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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Encounter / Lost Time -- Man Terrified By 'Hatman' -- FBI Memo...Aliens DO Exist

UFO Encounter / Lost Time

4/14/2004: I was in the back yard collecting the cat for the night, I live in a rural area of England. To the NE of the yard there are open fields with no street light,clear enough to see the local village on the horizon some 10 miles away. I first noticed the disc when it appeared over the small hill some 50 yards away. I noticed it as it was bright, big and easily seen. The thing in the surrounding area was not lit, the trees to the north were still in darkness as was the large water tower to the south. Both of these are only a few yards away from me. When I first saw the object I knew exactly what it was, there was no doubt. I felt calm, a little excited, I was the only person around which did mean that this wonderful disc could see me. I felt as if it knew I'm here and don't run. There was a thumping in my chest, a tingle in my right arm and the start of a headache. The object came over the small hill on a slight tilt, as if the front was down. It leveled and hovered. Once it was hovering it started to sway a little, then lowered very slowly to the ground. I would like to point out that I am not sure if the object did actually land. If it didn't it was very close to the ground. When it started to lower the white lights changed to a brilliant light blue. It landed or hovered for about 30 seconds and then took off again, light blue to white light. It slowly rose into the air some 20ft and then shot off at one hell of a speed straight up. I could see the light go, but soon lost it in the mix of stars. The reason why I write this, is that it was about 11.40pm when I first saw the object. When I got back inside the house it was 12.50 am. I have had a nosebleed all night, headache and I ache all over. I am not one to make things up, I have better things to do. But I can't explain this and hopefully you can. - MUFON CMS


Man Terrified By 'Hatman'

June 2015 – Louisiana, USA

Ralph in Louisiana called in to talk about his Hatman encounter.

“Three months ago, June, I never experienced this before and didn't know what it was. I didn't even think I was asleep, actually. I see a shadow at my window in my bedroom. There's no way this thing could get in through that window. It's not a window that a body could fit through. What it is, what it turned out to be, I never heard of this before, was a big hatted guy, a hat, big hat on, and a large trench-coat. He came to the foot of my bed. I was partially paralysed. I was able to kick, kinda, but the rest of my body, no. It seemed like it was 10 minutes but I’m sure it was way less than that and the only thing I could do really well was scream and it like you wanted to fight but I couldn't fight it, It was just fear fear fear fear. He was wearing a big fedora, huge, not Freddy Krueger looking, big, like an old British looking guy, big. I stopped and did some research the next morning and there was a lady I found on a coast to coast link who had been doing studies on that (editor's note: I think he's talking about author Heidi Hollis). Hundreds of people, I guess, all across the country, all over the world, are experiencing this: A man in a hat. Just to cap it off, somebody I shared a house with, the next morning said, 'Who were you fighting with?' They heard me. I mean, I was, I was screaming in this, what I thought was awake, I was screaming as loud as a large male could scream.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 13, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Man accused of murdering wife sues authorities after it was established she was killed by an elk

A man from southern Sweden, who was accused of murdering his wife, is suing for damages after it was established that she was in fact killed by an elk. The man, a resident of Loftahammer, is now demanding tens of thousands of kronor in compensation for being falsely accused of murder.

His lawyers are critical of the way in which prosecutors and the police handled the investigation after his 63-year-old wife was found gravely injured near the shore of a lake outside of Loftahammar in northeast Småland in September 2008. According to the man, investigators were too quick to assume that he had killed his wife. For months he laboured under the suspicion that he had murdered his wife, and he was also detained for ten days.

Then it turned out that his wife was in fact killed by an elk. When the woman was found dead on a forest path, the police immediately suspected her husband, and arrested him on suspicion of murder, just hours after she was found. After ten days in detention, he was released, but the suspicions against him remained. It would take several months before police identified the real culprit after hairs found on the woman’s body were finally identified as coming from an elk.

Police then realised the woman had been kicked to death by the animal. The man says that because of the false accusation, he was viewed as a killer by his neighbours where he lived and had to move away. Now he is asking for damages totalling 621,000 kronor (£48,500, $73,500)- 300,000 kronor (£23,500, $35,500) in compensation for suffering and 321,000 kronor (£25,000, $38,000) in compensation for lost income. - Elk, not husband, killed Swedish woman: police


FBI Memo...Aliens DO Exist

Aliens do exist, according to a top secret FBI memo found by researchers into UFOs.

Investigators at the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in Tokyo, Japan, claim they have discovered a document that proves there is extra-terrestrial life.

The FBI memo contains details about flying saucers being piloted by three feet tall aliens.

The Bureau is said to be concerned about the findings at the research centre, fearing the discovery could lead to members of the public gaining access to thousands of documents.

The FBI memo reportedly reads: “An investigator for the Air Force states that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico.

“They were described as being circular in shape with raised centres, approximately 50 feet in diameter.

“Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture.

“According to Mr (name blanked out), the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers.”

Whatever the details of this reportedly top secret memo, the truth is out there. - Aliens DO Exist, Says Top Secret FBI Memo Found By UFO Researchers



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