverse” i.e., the beams are coming out of my eyes.But the fact is no one can see the beams coming out of my eyes. After 2011 (after the beam was shot into my eyes) normally when I focus the blue beam on the white side of human eye some sort of beams come out of eyes of the people.

Also I was sleeping one night and was woke up by presence of unknown force in my room, so I just guessed that are you Tall Whites? (I could see the ball of lights in front of my eyes 24/7 (aqua and red colors)Then I asked where is your pencil like weapon after that some one said here it is and the ball in front of my eyes started throwing some kind of rays in my left eye and it was hurting after that I resisted and it stopped.

Also with this ball of lights in front of my eyes 24/7 (aqua and red colors) one day when I was in my office I saw a clear hologram of “Jesus Christ” in front of my eyes. I have seen holograms of Bollywood stars also.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

It is very hard for me to figure out exactly which alien species is behind this phenomenon.

And also when the blue beam was shot into my eyes I was hearing voices “NEEMO MAIYA ..NEEMO MAIYA..” so when I googled it I found only one match that it “SIRIANS called Nammos” so I thought those are the aliens behind it.

I have never seen such kind of technologies.

I was hearing voices which were binary in nature

01 01 0111
0111 0111 0111111 as so on, I don't understand what they mean.

But most of the time when I'm awake I'm taken to my Indian house and there they show me large spaceships of rectangular nature moving in the sky.

Now I have alien implants in my eyes and hands. - MUFON CMS


Chrome Cylinder UFO

In Roseville, Ca on September 1, 2015 I had just picked my daughter up from work and I decided to let her drive. As we were traveling west on Douglas Blvd we made a left turn onto Rocky Ridge Drive (southbound). I saw a cylinder shaped object reflecting in the sun. It appeared to be at a 12 o'clock position at about 5 thousand feet altitude. Initially, I thought it was a traffic airplane or a helicopter - but it wasn't. As I was trying to point the cylinder shaped craft out to my daughter, the object banked to its right still traveling south, then it simply disappeared. I continued to search for the object, but it was gone. The cylinder object had vanished before my eyes. All of this appeared to have happened in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't see the object. As I write this note, I reflect on other instances where I had similar experiences. I've always wondered if anyone else has seen these objects here in Roseville as well. I have shared many of these sightings with my family. My husband encouraged me to contact MUFON. Thank you for your time. - MUFON CMS


Russia's Mammoth Cloning Laboratory

Scientists in Siberia have set up a lab dedicated to the goal of cloning a mammoth from ancient DNA.

Situated in Yakutsk, the world's coldest city, the new laboratory will focus on locating live cells within the preserved remains of prehistoric beasts with the intention of creating cloned animals.

The main emphasis will be on bringing back the woolly mammoth, a large prehistoric relative of the modern elephant that is believed to have gone extinct somewhere around 10,000 years ago.

Both the Beijing Institute of Genomics and South Korea's Sooam Biotech company, which has made significant advancements in the field of dog cloning, will also be involved in the research.

"In order to clone a mammoth, three parties signed an agreement on cooperation that could make our dream come true," said Semyon Grigorev, director of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk.

The task is certainly a challenging one, especially given that so little viable DNA has ever been recovered from mammoth remains and nothing like this has ever been done before.

The team however remains optimistic that cloning a mammoth is something that can be done - especially if a perfectly preserved specimen can be found within the next few years.

If they succeed it will be one of the most significant scientific accomplishments in history. Read more at Russia: New laboratory to study mammoth cloning


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