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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Observed Possible UFO Battle -- 'Red Dragon' Mars Rock Collector Craft -- What Happened To Me?

Observed Possible UFO Battle

Kalamazoo, MI: In the early morning of July 15, 2014 (not sure of the exact date) my dog barked to go outside. It was approximately 2:00 AM. It was a clear night with a great display of stars overhead. I went out with my dog to look at the sky as she did her thing. As I looked Northeast I observed what appeared to be a dim star that was moving to the South. At once I felt that I was looking at a satellite as I have seen many pass over our area at night and this was moving at the right pace and had the right brightness. As I watched it for about a minute I realized that there was a second satellite behind it about 4 degrees moving at the same speed and on the same line. This seemed very unusual and something I had never observed before. Less than half a minute after I spotted the second satellite the first satellite suddenly grew in brightness and size until it had expanded to about 10 times it's original size and than just disappeared. The second satellite continued as it had been for about another 5 seconds and than just faded from view. I was amazed, and have given a great deal of thought to what I had seen. The most realistic explanation is an enemy killer satellite shot down another and the government is keeping it under wraps. But, that explanation does not consider how the second craft seemed to depart into deeper space nor the fact that an explosion in space might be hard to hide if done with conventional arms. Perhaps it was aliens at war, I don't know what it was but it was bizarre and very unnerving. - MUFON CMS


'Red Dragon' could return rocks from Mars

An ambitious new mission aims to send a spacecraft to pick up samples collected by NASA's Mars rover.

A sample return mission to Mars has often been thought of as the next best thing to landing humans there, especially given the potential for new discoveries should scientists be given the opportunity to study Martian soil and rocks up close instead of through the remote instruments of a rover.

Now SpaceX has risen to the challenge by finding a way to land on Mars, collect samples and return to the Earth again using a modified version of its already successful Dragon capsule.

Known as "Red Dragon", the new lander would be designed to rendez-vous with NASA's upcoming 2020 Mars rover, pick up samples that the rover had picked out, then launch from the surface and head back home with its precious cargo safely tucked away inside.

While the idea is still in the concept stage, NASA's Andy Gonzales recently described the mission as "technically feasible" during a presentation with the Future In-Space Operations (FISO) group.

The plan would be to launch Red Dragon on the top of a Falcon Heavy rocket before touching down on the surface of Mars at some point within the next ten years.

"Red Dragon can go anywhere the rover can go, as far as landing elevation and terrain," said Gonzales. "We're confident we could land in front of the rover and have it drive to us."

If successful the mission could offer scientists with the best opportunity yet to determine if primitive life forms have ever existed on the Red Planet or if something may even be alive there today. - 'Red Dragon' Mars Sample-Return Mission Could Launch by 2022


What Happened To Me?

Idaho - 9/14/2015: I was laying in my bed thinking about the day ahead of me and what time I have to get up. I reached over to the table side and looked at my phone to see what time it was and how much sleep I would not get. It was 12:23am. I turned on my left side put a pillow between my legs and put the blankets over me to snuggle in for the night. I could not sleep.

All of a sudden I felt drugged. Like when you have a procedure. I got loopy and my body was limp and the next thing I knew I was being carried/held in a standing position through a neighborhood like setting, not sure if it was my neighborhood but I was going along slightly above the trees. It felt like a giant object had a hold of most of my torso, but my head and feet were free. I was not going upwards just straight head at such a speed that the lights I seen were a blur. I felt the cool wind all over me and my hair was flying back, like if you stuck your head out of car window but at such a high speed, that I have not experienced. I felt and said to myself what the hell is happening but at the same time is was very relaxing and peaceful.

The next thing I knew I was thrown down on my bed on my back. I felt a dominant being over me. I could not move but was trying to. I felt scared and the peaceful feeling was instantly gone. It was holding me down but not in just one spot. It was over my chest arms and legs. I could move my head feet and hands but nothing else. I felt a warm being on me. My first thought that came to mind was that a man broke into the house and was trying to harm me. I then knew it was not a man. I could not see it. I felt like something was put into my eyes that made me have blurred vision and that seemed like black smoke. I could not cry out for my son. I kept blinking at the same time to adjust my eyes but couldn't focus them. I knew it was not a human, but it was something else. It had a powerful sense, very dominate feeling. It was warm and very heavy. It felt almost like hair but it was not hairy, it was a blurred black presence. I could not breathe or move my torso. I tired crying out for my son but because I was constricted I could not. I was thinking I got to get free. I thought I was going to die. The remote control was laying next to me and I thought I could grab it and throw it through the window to set off the house alarm so my son could come help me. I could not do that either.

I heard something saying do not move. It was not a voice, more like a mental message. I heard strange noises like a sound from an MRI and other noises, that I cant describe by writing. I said it hurts stop. I told myself to get free and with all my strength I lifted out of it. At that moment it was gone. I instantly felt pain in my lower back/spine area and stomach. Burning pain. My throat was extremely dry. I noticed that I was laying on my back with all the blankets and pillows off me. I was laying there like I was being held down. I was to afraid to get up from the bed. It felt like hours had went by.

I reached over and called my son on his cell phone to come downstairs to my room. He did. I still could not get my vision back, my throat was dry and in a few minutes after my vision cleared the pain went away. My throat was still dry and I drank some water that was next to my bed. I got up from the bed and felt exhausted and looked into the mirror. My hair was all back just if I had blow dried it that way. I told my son what happened and we talked about it for awhile. We checked the doors, they were locked and the alarm was on. He kept the lights on for me. I was afraid because I knew it would not matter if the lights were on or off. I knew this happened to me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I just asked him to sleep in the living room which is next to my room for the night. I did end up going to sleep and woke up and went to work.

I told my friend about the experience. As I told her about it, the time frame was off. I looked at my phone to check the time. I thought I called my son about 1:30am, because it felt like a long time but in fact it was only 7 minutes that this all occurred in. According to my cell phone it was 12:30am when I called my son to come downstairs.

I am telling my story to further help me understand this experience. I do not take drugs, I am a professional health care provider, a respected member of the community and an overall normal person. This is crazy to me and I cant find a rational explanation. I do know I was not sleeping nor am I making this experience up to get any type of attention. I am hoping for any feedback, is there anyone out there that this has happened to? Any response will be helpful. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I truly hope MUFON provides assistance to this experiencer. Lon


Zulu Reed Dance disrupted by "evil spirits"

South Africa's annual Zulu Reed Dance ceremony was disrupted by hallucinating girls who swarmed the country's president, a Johannesburg newspaper reported on Monday.

Teenage girls dancing in the annual cultural festival heard voices and rushed toward the area where President Jacob Zuma and Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini were seated during the Saturday ceremony in KwaZulu-Natal province. The president's bodyguards escorted him away from the thousands of colorfully-clad dancers, The Star's front-page report said.

Zuma's spokesman, who was at the ceremony, said the newspaper reports were exaggerated.

"There was no danger to the president," Bongani Majola told The Associated Press, adding that Zuma attended the whole ceremony without further incident.

"There are some of you who came here with evil spirits to spoil this event," the Zulu king told the crowd once order was restored, according to the report.

Nomagugu Ngobese, president of a cultural group that trains the young women, heard reports that priests were summoned on Friday, after some dancers began wailing, apparently possessed.

This happened again during the main ceremony on Saturday. Dancers began to hallucinate and scream, causing panic among the crowd of thousands of young women, who scattered in different directions, said Ngobese, who attended the ceremony. They did not run toward the president, she added.

"Now that it has happened within the palace, it seems as if it's something new," said Ngobese, an academic and traditional healer who said spirit possession was common.

South Africa's Reed Dance is smaller than a similar event in Swaziland. In South Africa about 10,000 teenage girls participate, according to a government website. According to Zulu custom, only virgins are allowed to bring reeds to the royal homestead during the four-day ceremony.

Before the festivities, the teenagers are taught life skills and reproductive health, said Ngobese. - South Africa: Zulu Reed Dance disrupted by "evil spirits"



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