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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Narrowly Misses Ryanair Flight -- Meteorite Explodes Over Bangkok -- UFO Lifts Car and Terrifies Family

UFO filmed narrowly misses Ryanair flight

UFOs have always fascinated humans from the dawn of science and technology. Even in today’s age, reports of UFO sightings remain consistent and are frequently reported. In the latest such incident, a video posted to YouTube at the start of this month claims to show a UFO narrowly missing an aircraft.

According to a report by the Mirror UK, the video showing the UFO missing the plane was captured by a woman onboard a Ryanair jet – a Boeing 737 which was on its way to Malaga, Spain from Eindhoven, Netherlands. In the video footage, a black object is seen flying dangerously close to the aircraft at high speed. The object passes just below the wing of the plane. Also pertinent to note is the fact that the engines of the plane rev up and the aircraft makes a sharp turn just after the UFO passes it. There is no mention, however, of the date that this event took place.

The video was posted to the Lions Ground YouTube channel on September 1 and has since then notched up well over 100,000 views. Lions Ground claims to be an “alternative news website” and generally reports stories that it says the mainstream media does not report.
In the video description, Heathcliff from Lions Ground provided a description.

Coincidentally, the passenger was recording because she enjoyed the view. After four minutes, the recording of this UFO event happened. The engines made a lot of noise and the pilot made suddenly a sharp manoeuvre.The UFO endangered the aircraft. A lot of panic was on that plane.”

The description also claims that the UFO was “hostile” in nature and that the pilots were able to see it – which is why they took evasive action in the form of the sharp sverve.

The trustworthiness of this video remains unclear at this stage. Another thing that makes the UFO sighting even more strange is the fact that no other Ryanair passengers seem to have reported about this. This is more important because the channel claims that there was panic onboard the aircraft when the UFO passed. There is no official word from Ryanair regarding this incident either.

After watching the video, do you think the fast moving object shown in the video is really an UFO? Or was it just a bird that was turned into a UFO by conspiracy theorists? - UFO filmed narrowly misses Ryanair flight


Meteorite Explodes Over Bangkok

Dashcam footage has revealed the moment a fireball lit up the sky over Thailand on Monday morning.

The impressive spectacle was difficult to miss as the fireball blazed downwards from the heavens and exploded with a bright flash just a short distance from the ground in broad daylight.

The moment was caught on camera thanks to the dashcams of several passing motorists.

Authorities have yet to issue an official confirmation on the nature and origins of the fireball however it is generally believed that it was a meteor burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.


UFO Lifts Car and Terrifies Family

Dec 2014 or Jan 2015 – Mojave, California, USA

Joe from Frazier Park, California called in to C2C to tell of a bizarre experience that happened to him and his family. The show aired on July 3, 2015. Joe claims the incident occurred “about eight months ago” which places it around December 2014 or January 2015.

“This happened eight months ago. We were going through the town of Mojave, California, which is a weird town by the way. There was cloud behind us that was in the shape of... well, a spaceship. All of a sudden we have a torrential rainstorm. We were going north to south. We ended up coming off the concrete onto a dirt field, east to west. I mean the car actually went air-born. It landed on the dirt. We got out of the car. The strangest thing was the car was not wet. The ground under us was not wet. I asked the cop later because we were trying to find this street that we landed on. I asked the cop, and he's been around that area for 20 years, and he says, 'Nope, doesn't exist'. Well, we know it exists because there was three people in that car. My daughter in the back wouldn't even discuss it but Barbara (either his wife or his girlfriend?) and myself we had the exact story. I mean I was rolling a cigarette and I looked up and the street ended and we were air-born and going into the dirt. We travelled maybe five feet. It wasn't nothing, it was just the initial shock of hitting the ground. No damage to the car but the car was dry and the street was dry, the dirt was dry. I mean it (the rain) was coming down. I have no idea what happened.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 3, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Michio Kaku: 'teleportation will be possible'

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku maintains that many Star Trek technologies will become a reality.

Teleporting someone from one place to another in the blink of an eye might seem like something firmly routed within the realm of science fiction, but according to Professor Kaku technologies such as this are not only possible but could even be available within the space of just a few decades.

"A lot of things you see on Star Trek will in fact be possible - like the teleporter," he said.

"Quantum teleportation already exists. In fact, we took a film crew and went to the University of Maryland and actually filmed an atom being teleported. It zapped across the room from one chamber to another. So at an atomic level we do it already. It's called quantum entanglement."

Within ten years, he predicts, scientists will have succeeded in teleporting the first molecule and eventually these same techniques can be adapted to teleport larger objects and even people.

What was once deemed impossible would simply become a scientific "engineering project".

But would teleporting every atom in the human body be a realistic proposition ? Students at the University of Leicester recently conducted a study in which they concluded that it would take quadrillions of years to entangle, read, digitize and teleport every particle in the human body.

There's also the small matter of whether the person would still be alive at the other end. Read more t Human teleportation IS possible and your great GRAND CHILDREN will do it, claims scientist



Hi folks...Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research and UFORCOP have received several reliable bi-pedal/ upright canine sighting reports in Central Pennsylvania within recent weeks. As well, there have been older reports that are being reviewed and researched.

We are asking any and all witnesses to come forward with information. You can remain anonymous...you will have our strictest confidence.

We will be sharing sighting information with other researchers in order to comprehensively cover all reported areas. This is a serious investigation and we want to be diligent when gathering evidence. A broad boots-on-the-ground investigation is planned to begin during the first week of October.

You can contact us at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com or UFORCOP - Contact

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