Monday, September 07, 2015

'Paranormal Beings' Believed Responsible For Embarrassing Sports Event

The Malaysian football team's 10-0 loss to the UAE in the World Cup qualifier has caused some to state that it was the result of a 'spiritual virus.' It's a bizarre statement...but it's consistent with how some religious officials lay blame for embarrassing events:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 — Terengganu’s former chief Shariah judge today panned a so-called “Islamic” medical expert’s claim that paranormal beings was a possible cause for Malaysia’s humiliating 10-0 loss to UAE in the World Cup qualifier.

Datuk Ismail Yahya said the penchant for these Malaysians to fall back on such claims could be because they were infected with a “spiritual virus” inside them that made them resort to practices that were not consistent with the teachings of Islam.

“My view about the supernatural which Malaysians always make a connection [with], between a disaster or loss means spiritual virus (sic),” Ismail told Malay Mail Online by email when contacted.

“Spiritual virus can come through magic, the environment such as their homes, the attitude of someone obsessed with things or the practice of the teaching of ‘unreligious’ mysticism,” he added.

Ismail had been asked to comment on a report earlier today by Malay tabloid Kosmo, which cited a purported “Islamic” medical expert Datuk Shamsuri Shafie as claiming that “makhluk halus” or paranormal beings may be to blame for Malaysia’s loss in the qualifying match on Wednesday.

According to the article, Shamsuri said the Harimau Malaya footballers could have been “disturbed” by these entities because they forgot to recite prayers before playing.

The former Shariah Court judge said Malaysia’s loss to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could be due to various reasons, but it had nothing to do with paranormal beings.

Malaysia lost to UAE in Abu Dhabi in the Asian Zone World Cup qualifiers, after the latter led by 7-0 in the half-time, setting a record for the country’s worst ever defeat in a competitive match. - ‘Spiritual virus’ behind Malaysia’s paranormal obsession, ex-Shariah judge says

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