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Friday, September 04, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Red UFO During Atlas Rocket Launch -- Glowing Blue Lady...Alien or Angel? -- Shocking India 'Rape Amnesty'

Red UFO During Atlas Rocket Launch

I received this on Sept 3rd:

My wife stopped to watch the launch of the Atlas Rocket early morning on her way to work. She said she saw a red glowing object going around the smoke plume of the rocket, she has seen many launches but this was different, so she started to take pictures of it. In them you see the light as it goes around the bottom of the rocket.

She called me and emailed the pictures, I am a semi retired electronics engineer (67 years old ), and worked for the N.R.O. At the Cape Canaveral air force station .I must admit it is interesting.

Thanks to Aurora Lopez de Ramos & Heriberto Ramos


Glowing Blue Lady...Alien or Angel?

Atlanta, GA - 1994-09-15 - 12:00AM: I was having a really hard time and had become very depressed for an extended period of time. Fell asleep this night and was woken because my arm was hanging over side of bed and something was "stroking my hand". I awoke and thought it was odd my cat would be awake and rubbing up against my hand at this time of night. I turned my head and this "thing" with huge blue eyes was so close to my face that I could feel her nose touching mine. I was TERRIFIED. I whipped my hand out of hers and sat straight up in bed and screamed at her "WHAT DO YOU WANT!' Within seconds she glided up from her lying down position (she had been laying long wise with her legs straight out and her head propped on her bent "elbow". And she just kinda "glided" her whole body up to a standing position. She looked at me the whole time but then turned and started "walking away" - although her "feet" never touched the ground - she was like walking / hovering about an inch above the ground. But as she started leaving, I realized I wasn't scared at all and actually felt a warm "love-like" feeling. And I truly couldn't believe this "thing" was not going to say or do anything but leave. It kinda baffled me so I said "WAIT! Why are you here?!" She stopped at the foot of my bed and turned to look right at me.

[this is when i was really able to evaluate her - she had long skinny legs, long skinny arms, long skinning fingers / hands, skinny body and although she had no defining "parts" somehow I had this clear sense that it was "female" - I dont know why; HUGE eyes (they had a big blue iris)and a tiny tiny little pointy nose - she did "look" like the form of pictures of aliens I have seen BUT her head was normal sized and she was this absolutely beautiful glowing blue color - Like the color of those little lights at the airport but more clear? pure? not sure how to describe it. This blue glow reflected onto the wall on the side she was closest too and the ceiling above her, but not in front of her or onto my bed. But the glow felt "warm". The other thing that really stood out to me as I thought about it was that this "being" didnt seem to be "highly intelligent" as I had always heard and assumed. When I looked into her eyes it was as if I was looking into the eyes of a big golden lab - not stupid but not super intelligent - more like looking into the eyes of a loving, loyal dog]

Now as I asked her this question, she stared at me and didnt talk, but I could "hear" everything she was saying in my head but she didnt say much. She just looked at me with these big beautiful eyes and said "Sorry, gotta go!", and she turned and hover-walked down the hall. I remember I could see the blue glow reflecting onto the sides of the hall as she walked down it - and then she turned to the left, which was really odd (I had two doors to the outside - one to the right that went out to the front, which is the way everyone came and left and one to the back, which went to a little excluded backyard that no one ever used - she turned to the door to the left out to the backyard - I saw her walk to it and then poof! she was gone and so was the blue light and the warmth (this was a basement apartment) I never heard a door open or close so it was like she just walked through it.

As I sat there stunned, I looked around to see my cat still curled in a ball sound asleep - she had never woken. I thought to my self - was I dreaming? and decided to pinch myself in the arm - and it hurt and then my pet cat, woke briefly and then put her head down like she was exhausted. I just couldnt stop staring at the door / area where the Blue Lady had left - I almost expected her to come back but she never did.

I dont know why she came to me but I did snap out of that depression the next morning and went on with life but I have never forgotten her. That was 21 years ago.

What I would like to know is has anyone had positive experiences with these beings like I did and has anyone ever seen anything like the being I did - Glowing Blue Lady? Believe me, I was absolutely terrified when I first woke and saw her but then I just felt all this "love". Is there ANYONE out there that experienced something like I did? ANYONE? I know my experience sounds "crazy" but I also am absolutely CERTAIN it was real. No doubts at all. - MUFON CMS


Black Bear w/ Blue Head

Aaron Smith had been driving along a road in British Columbia when he spotted something very unusual.

It had been around 5:15pm and he was heading home from work near Silvermere Lake when he stopped to capture some footage of what appeared to be a black bear with a distinctly blue head.

The peculiar spectacle had attracted the attention of several other motorists who had stopped by the roadside as well but none of them could figure out what might have given the animal its unusual hue.

When he got home Smith uploaded the footage he'd taken on to social media where it managed to attract even more attention. He also reported what he's seen to the Conservation Officer Service.

The story behind the bear's strange affliction however continues to remain a mystery.

Click for video -Black Bear with Blue head near Silvermere Lake is Mission, BC


Shocking India 'Rape Amnesty'

TWO SISTERS have been told they will be repeatedly gang-raped as "punishment" for crimes committed by their brother.

An all-male council in an Indian village ruled the pair, aged 15 and 23, should be repeatedly raped, have their faces blackened and then be made to walk around naked because their brother ran off with a woman of a higher caste.

The decision to inflict the prehistoric punishment on the girls has sparked international outrage.

A petition demanding the evil ruling be reversed has been launched by Amnesty International.

"Unelected village councils such as this are widespread in parts of India," it said.

"More often than not they are made up of older men from dominant cases, who prescribe rules for social behaviour and interaction in villages.

"Nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment. It's not fair.

"It's not right. And it's against the law."

The shocking ruling was made in a remote village in the Baghpat district of northern India.

The council, known as a khap panchyat, has vowed to "avenge the dishonour" of the womens' brother by sentencing them to the barbaric punishment.

According to Indian news sources the brother, named Ravi, fell in love with a woman from a higher caste and may have impregnated his lover.

The Amnesty petition, which has already been signed over 40,000 times, reads: "Your eyes do not deceive you.

"An elected all-male village council in India has ordered that 23-year-old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister are raped.

"The 'sentence' was handed down as punishment after their brother eloped with a married woman.

"They also ordered for the sisters to be paraded naked with blackened faces.

"Nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment.

"Demand that the the local authorities intervene immediately." - Sisters to be repeatedly gang-raped as punishment for their brother's crimes


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