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Friday, September 25, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Massive Solar Flares in Near Future -- Luminous Floating Entity -- Majority of Public Believes in Alien Life

The Sun Will Produce in the Near Future its Strongest Flares in Thousands of Years

Why would the Sun produces in the near future its strongest flares? Well, according to my understanding our star is now approaching its ultimate possible height in the galaxy. It is now an accepted fact in mainstream science that the rate of incident cosmic particles on the surface of the Earth has reached a space age record in 2009 and still increasing.

The changes in the whole solar system are speeding up and becoming recognizable as the number of high energy particles streaming into the Heliosphere is on the rise.The increase of high energy particles convinced researchers that the Heliosphere must have been weakened by around 30% because a higher amount of cosmic radiation penetrates the magnetic bubble that surrounds our solar system.

This is partly true but not quite accurate because if one keeps in mind that the solar system shifted to a region with high energy density, then this would imply that the magnetic bubble is formed in denser plasma and the denser the plasma, the stronger is the magnetic field. Also, the energy output from the Sun would increase in this new energy region. Therefore, the magnetic field strength of the Heliosphere is higher compared to its value one hundred years ago, but at the same time this new plasma region in space is exposed to a higher amount of ultra-high energy particles.

Thus, it may seem that the Heliosphere declined whereas in fact it is actually strengthened relative to its previous value, but the intensity and the amount of radiation make it look weaker. This is obvious from the fact that the overall magnetic field of the Sun grew stronger in the last few decades. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford National Laboratories in California studied the Sun‘s activity during the last one hundred years and according to his study between 1901 and 2000, the intensity of the Sun‘s magnetic field has increased by more than 230%.

The Sun has been drifting in an increasingly dense energy region for thousands of years as it is spiraling up around another star or group of stars and at the same time rotates around the galactic center. In other words, beside rotating around the galactic center the Sun moves helically around another star or group of stars and it needs thousnads of years to complete one cycle. The current notion of how the planets move around the Sun and how the Sun moves in the galaxy is absolutely not true. If one visualizes a bicycle wheel in motion where the Sun is the center (hub) of the wheel and the Earth is the circular outer part (rim), then the helical motion of the Earth and all the planets can be understood. Our textbooks show Earth‘s orbit as a near-circular ellipse, but this view does not take into account that the Sun is also moving. The Sun orbits around another star or group of stars and, eventually, the Sun and all the planets orbit the center of the galaxy. In addition, there is no consideration of the motion of our galaxy with the Local Group, which in itself is in motion. Therefore the motion of the Sun and the planets is more complex than what is currently taught in our educational institutions.

The current model is not only obsolete when it comes to the true motion of the Sun in the galaxy and how it produces its radiated energy but, the model is also obsolete in explaining all of its basic features.

However, the Sun's magnetic field would be at its maximum strength when the Sun reaches its highest point in the galaxy and that means the intensity of solar flares would reached its maximum values. The sun will surely unleash a flare of such a magnitude that it dwarfs anything that humans have ever observed. Such flares would be off-the-charts of our current classification system, and can have energy hundreds or even thousands times larger than what has been observed in modern times. In fact,even mainstream physicists acknowledge that our star is capable of producing Mega or Super flares that could have devastating consequences on our planet.

“ The NASA Kepler mission, launched in 2009, has been looking for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. Kepler has seen a lot of stars and has shown, through further analysis, that many have properties similar to our sun. In fact, scientists have observed over 80,000 such stars. Hiroyuki Maehara and colleagues published a study (Nature, 2012) that found — after painstakingly analyzing the Kepler observations over a period of 120 days — evidence for 365 “superflares” on these stars. These eruptions are thought to be physically similar to what our sun produces, drawing the energy from the magnetic field in sunspots” - The Sun Will Produce in the Near Future its Strongest Flares in Thousands of Years


Luminous Floating Entity

Hello Mr. Strickler. I heard you talking about flying luminescent manta rays recently and wanted to tell you about an incident I had a couple of years ago. I live in Morrow, Ohio. I was getting ready to go to work one morning at about 4:00 A.M. I had turned out every light in the house so it was pitch black in my house. As a habit I always looked out of my rear sliding door window to make sure everything was locked up and secure. I was stunned by the presence of a luminous entity that resembled a mixture of jelly fish and squid. It was about twelve feet above the ground in front of a tree in my neighbor's yard. Maybe twenty feet away from me. It seemed to be floating as if in water. I checked for any lights coming from my cellphone or other sources but it was completely black in and around my house. I have no idea what this creature was but I watched it for about thirty seconds and it just seemed to blink out. I've not seen anything like this before or since. I know that you're busy and get a lot of messages from people so if you have ever heard of anything similar or have any questions please feel free to respond or ask me questions. I promise you that I'm being honest and have my own theories but truly don't know for sure what this was. Thank you for your time. TH

NOTE: These 'beings' have been seen before. I believe that these may be a type of bio-form craft or UFO...possibly related to the flying manta rays. Lon


Interesting UFOs Recorded Over Iqaluit, Canada

UFO video: Iqaluit, Canada - 21 September 2015


Majority of the public believes in alien life

A new international poll has revealed that most people believe that there is alien life in the universe.

Conducted by YouGov, the poll asked members of the public in the UK, Germany and the United States whether they believed that our planet was home to the only intelligent life in the universe.

More than half of those surveyed stated that they thought there was life out there however in both the US and UK the majority of those were male while in Germany the majority were female.

The poll also indicated that younger generations were more likely to believe in extraterrestrials than older generations with only 45 percent of those over the age of 50 in the UK believing in alien life.

While to date there has never been any conclusive evidence of intelligent life beyond our own planet this hasn't stopped mankind from seeking out signs that someone else may be out there.

An ambitious new endeavor to listen for extraterrestrial communications was recently funded by Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner and backed by prominent scientists such as Stephen Hawking who maintains that there is "no bigger question" than whether or not we are alone in the universe.

During an announcement last year NASA also indicated that we may find evidence of alien life within as little as 10 to 20 years thanks to advances in planet hunting telescopes and techniques.

"Just imagine the moment, when we find potential signatures of life," said Matt Mountain of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

"Imagine the moment when the world wakes up and the human race realizes that its long loneliness in time and space may be over - the possibility we’re no longer alone in the universe." - Majority of the public believes in alien life


Update on Vanessa: She is steadily getting back on her feet, though she needs a cane in order to get around. The treatments took a toll on her muscle control and balance. There was a brief 'episode' on Thursday which required medical attention...but she's back home, though I need to keep a close eye on her for awhile. I really don't know how our situation would have been without everybody's kind support. You have literally been a life-saver. Lon

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