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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Dutch Beast' -- Charred Alien Corpse? -- Prehistoric 'Frankenvirus' Revived

The 'Dutch Beast'

Last night, a reader forwarded a series of videos based on the supposed sighting of a unknown hominid in The Netherlands. I have provided the links below. I first thought was a publicity stunt...and I still believe this is a promotion for a video that will probably be released in the not-so-distant future. Anyway...look for yourself:

Click for video - Creature Caught on Tape in Holland - The Story so far..

Click for video - Creature Caught on Tape in Holland - PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS

Click for video - Creature caught on tape in Holland - SHOCKING REVELATIONS!!


Rare Pink Dolphin May Be Pregnant

CALCASIEU PARISH, La. (WGNO) - Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service first spotted the mysterious pink dolphin they affectionately call, "Pinky" in 2007 out while fishing on his boat with his company Calcasieu Charter Service. The young dolphin was spotted in Calcasieu River's ship channel.

Rue said, 8-years ago the baby pink dolphin would always swim near her mother. Now, nearly a decade later, "Pinky" swims on her own and sometimes with a pod of other dolphins. Ever since the day he first saw the mysterious dolphin, he's always been fascinated. He believes that "Pinky" is one of the world's only dolphins with this color pigmentation.

"We still see her swimming almost every day in the summertime. We've seen her a lot in the last few weeks. She looks happy and healthy," Rue said.

What makes "Pinky" so unique is her coloring. Rue said her whole body is "100 percent pink--you know, like, the color of most dolphins bellies, but her whole body is pink." At first they all thought "Pinkie" was an albino dolphin, but after some research they don't necessarily think so because she'd appear more white rather than pink if that was the case.

Recently Rue said he witnessed "Pinky" mating, so he's curious to see if she's pregnant and if she'll be having a dolphin calf soon, and if so, what color will it be?

Over the years Rue said he's seen "Pinky" hundreds of times. - Very rare pink dolphin spotted again (and she may be pregnant)


Prehistoric 'Frankenvirus' Revived

A giant virus discovered frozen beneath the tundra has been revived after more than 30,000 years.

While the long-dormant virus, Mollivirus sibericum, is not thought to be harmful to humans, the fact that it had survived for such a long time in the permafrost suggests that there could be many more long-forgotten viruses lying in wait beneath the frozen tundra that we still don't know about.

"Our finding suggests that prehistory 'live' viruses are not a rare occurrence," the researchers wrote.

"We cannot rule out that distant viruses of ancient Siberian human populations could re-emerge as Arctic permafrost layers melt and/or are disrupted by industrial activities."

While not an immediate concern, the possibility of a prehistoric virus reawakening and infecting the modern population is something that may soon need to be taken a lot more seriously.

"Some viral particles which are still infectious can, in the presence of a receptive host, [lead to] the resurgence of potentially pathogenic viruses in Arctic regions," said Professor Jean-Michel Claverie.

"If we are not careful, and we industrialise these areas without putting safeguards in place, we run the risk of one day waking up viruses such as smallpox that we thought were eradicated." - Prehistoric 'Frankenvirus' Mollivirus sibericum uncovered in Siberian permafrost


Charred Alien Corpse?

The bizarre "corpse" was found among other charred debris after a fireball exploded in the sky above Ichmul, Yucatan, in Mexico, causing power faults.

The Yucatan Peninsula was, alarmingly, where a huge asteroid or comet is believed to have struck 65 million years ago, killing off the dinosaurs.

It is also where several meteors have previously fallen and where many unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been reported. Read more at Charred corpse of ALIEN found at site of ‘meteor’ impact which almost ended life on earth


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