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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 11 Years of Alien Influence -- Murderer Claims Victim Haunts Him -- Stephen Hawking Searches For ET

11 Years of Alien Influence

The following extensive report was submitted to MUFON. It's somewhat different because the witness recalls several 'instances':

New York: On Sept. 1st 2004, just past 5 pm, I had a massive UFO sighting in NYC, from the 41st floor of a skyscraper facing the Hudson River. First, a large white glowing orb rose up above the tree line just on the other side of the river in NJ. In my mind, I said, "if this is really happening, I need you to move right now to prove it to me". Immediately, the orb sank down. A bright light popped on in the middle of the air over in NJ and began heading directly for my skyscraper. It was small, like a craft that could seat 2 aliens. As soon as it crossed the river, the light popped off on the bottom of the UFO, and I could see the craft. It was a dark little disk. It went directly over the top of my skyscraper where I worked.

Then, the air over in NJ went wild. Bright flashing lights went off all over the place, and multiple white orbs ascended above the tree lines and began to glow. I was in communication with them. This lasted for about 30 minutes.

The RNC was going on at Madison Square Garden. Bush was supposed to make an appearance that evening at a fire station in the Bronx. He never showed up, and no explanation was given. Long ago, I believe on MUFON or another UFO website, I found a report of someone in the Bronx who had seen orbs on the same date, at the same time. I was astounded this UFO event did not make the news.

I began having regular UFO sightings in NYC on a continual basis. Usually, if it was late at night, I would look up and a light would turn on and off in the middle of the air, in empty space.

I began seeing UFOs in the daytime on occasion, lights that would glow in the air.

Through binoculars, I saw small silver disks a few times. They always looked unstable, wobbly, and not "high tech".

I began talking on the phone to friends about my experiences shortly after the big sighting on Sept. 1st 2004. One Saturday night, I decided I was going to rent a car and drive over to NJ to the area where I had seen all the UFOs. As I was on my cell phone walking in Murray Hill, a huge "helicopter" appeared DIRECTLY over my head, VERY LOW. My cell phone cut out. I was standing on 36th street half a block east of 3rd avenue, next to a building that I would estimate to be 20 stories.... the "helicopter" was perhaps 5 stories higher than the building. This was a white aircraft, in the exact shape of a helicopter, with absolutely no markings, and it had 1 red blinking light on the bottom of it. There were no rotor blades on top of the craft. In other words, it was a UFO. This was not a military craft. It scared the hell out of me. I ran to my apartment and scrapped my trip to NJ.

That night, out of my apartment window from the 2nd floor on 37th street just off 3rd Ave, I could see in the high window of a skyscraper that was located probably around 40th street on 3rd Ave (a black skyscraper), a strange glowing light that was morphing around. Through my binoculars, I discovered that this was something NOT normal. To the naked eye, it just looked like a TV screen that was glowing in a window. However, with binoculars (or even better, a telescope, which I bought soon after this started) I could see that it was much more. This "TV" was a projection. Sometimes the projection would show me a little gargoyle spitting fire. Most times, it took the form of a TV. It would show strange reruns of old TV shows very fast or very slow, then pop into crazy things - like very fast pictures of planets, all kinds of planets, and pictures of UFOs, all different kinds.... then faces of aliens.... then it would stop and morph into all kind of different colors... pop off... then reappear showing a rerun of an old TV show... lots of times Larry King from CNN. This strange projection happened continuously for over a month. I do have one witness to this - my ex boyfriend. He saw it with me and confirmed what I was seeing. Unfortunately, now he denies that he ever saw anything unusual.

One morning, very early, about 6 am - a good month after this projection event started - I woke up, and in my head with my eyes still closed, I saw the face of a grey alien, looking at me, with a shroud over its head.... in a green hue.... very dramatic. Then the grey turned its head and looked away from me. I immediately opened my eyes, went to the window and looked at the black skyscraper, and on it, there was a window washer platform lowered down from the roof to the exact floor that the projection always played (the projection did sometimes play in the daytime, but it was very hard to see in daylight hours). On the window washer platform were two guys that were NOT window washers - I don't remember now what they were wearing, but it was not an outfit for washing windows. These were what I later would call "government goons". They were examining the exact area where the projection always played. I stood in my apartment window and stared up at them with binoculars. After about a minute, they saw me. It was awkward - they looked uncomfortable and began behaving differently. After perhaps a few minutes, they signaled to be hoisted back up, and left. After that incident, the projection would still play from time to time, but all it would show was old TV shows. By the way, the projection did not play every night or all the time.... I would say most nights, though, it did. Eventually, it stopped altogether.

In Sept or Oct of 2004, outside of my window in the daytime, I saw above the apartment building across the street what I can best describe as a white worm. It was extremely unusual, and made strange shapes and moved in a totally weird way. I have no idea what it was, but I am positive it was alien. This sighting happened for about 10 minutes, then it ascended and disappeared. I have never seen anything like it since.

I began to feel watched, and would sometimes catch goons looking at me from cars. There were always two of them together, dressed in suits. They were not "men in black" (that phenomenon has never happened to me). I began to feel uncomfortable looking for UFOs or strange events outside of my apt window... I knew they were watching me. One night in the fall of 2004, at perhaps 3 am, I went to the rooftop of an apartment building in Chelsea, on 21st street between 8th and 9th ave. Here, I had an amazing sighting. It was 5 or 6 UFOs draped down like stars, hovering VERY low over 8th Ave, looking just like bright stars. This sighting was absolutely amazing. Later, on a UFO website, I found a report from a girl who had seen the same thing. Clearly, this was NOT natural, it was definitely UFOs. I remember standing there, and out of the thin air all of these "stars" just appeared very quickly.... the night was perfectly clear, there were no clouds out whatsoever. The feeling I got from this sighting was one of pure joy, and it has always stayed with me. I believe this was in late October or early November of 2004.

I began having experiences with black helicopters in NYC sometimes hovering VERY low, EXTREMELY low, right over my head or very close to it - they would not leave. Sometimes, though, they would be a couple of blocks away. This happened numerous times throughout the fall of 2004. I would estimate around 10 times. These were normal looking helicopters.

I had a missing time experience one night at the East River. One Saturday night in October of 2004, I was sitting on a bench at a little park on the East River right around 37th street. One minute, there were couples around me on different benches, and people walking around. The next thing I knew, I looked around and there was no one at all, and a huge wake was coming from the river, but there was no boat. I have no idea how much time elapsed.

I began having many supernatural experiences, and many psychic experiences. I began seeing glowing colors around me, and beings that seemed like they were made of light - with small red eyes that moved back and forth. I began hearing tones in my ear - like musical tones.

Needless to say, while exciting and amazing, these experiences were also quite disorienting and sometimes upsetting. Talking to friends and family about it all was a terrible mistake - I learned the hard way about that. In order to find some support, I went to a UFO lecture one night. It's been so long ago, I cant recall the name of the speaker, but he is known in the UFO community. The place I went to was some metaphysical place that hosted UFO events - like in the garment district. I think it was around 29th street and 7th or 8th avenue, though I could be a little off on that. Anyway, after the lecture, I talked to the speaker (I think he was based out of Philadelphia and was a professor). He put me in touch with a man in NYC who did hypnosis for UFO experiencers.

Under hypnosis, I recalled several different UFO / Grey contact / abduction events, most notably, from my childhood, where I was being tested for psychic ability by the visitors. It should be noted that I have had countless psychic experiences since this all began 11 years ago - all the things that traditional psychics do have happened to me. Unfortunately, the greys led me to believe that this man doing the hypnosis was working with a UFO government agency and recording and reporting all of his hypnosis sessions and turning over the information to the goons. So, I only went to the hypnotist twice. He worked on 23rd street around Madison Ave. It's been so long ago, and so much has happened since then, I cannot recall the name of the hypnotist any longer.

Through the tones in my ear, I began communicating with the visitors.... it was a cumbersome process, but basically.... I think something, then they comment on it with tones. For example, I could say in my mind, "I think I must be going crazy, this can't really be happening to me." And with the tones, they answer "NO". Then I could say, "well, when are you going to actually meet with me?" and they could answer, "wait and see" through the tones. It's a question and answer system. This has evolved greatly over time - and this is a very rudimentary example of how the tone system works.

All of this turned my life upside down, created a tremendous amount of stress, and I could no longer function normally - I had to take some time off. I quit my job in advertising and moved back home to another state and stayed with family. It became commonplace for me to occasionally see UFOs high up in the sky at night, flying over. They don't blink, they move erratically. Many times, I would see ascending UFOs behaving like stars. They slowly ascend, then at last, they will take off very fast. It's like a game to them - like how you would play a game with a little kid.

Soon after moving back home in the spring of 2005, I called Bill Birnes of UFO Magazine and had a long talk with him about how we could possibly get main stream advertisers into UFO magazine, as I had been a magazine ad sales rep in NYC. I wonder if he remembers the conversation now. He asked me to call him back about it, and I never did.

One evening in June of 2005, I had a major close encounter at my family's mountain house. It involved numerous projections and the entities made of light with the red eyes. They showed me how they can work with illusion - they can change the form of things. Right in front of my eyes, they changed the form of my car to another model, then back again. Before it changed back, I went and touched it - it was not my car. Throughout this experience, there were missing gaps of time.

Late one night in the summer of 2005, I was driving my car on an interstate in a rural area. There was no one else on the road. In the rear view mirror, a car came up from behind extremely fast - faster than normal even if they were really speeding, and there was no noise. It came right up behind my car, very close, then the "headlights" cut out, and nothing was there. There was no car.

After about 6 months, I began working full time again and got my own apartment. Through the tones, the Greys started warning me about danger from the government goons. I had to change apartments and cars several times, and the house of a loved one had been compromised. This was all very confusing and stressful. Then, they started telling me that something was wrong with one of my family members - that she was no longer what she seemed to be, and to avoid her at all costs.

One night, I had a dream about this family member. It was like she had passed to the other side and was trying to give me a message to stay safe. I woke from this dream, and went to stare out of the window in front of my apartment, which was across from a soccer field. Over the field, was a brilliant shining white light, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The feeling I got from it was one of warmth and love. It was so close. The light somehow "told" me that under no circumstances was I to have anything to do with this family member. After perhaps 10 minutes, it slowly ascended into the sky.

In this apartment, one Sunday morning I was surrounded by a reddish type of energy - it was like a mist, almost. It was incredibly intense. The next thing I knew, it was Monday morning. I lost an entire day. I don't know what happened. I looked at my phone and couldn't believe it was Monday. I called in sick. Then, on the wall in my kitchen, carved into the wall in a very strange font, there was a message. It said: "I am your king."

During this time, I once asked the Greys.... "well, what is going on these days? what is new?" In my minds eye, using the colors, they very vividly showed me the History Channel logo. Of course, I knew the logo, but that made no sense to me the fall of 2008. Then I came to find out about the UFO shows on the History channel. Clearly, the Greys have had a hand in getting these UFO shows on the air.

In late 2008, I moved back to NYC and I lived in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, I had several UFO sightings.... a glowing light hanging in the sky in the morning; a glowing light slowly passing over my apartment building in the day; a white light UFO flying by my window outside of my apartment in Brooklyn. After about a year living in this apartment, I was "told" through the tones that this apartment was no longer safe, and I moved to New Jersey for a few months. During this time, there were no sightings whatsoever.

I moved to the midwest in January of 2010. In April of 2010, I had several sightings late one night. A UFO would fly by my window repeatedly. The clear night sky would be empty, then a light would pop on, it would cruise by, then fade out. This happened 3 or 4 times in a row over a period of about an hour.

In August of 2010, I moved to the DFW area - I lived right next to DFW airport. For a couple of years, everything was quiet, no sightings. Then in the summer of 2012, they started again. I had one experience in July 2012 where in the middle of a HUGE rainstorm in the middle of the day, all of a sudden, an entire corridor of space out in front of me did not rain, and up in the sky, a cloud opened up like a door opening on a hinge. When the cloud opened, the enormous face of a Grey was looking at me. After a couple of minutes, the corridor and cloud closed and filled in with rain again. This is when I began to suspect that the aliens can create weather events.

In Sept. of 2012, I had a major UFO sighting over my apartment complex, with a boy witness (he also lived in the complex). Dozens of white, glowing lights were streaming overhead, very fast. These were not airplanes going in to land at DFW. The boy was amazed. One of the white lights flew right up to us, very close.... I yelled out at it "HEY!"... and the light popped off instantly and disappeared. The boy was amazed and wanted to know how I had done that. It was an impressive sighting. But, it also got me worried. I knew that my life was about to be turned upside down again with a sighting of this magnitude, I could feel it coming.

Through the tones, I began to get numerous warnings that things were very wrong in my workplace. That it was no longer a safe place for me to be. I began having many bizarre - EXTREMELY BIZARRE - psychic experiences in my apartment. Strange warnings - warnings about cloning technology. And I began to see faces of a different kind of alien - one that looks identical to ET - like, from the movie "Close Encounters". This is NOT a Grey. Not at all the aliens I had always been dealing with. The aliens I had always dealt with had almond shaped eyes - the classic Grey, like from the cover of the book "Communion".

In Nov. of 2012, I had an amazing sighting in the daytime, standing on my balcony. In the air right out in front of me, a white chem trail started to loop around - it made a full circle... but there was nothing there. A round donut chem trail was left in front of my eyes.

At night, during the fall of 2012, strange green balls of light began shooting out of thin air right above me on my balcony. A green ball of light would shoot out of thin air, arc down, and vanish.... just like a roman candle. This was a new type of event, I had never seen anything like it before.

In December of 2012, I had what can best be described as a jarring life change. It is too difficult to explain what happened. Suffice to say that the UFO and paranormal/psychic events pushed me into leaving. I ended up going to my family's vacation home to live. I did not work and basically just stayed on the family property most of the time.

In the summer of 2013, seeing UFOs in the sky every night became commonplace, and many times, they would come on cue when I would ask for a sighting. These sightings were the far off, flying star kind, where you know it's not an airplane because they do not blink, it is just a solid white light, and they move either erratically, too fast or slow for a plane, and/or both. These sightings became innumerable.

One night, in the summer of 2013, a glowing green light began floating around my room. This lasted for perhaps 15 minutes.

In August of 2013, I had another sudden life change. I went to the Czech Republic for about half a year. In a suburb of the city of Havirov, I had numerous UFO sightings at night. Both the flying star kind (very, very slow and low) and the roman candle type. These sightings occurred in Oct/Nov of 2013.

In the winter of 2014 I returned to the U.S., and got back into a regular routine. By the summer of 2014, I was working again. For the entire year of 2014, I had no sightings.... but the tonal communication continued. Always.

In the winter of 2015, I moved to the Midwest once again. In April of 2015, I had a daytime sighting of a blue light, a type of which I had never seen before. This blue light was in the sky for about 30 minutes before I lost sight of it. That evening, I saw several flying star UFOs from my yard.

In 2015, my communication process with the Greys totally evolved. I am now in direct telepathic communication with them, and the tonal type of communicating works along with it.

The messages I have received about the modern history of UFOs and what exactly is going on in present day has been devastating. First - it is true that the Greys have been involved with humankind going way back into ancient history. There have also been other alien races involved since ancient times. What we have to keep in mind is, these were THEIR ancestors, too. Times have changed. Right now, there are only two alien races involved with what is going on.

The Greys are a race of scientists. They are scientists above all else. They are an ancient race. They reproduce by cloning. In the 1940s and 1950s, they became very involved in what the human race is doing due to all the nukes. They have carefully monitored all nukes and made sure a global nuclear war never broke out. The Greys are all over the world, but primarily focus on the U.S. It is true, there was an agreement with the US Government made circa 1950.... they had a tenuous alliance with us. THIS ALLIANCE WAS TO SAVE US AND THE WORLD FROM A COMING THREAT. They could not inform the US Government about that at the time. The technology they agreed to trade with the US in exchange for abductions and secrecy was by no means their top of the line, best technology. They are not naïve.

Abductions are a difficult subject. They admit that it went too far and caused harm where it was not intended. And, their feelings about us have evolved dramatically over the decades - they have grown to care about us much more, vs. seeing us as primitive barbarians / test subjects. Making a hybrid race seemed logical in the event that nuclear disaster did happen.... at least our race would survive through hybrids. And of course, they are scientists, and, because cloning is a normal way of life for them, they have cloning technology that is basically unimaginable to humans. To what we think is possible.

The alien alliance with the US went south, starting with Reagan. Reagan turned on the Greys.... we began shooting them down, murdering the groups we were working with in secret.... things got very bad. Bush Sr. was much more reserved. However, Clinton was worse than Reagan. Clinton had a "hunt down destroy and capture and torture" policy. Clinton's public face that he had no idea what was going on and could not get any info on UFOs was a total smoke screen. Clinton was by far the worst president from their point of view. They vehemently hate Clinton. Bush Jr. was not like Clinton - he did not really know what to do, but had policies similar to both his father and Reagan. Obama has been similar to Clinton, though not nearly as bad. Of course, our Commander in Chief knows what is going on (though some have been kept in the dark, such as Carter. He knew nothing. Carter was considered too much of a risk and things were much different in those days in terms of who controlled the UFO information and situation).

As far as the Shadow Government goes, things have radically changed over the decades. It is QUITE complex, what has happened over the years. MJ 12 is no more, things have been consolidated in the Pentagon.... for years there were numerous government groups working on the UFO situation, with supposed Pentagon oversight and coordination, though for some of these groups, they basically operated in a rogue way... each with it's own agenda and philosophy - some extremely militaristic and downright immoral. Some not. Presidents have been routinely lied to and been given deliberate misinformation, on which they have based their policies. There have been countless murders of civilians by the government related to the UFO situation. Countless. And, many UFO government workers have been murdered by the very groups they have worked for as a way to conceal programs that they have been involved with. It's such a terrible mess, what has happened. Of course, the Greys were forced to infiltrate all of these organizations so that they could know what was going on. Suffice to say, these various government groups have been totally dismantled recently, and what is left is but a shell of what it used to be. The days of black ops for UFOs as we have known it are essentially OVER. I mean OVER. Things have radically changed as of late. UFO black ops is dead.

It is true that the US made a space fleet using their own reversed engineered UFO type craft. This armada was never an actual threat to The Greys. You have to understand, space is THEIR domain. For the US to think otherwise was downright stupid. Quite recently, the entire US space armada disappeared, and will not be returning. This was done by the Greys.

The Greys have enormous UFO "mother" ships for interstellar travel, they are cylinder shaped. Of course, they can go much faster than the speed of light. It does not take that long to get from their home planet to Earth; several months. It is not time travel, it is not inter dimensional travel... it is based on speed and distance. There is a time constant in the Galaxy, not tied to gravity exactly the way we think it is. Greys say that they can travel at the most 75,000 light years away from their planet, and that is pushing it. So, they are not THAT far away from us. In our little neighborhood of the Galaxy, there are a handful of other planets with higher forms of life on them.... they say that in the past, aliens from much, much further away have visited Earth, and that they are gone now, and they don't really know anything about them. Some have moved on. Some may return one day, but most probably won't. The Greys admit that there are some alien forms of life that may be present here that they have no concrete knowledge about... they say that much more advanced races than themselves would totally conceal their presence and identity. They say the Galaxy is a pretty hostile place - that is why. They say that they believe travel between Galaxies to be totally impossible. They say they know of a few other races in the galaxy from long distance communication that they never expect to encounter because of their great distance away.

The Greys say that they did not create the human race. But they are sure that another alien race did. Of course, evolution happened. Then, mutations and improvements were made.

It is true that The Greys have bases on the moon. They have underground bases on Earth. And minor bases under the oceans.

The Greys cannot stay on Earth, like on the ground, for long periods of time (short periods of time are okay, up to a few days). Our atmosphere/gravity/environment is not exactly right for them.

It is true that the US Government has a multitude of underground bases for UFO purposes. Most of them are now shut down or operating in a minimal way, not really doing anything substantial anymore. There are no more joint alien-human underground bases.

In the 1990s, another group of aliens began to invade the earth. These aliens look just like "ET" in the face (like from the movie Close Encounters), they are taller, and some people refer to them as Reptiles.... they do have a reptilian like face. The Greys refer to them as the High Greys (and they refer to themselves as the Low Greys). This has nothing to do with evolution, it has to do with actual height. The High Greys are quite a bit taller than the Low Greys. They are a different race, though the two are related. The two races are "cousins". They do NOT get along.

The High Greys (ETs, as I call them) are very different from the Low Greys (classic aliens, I just call Greys). ETs are not a race of scientists. They are a militaristic race, and they have total disdain for humans. They view humans as a lowly, scum type of life. ETs are very hostile to humans. The Greys, while they have had their problems and issues with us, actually love us and care about us (think like a parent with a child, that's basically how they think of us).

As of the present day, the Greys no longer fly triangular or cylindrical UFOs. These type of craft belong to the ETs. Greys fly saucers and the glowing type of UFOs. Unfortunately, about 20 years ago, the ETs began coming here in force and establishing bases. Up until the 2000s, the Greys controlled all of the US... meaning, they were always present in all of the major metropolitan areas of the US. For instance, in NYC, multitudes of Grey craft were ALWAYS present, monitoring, studying, and protecting the city (they were unable to do anything about 9/11 without exposing themselves - there was nothing they could do. Exposure was deemed to be worse than letting the planes hit). THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. The ETs have forced them out of NYC totally, and many other major metro areas. The Greys are now relegated to smaller cities and rural areas of the US. It is problematic for them to enter many ET controlled areas now, and next to impossible in other areas.


The ETs simply out gun and out class the Greys. The Greys are a civilization based on science, not on warfare. Conversely, the ETs are a race that is like a military industrial complex.

The sad news is.... if the alliance between the US Government and the Greys had not fallen apart.... completely and utterly collapsed.... THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. We would be able to defend ourselves against the ETs. It is quite tragic, simply awful, that the alliance did not work. The Greys accept that they are partly to blame for the collapse, but place the vast majority of the blame on the US Government. They say that they were betrayed by the US and that for a time, the US did a significant amount of damage to them.

Fortunately, the Greys are EXTREMELY strategic. Unfortunately, what they have had to do in order to be strategic against the ETs is not very pleasant. It is actually quite awful. It involves cloning. Both the ETs and Greys are able to clone humans, which in turn, become a type of proxy, or placeholder, in the war on the ground. The Greys are much more advanced in their cloning techniques vs. the ETs... though the ETs don't know it. Long ago, it was the Greys that taught cloning techniques to the ETs. Naturally, they did not teach them everything.

Here is an example: the ETs take notice of the Greys' intense interest in a particular human. In order for them to learn about what is going on and infiltrate the situation, they clone a member of this individual's family. This clone then becomes a type of soldier or proxy for the ETs. This is much more efficient than working with hastily implanted implants, multiple abductions, mind screens, behavior implants.... the clone can be implanted exactly and programmed very specifically to much more efficiently and successfully carry out their objectives and monitoring without the need for constant abductions.

Another example: the Greys, in order to protect the human they have a special relationship with, must clone certain individuals that threaten the well being or survival of the human. They must clone groups of individuals in certain situations that serve to protect this human.

Cloning a human can be done in about 2 days. The brain is replicated exactly as it was at the time of abduction - memories, experiences, knowledge - all in tact. The Greys respectfully lay to rest a human they have been forced to clone due to the war. The ETs.... they do terrible things to individuals that they abduct. The ETs have no respect for human life and have terrible plans for us.

The Greys believe in God and the teachings of love and peace. The ETs do not. Parallels can be drawn between good demons and bad demons.... from a very primitive, ancient world view. Both are true - alien vs. demon POV - but the ancient one is perhaps not quite as accurate or informed... which makes sense, from a time that the human race was barely out of the caves.

This is but one very small example of cloning that hits close to home. Suppose that in order for the Greys to secure the US in the face of losing air dominance, that they have to clone many individuals in key parts of society and government in order to block the objectives of the ETs. Suppose this is the ONLY way to ultimately protect the human race from the ETs.

This is where we are today. It is terrible, and very, very ugly. It is a war. There is a huge war going on all around us. It is a "clone war", essentially. How ironic is that? I wonder if everyday people can feel that something very wrong is going on around them.

I cannot help but think of a prophesy of Jesus about "one being taken, another being left"... the rapture prophesy fits this situation perfectly. In a way that I could never have imagined.

I have been told that I am 10% Grey.... a human / alien hybrid. This has nothing to do with how I look, it has to do with mostly my brain. The science of today's humans cannot detect it. This goes back to my mother and father, who were both abductees, and were both chosen for their notable psychic abilities, in particular. It is extremely difficult to produce a HUMAN hybrid that lives on the Earth and is 10% Grey. There are quite a few human hybrids in one part of the US in particular who are below 10%. This is not considered to be enough of a percentage to be called a Grey. Others who made it to 10% did not survive. So, I am the only 10% that I know of... there may be others, but the Greys deny it.

Why have I never spoken out until now? Well... who the hell will listen? I always felt like I didn't need to document my sightings, that what was going on with me transcended reporting. And, that is essentially correct. However, I don't see anything wrong with doing so at this point. If no one listens, nothing is lost. If someone in the UFO community does take note and actually listens... then perhaps just knowing the truth of what is going on for a small few might be revelatory. If there is one thing the UFO community is known for, it is having an open mind.

A caution about today's technology: it can ALL be used as a monitoring, tracking device, and more... such as, a form of mind control. The billions of micro transistors all of the devices have.... this makes it EASY for ETs to access and turn into a weapon against us. The scary thing is, VIRTUALLY EVERYONE HAS A SMART PHONE AND CANNOT IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT IT. WE ALL HAVE NEW CARS WITH THE SAME TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY. WE ALL HAVE TVs, COMPUTERS, ETC.... the technology that we have become so addicted to and we see as freeing us. It is, can be, and will be used against us in terrible ways.

I am not allowed to carry a smart phone. I must use an old flip phone that has been altered by the Greys. My computer, which I simply have to have, is fixed by them. I have to drive a car that is 20 years old. These days, I am quickly shuffled about from place to place in an effort to protect me. This makes living a normal life virtually impossible (something I long for). We don't know what is going to happen at this point, how long I am going to make it for. It is a miracle I have made it this far. Things could go several different ways now. I am told to prepare for the worst, and if we get lucky, maybe something good will happen. Like, I will actually survive.

Perhaps there is a greater destiny awaiting me. I don't know.... we will have to wait and see what happens. - MUFON CMS


Murderer Claims Victim Haunts Him

The vile pervert who murdered little April Jones has claimed he is haunted by her ghost.

Mark Bridger told another prisoner he is tortured by visions of the five-year-old appearing in his jail cell at night.

The claims are included in court papers obtained by the Daily Mirror. They were never made public during Bridger’s trial.

In a prosecution witness statement, Bridger’s fellow inmate said: “He told me he [Bridger] thinks he has been visited by a ghost at night.

“He believes this ghost to be that of April Jones, who is brought to him by another male ghost.

“When he has told me about the ghosts, Bridger has been visibly upset.” Former abattoir worker Bridger, 48, kidnapped April in ­Machynlleth, Powys, before murdering her and dumping her body in October 2012.

He was jailed for life in May 2013 and will die behind bars.

Bridger claimed he accidentally ran April over and cannot remember what happened afterwards as he was drunk. The killer’s fellow inmate said he told him the same story when they were both being held at HMP Manchester.

He added: “He stated he had run over a young girl called April Jones by ­accident and killed her, but that the police had not believed him and he had been charged with her murder.

“Bridger was adamant there was no sexual assault.

“I was shocked by this because he was quite happy to tell me he had killed her but seemed desperate to stress there was nothing sexual involved.

“Bridger then mentioned to me that there was blood in his house he had tried to clean up. He also mentioned at one point he ran up to the bathroom to be sick.”

The prisoner added that Bridger admitted washing the clothes he was wearing when he killed April and cleaning her blood from the inside of his car and the front bumper of his Land Rover.

Bone fragments were found in the ­fireplace at his home.

Bridger allegedly confessed to a prison priest at HMP Manchester that he dumped April’s corpse in a river.

But the paedophile has since refused to admit what he did with the youngster’s body, denying her parents Paul and Coral the dignity of burying their daughter.

Bridger is now in Wakefield prison – dubbed Monster Mansion as it is home to some of Britain’s sickest criminals.

The jail witness, who wants to remain anonymous, was released this year after serving his sentence. - April Jones: Mark Bridger claims murdered schoolgirl's ghost is haunting his prison cell


Stephen Hawking Helps Launch Massive Search for ET

A new $100 million endeavor has been launched to look for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life.
Professor Stephen Hawking joined a number of other high profile scientists and astronomers in London today to announce the launch of two new initiatives that together represent one of the largest and most significant searches for intelligent alien life ever undertaken.

The 'Breakthrough Listen' initiative will involve a ten-year survey of the closest one million stars within our own galaxy as well as the 100 closest galaxies to the Milky Way.

The accompanying 'Breakthrough Message' initiative will at the same time fund an international competition to determine what message the human race should send out in to the cosmos.

"We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth, so in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life," said Hawking. "Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps intelligent life might be watching these lights of ours, aware of what they mean. Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos, unseen beacons announcing that, here on one rock, the universe discovered its existence?"

"Either way, there is no better question. It's time to commit to finding the answer, to search for life beyond Earth. The Breakthrough initiatives are making that commitment. We are alive. We are intelligent. We must know."

Both initiatives have been funded by Silicon Valley technology investor Yuri Milner who was inspired to become a physicist by Frank Drake - a pioneer in the hunt for intelligent extraterrestrial life.

The team behind the 'Breakthrough Listen' initiative believe that if there is an alien civilization within the 1,000 nearest stars transmitting with nothing more than the power of a common aircraft radar then we should we be able to pick it up using the radio telescopes we have on Earth.

It should also be possible to detect any signal coming from as far away as the center of the galaxy if it is transmitting with twelve times the power of one of our existing interplanetary radars.

"It's a huge gamble, of course," said UK Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees.

"No one would count on success, but the payoff would be so colossal on recognizing that there was life elsewhere that this investment is hugely worthwhile." - Stephen Hawking Helps Launch Massive Search for E.T.


From the Victorian age...just in case the corpse may have been that of a vampire


Vanessa's Medical Support Fund

Hi folks...I promised to keep those concerned updated on Vanessa's medical progress. She is entering her 8th round of chemotherapy on Weds. There have been a few complications along the way...but she continues to fight through it. Hopefully we can reach the GoFundMe goal so Vanessa can receive the means she needs to beat cancer. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will never be forgotten...Vanessa & Lon

GoFundMe - Get Well Vanessa

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