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Friday, July 17, 2015

Gaining Two Hours Of Missing Time: A Recent True Experience

By Posey Gilbert - Last Sunday 07/05/2015, a fellow Experiencer and Moonstruck Group member M.A, and I went out to Long Island for a Sky Watch but because of the faint cloudiness really we expected no more than a night out in the fresh air by the Atlantic. We not only experienced much strangeness but also ended up gaining two hours of missing time. It started with the batteries of my camera and cell phone being drained to almost uselessness, with more than a 86% loss of power, thus making me unable to record much of the occurrences. Luckily M.A having working and spare batteries was able to record some of the events.

On approaching the area I was "Told" to take out my camera because I was going to be shown something tonight, "shown" being the operative word there. "They" did not say I would be able to tape a damned thing, "They" can be so damned literal at times. As we parked near a wall-less roofed enclosure, with wooden benches and a table on the beach, which was great because it meant my wheelchair did not have to be removed from M.A's car.

As I exited the car, I noticed a bright blue white light that I dismissed as a light on a tower or a "Tower Light" shinning down on a field or a lake from the southern sky. I am developing a cataract in my left eye that is severely hampering my vision now, so I couldn't really be sure of what I was seeing. Also, my not being familiar with the area as was M.A, and together with his seemingly inattentiveness toward the "Tower Light" when he got out of the car, also aided in my thinking that it was nothing of importance, so I said nothing about it to him. The thinly clouded milky skies showed a hazy reddish Waning Gibbous moon, and some of the brighter stars but there too, to me there was nothing of real interest in the sky.

It was as we sat there that I discovered my batteries had been drained, then M.A asked "What are those lights?" as he pointed out a series of tiny condensed lights which appeared turquoise in color, as if they were glowing similar to light seen in electronic devices. These turquoise lights seemed to me just to be reflections of light on some near by power lines or a bright constellation of distant stars beyond them. I said as much, but he reminded me as to how cloudy the sky was and started to walk toward the power lines to get a better view.

Although I seemed to see three elongated lights M.A saw one, but again due to my cataract, and my point of view may have been responsible for that effect that but it's more likely it was one of the power lines closer to me that cut off my complete view of the single light. Still for certain there was a turquoise light there, and because M.A went much closer to view it I believe there was one light as he said.

In M.A's own words:

He saw a (tiny condensed light which appeared like a turquoise color, but as if were glowing similar to light seen in electronic devices, etc.)

I, because of the dangerously poor condition of my shoes, had chosen not to try to walk across the sandy beach fearing I might fall, knowing full well that my knee high prosthesis would make my getting up impossible, let alone the possibility of me braking my remaining left leg, or perhaps even causing more injury to my spine.

M.A returned saying that the tiny glowing light was coming from a transformer box on the pole. He then asked if he could take a picture of me as I sat at the table, knowing M.A documented everything, I agreed and he took two pictures and sat at the table just up and across from me.

"Now what does this guy want?" he suddenly asked in a concerned voice, looking up from where we sat. I stood and walked forward some to see who M.A was speaking about, but saw no one. Thinking the guy had been intimidated by seeing me, (I stand six foot four) and then his knowing M.A was not alone he had turned around and walked away, so I went back and sat down at the table. (Sometimes looking like a Sasquatch does have its advantages.)

M.A then moved down and sat across from me and that was when I saw a beautiful turquoise light with a red light that would pulse from turquoise to red at the front end and from turquoise to a whitish yellow at the other. It at times seemed to be low out in the water and I pointed it out to M.A. He said he thought it might be a party boat and went back to working with his camera, thinking he knew more about this area, I simply accepted his explanation until I noticed this light was not only traveling oddly, for at times it seemed to jump from one point to another as it went. Not only that, but it seemed to at times appeared to raise and lower in and out of the water which would show a black line between the lower turquoise when it levitated out of the water, making me think that at those times I was seeing the turquoise light then being reflected on the water below it.

At those times, it seemed to be at an odd angle as it moved above the water appearing to be at a 3:10 angle to the water, the water being three the object being angled at ten after, it was then that the pulsation effects would happen. Then suddenly I saw yellow, white and red orbs that seemed to arc in jumping dolphin-style out of the water in the opposite direction toward the turquoise light. I again tried to call M.A's attention to the turquoise light, but standing and looking behind me he suddenly asked, "What is that?"

I turned and realized he was talking about the bluish white "Tower Light" I had ignored earlier. He first called it a "property light" but then pointed out how the rays under it kept changing the way they fell down onto what he said was water which was the Bay that runs parallel to the L. I. Sound, which is precisely what I saw it doing earlier but thought that was due to the cataract in my left eye. In a seconds breadth, he'd confirmed what I thought I was seeing had been real!

I began to tell M.A that I had seen that light as I got out of the car earlier, but thought it was nothing because he'd not spoken of it, but he said he had apparently not noticed it initially. Then I saw a flash of blue white light come from trees below the turquoise lights on the power lines and shocked, I very loudly called his attention to it, and when I looked back to the "Tower Light" it was no longer there. "It's gone!" I exclaimed, "THE F-N LIGHT IS GONE!"

We walked back to look for the light and to our amazement, it was now significantly lower down to the right and seemingly reflecting at an angle in the water, its color now amber, having a yellow-whitish hue, and to me it looked larger, more discoidal with a reddish tinge to its bottom. As I watched two tiny white and red orbs shot past over it and a series of tiny white yellow and red orbs shot at an angle up into it from the water. Thankfully M.A was able to capture pictures and video at this time by climbing up on a swing on the beach.

Meanwhile I noticed that the turquoise light (on the L.I. Sound) was now moving across from us and I shouted swearing and cussing to M.A to look at the M-F-N turquoise light, but he was still focused on the other light so I focused on the turquoise light. As I spoke I began to wonder why I had become so loud and fouled mouth. I was not angry at M.A, but I was all of a sudden so very angry but at what I could not say. M.A was doing exactly as I thought he should be doing, why was I so upset?

As I watched suddenly I saw a cluster of the yellow white and red orbs appear heading toward the turquoise light. This time I thought them maybe to be the lights of a speed boat that is until they too started to twinkle and vanish and return as they went. As they approached the turquoise light seemed to start to fade on and off, or started moving sideways instead of forward when the cluster of these orbs suddenly appeared swiftly arcing toward the turquoise light it faded down and off and was gone. As I turned I was shocked to see an another cluster of these lights twice round and retreat around an outcrop of stones up from me, and again called out to M.A but it all happened so fast even I although knowing I did see what I saw standing there had to wonder if I had really seen what I saw.

It was then M.A called to me and asked for a "time check" the time, it was then that we thought should have been around 2:17AM turned out to be 4:17AM, and somewhere we'd misplaced two hours, and it took the singing of awakening birds to convince us that it was so.

The light was still shinning over the now not too distant waters and M.A wanted to find a way to get closer to see what it was, so we drove around trying to find a way to get closer without crossing private property, but found none until we came across a construction site where M.A was fortunately able to enter a house that was under construction, and to film the light from there. Meanwhile as I sat waiting in the car worried that he may get hurt in the incomplete house without lights, I noticed that the car seemed to be slowly rolling up and down the incline we were parked on.

I took out my cell phone and used the remaining battery power to tape with hopes to prove to myself this was not happening, but couldn't say for sure if it was my shaking hands and inexperience with my new cell phone that caused the movement before the battery failed. "It's a hallucination" I told myself "You've been up all night, and if you put up a finger and look out the window the whole scene, finger and all will appear to be moving and that's how you'll know its not real." I did so, but only the outside of the car seemed to continue to move side-to-side, as if the car really was going forth and backwards on the hillside.

So in my world famous most masculine falsetto I called out to M.A that the damn car is moving and he needed to get out of there, and out here to tell me something before I jumped out of the car and hauled ass. M.A soon emerged with both camera and video recorder raised in his hands as he approached the car. He stopped to speak to one of the people from the area standing in front of his rental a bit bemused (or bewildered) and soon we were on our way.

As we were driving back and discussing the fortnight's events, I asked M.A about the guy he'd seen that night, and he explained that he'd seen someone approaching, but said he never saw a man and mentioned seeing headlights first pointing into the parking lot then subsequently seeing a white van turn left and essentially making a U turn onto the roadway, then oddly hesitating for significant while as if to take notice before starting away. "It was in a van" he insisted, "but it that turned in the parking area, then on to the road." Yet I saw neither a man, a van, nor the lights of a van, as I should have seen from the way I was sitting. I'd seen no one, no head lights, let alone a white van.

Where I'd seen a turquoise light on the L.I. Sound M.A had seen it as a distinct emerald green light.

Where I'd seen the "Tower Light" as a yellow white with a reddish tinge to its bottom after it moved. M.A never saw the red at its bottom, only a diffused amber hue.

I started to think about the other strange things that happened, like the flash I saw in the trees below the power lines and how the "Tower Light" had seemed to move at that same time, and how from that point on I became so loud and crass.

Then it dawned on me what that personality change in me may have been about. Because of my multiple childhood encounters with strange entities and abductions, I suffer with PTSD, and have come to know that I have a shattered soul in which there are three separate egos outside of my day-to-day one.

One is absolute blinding fear and bids me to hide or run for my life. The other is what some would call the child which bids to me "Don't breath, don't move, and they won't see you," thus paralyzing me into inaction. Then there is the protector of the child the brutish foul mouthed warrior I have come to know as "POSEY."

When these egos are triggered (although I am still very much in control of my faculties), it is like I have been thrown into the back seat of my mind and body while one or all of them fight to take the controls, normally it is "POSEY" that wins out though. Every time I have been anesthetized and have been strapped down, I've always awakened finding "POSEY" at the controls raging at, and cussing the nurses and doctors trying to hold, or calm my fiercely struggling body down.

Yet if I am not strapped down, or under physical restraints "POSEY" never comes forth. Something had happened during those two missing hours that had caused the protector to arise. I now believe that our two hours of missing time occurred between that flash I saw happen below the turquoise lights on the power lines, and what seemed seconds later when I saw the "Tower Lights" had moved for only after that was "POSEY" present in my mannerisms, and speech. Something during that time had triggered his emergence. For some reason I must have felt threatened.

I was later to learn from M.A there were orbs or what I call Nonts about in the pictures he took of me at the table on the beach and later, a peculiar picture above M.A's car that I was sitting in outside the construction site which shows a column of sort from above that's actually angled toward the car & having 3 distinct round orbs within the column towards the bottom! So was it Aliens, Nonts (http://templeoftheinfidel.com/Aboutnonts.html), Time Slippage or all of the above or more, your guess is as good as mine or anyone else's. I only know all I have written above is true.

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