Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 6

By Stephen Ellis - A comment from one of my readers caught a “mistake” I made. I referred to the “Hindu Wars” as an example of many being killed in the name of God. Actually, I was referring to the siege in India where Muslims killed more than two million Hindus for the simple reason that they believed differently than did the Muslims. My apologies, I should have referred to it as the Muslim-Hindu Wars. Thanks for catching my mistake.

A question I am often asked is: “If we do live again, do we live it as someone of the same sex? As someone in the same financial condition? As someone with the same educational opportunities? Of course, I do not know...or do not remember. But, apparently, there are many who remember far better than I.

I had an incredibly detailed dream when I was in Paris (as a tourist enjoying the sites). I was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel which is right across the street from the famous Louis XIV Palace. As I slept, I kept hearing strange music. It was like a bunch of violinists were playing a “Waltz”. I’m not an aficionado of Waltzes, but it was music I’d never heard before, and, while half-awake, I tried to remember the tune because it was played perfectly in great harmony and Waltz rhythm.

I finally fell asleep, but the music continued and, in my dream I was in a great ballroom and the music was coming from an elevated alcove where four wigged musicians were playing violins. It was like I was watching an historical motion picture with men and women wearing grand clothing and dancing in the ballroom.

Somehow I felt out-of-place there, but my body was not my body. I wanted to know who or what I was so, standing in a doorway watching the dancers, I turned to a girl just outside the ballroom and asked her for a “looking glass”.

I have no idea where I ever came up with the term “looking glass”. I’ve never used that term in my entire life.

The girl handed me a mirror with a wooden handle and I looked into it. The reflection showed a young, not unattractive, girl wearing appropriate (for this type of ballroom) clothing. What makes this dream fascinating is the “detail”. The finery that the guests were wearing was simply not what you would see in a movie. It had imperfections that the movies never show. The clothes I was wearing as the girl in the looking glass was not the finery of the dancers, but it was a more childish finery as might have been worn by one of the guests’ children. The faces of the guests were faces I had never (knowingly) seen, down to the details of the powdered wigs many wore and waxed moustaches on some of the men. The details of their faces and clothing were astonishing. The strange music played on...and I fell into a deeper sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, I could still hear strains of that beautiful Waltz that had kept me awake before sleep overcame me, but as happens with a dream, very shortly, it was completely gone.

The following day (or perhaps two days later) my wife and I went to tour the Louis XIV Palace. Among the things we were shown was the Louis XIV grand ballroom. It immediately brought back images from my dream. The ballroom seemed to be the same room I had dreamed about, but there were several changes in it. The ballroom was not as glamorous as it had appeared in my dream, and the elevated alcove where the musicians had been was not there.

I felt compelled to ask our tour guide if there had ever been an elevated alcove at the end of the ballroom. The tour guide gave me a “strange” look and said, “Yes. There was a musician’s alcove at that end of the room but it was taken down when the Nazis occupied Paris and used this palace as one of their military headquarters.”

Was it a baseless dream…or was it a glimpse into a past life? And what about that beautiful Waltz music? I made it a point to listen to CDs of Strauss’ Waltzes, but I never heard that particular Waltz again. Now, I doubt if I heard that music again that I would recognize it.

My own experiences with past lives has been limited, but my files are full of reports from others concerning having lived before. My skeptical nature has been overcome, and I am thoroughly convinced we have all lived before and will live again.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $5.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon. - stebrel@aol.com

Explaining the Unexplained

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  1. Thanks Stephen! much appreciated.

    its going to be a bit long, so better i split my comment.

    regarding that 'dream' (or, vision may be?!) of yours, seems like it commenced when you slipped into the 'twilight zone' of your sleep and lasted beyond that (sleep-deprivation can also induce it). late Colin Wilson had written a good deal about it in atleast one of his books, the excellent 'Mysteries'. this is one state where visions/revelations/extra-sensory awareness are said to occur. i experienced another instance (have had more) of this just 3-4 days back. i tend to sleep quite late, a bad habit that i have developed owing to reading till late at night. so on that particular day, it was in the morning, i was asleep (but not 'fast' asleep), and i sensed (even while in the sleep) someone approaching the door to my room, and i opened my eyes slightly, and then the 'someone' after 1-2 seconds opened the door to my room, and i recognised (by the sound of the walker) that it was my grandfather. he had come to use my washroom. i closed my eyes again and went back to sleep. after 10-15 minutes, the same scenario repeated. then i looked at my cell and it was 0625 hrs.

    another case (of a vision) in my extended family - a grandfather from my maternal side (one of the living brothers of my late maternal grandfather) is in the habit of doing meditation. now i can't recall if this happened while he was meditating or in the 'twilight zone', but he had a vision of his elder brother (the eldest among my maternal grandfather brothers, who had passed sometime back before this incident) who came to him and said - "Hey Bhadra (name of the grandpa in subject)! am coming back in the family." just this much. my grandpa then quickly rose, called up his son at London in a few minutes (he and his wife were expecting delivery during that time), and was informed they just had delivery a few minutes back. i don't know/recall the details of this incident, but overall this was what had happened.

    (to be contd.)

  2. (contd.)
    regarding one's conditions over a span of births, yes, they do change...for instance, one may be a male in one birth but a female in another one (though usually its been seen that people get born in the same gender subsequently, perhaps for a few births or may be more; this probably keeps occurring till some specific karmic debts are fulfilled/lessons are learnt), an emperor in one birth and a pauper in other, an animal in one birth and a human in other (at this particular junction, even some researchers of reincarnation get boggled). Trutz Hardo does mention in one of his books that usually pets are found to reincarnate as humans, their pet-lives being kind-of 'preparation' for the next phase of birth as a human.

    of the last two types, i have two particular instances to share. these are from the life and study of the most revered researcher and teacher of Vedic Astrology in the modern times, a very senior gentleman, Mr. KN Rao. inspite of having lived his younger life as a roving govt. servant in his profession, he had the utmost good fortune of meeting saints and mystics wherever he went (predicted to him by a holy man when a young man that it would be so), and he himself was an active seeker. once posted at Nagpur (in the 70s), the city at the geographical center of India, he came to know about a Fakeer (a Muslim mendicant) who used to sit near a big park that's situated near the Nagpur central railway station. the Fakeer was (or had become) blind, and used to sit with two stones in his hands, rubbing them. one night Mr. Rao went to see him. the Fakeer asked him who he was, to which Mr. Rao replied, that just a devotee of God. that was it. a few days later, he went to him again. there he saw a crowd of people thronging him to ask about lucky no.s for their lottery tickets. the Fakeer disposed them of in his own way. Mr. Rao then approached him again. the Fakeer then asked him - "what do you want?"; Mr. Rao said - "to know about God." hearing this, the Fakeer started weeping and shedding tears profusely, and said that this is what people are not interested in. thereafter they had a few more meetings, wherein the Fakeer also foretold him of events to come after a decade. cutting short, during one such meet, it is when the Fakeer asked him - "do you know who i was in my previous life?!", and without for his answer, replied - "Aurangzeb" (the Mughal emperor of India during the medieval period).

  3. regarding humans being animals in previous births, although there're many instances of saints mentioning this, but Mr. Rao had undertook a first-of-its-kind research on reincarnation and correlating births and attributes in some cases directly using Vedic Astrology. it was a very tough venture (more so on account of collecting birth-data of people long gone), but produced some very good results. one such case was of a person's family from the state of Punjab (reliable documents availed from a friend) before/around the independence of the country. the person's name was Pandit Baalakraam (or Baalak Naath; don't remember correctly). don't remember much details, but it was like, they had a cow at their home, let's say named Shweta (again, can't recall the exact name), which died either due to some disease or during calf-birth. the cow was very dear to the family. while she was dying, Pandit Baalakraam went to her side, took her head in his lap, and prayed sincerely to the effect that she gain a higher womb in her next birth. fast forward to some years later. in the family of the grandfather of the person who had provided the relevant documents and details was born a girl. she had this habit of suckling her thumb (which she carried on till her death). a few years later, the family had a wedding at their place, in which members from the village to which Pandit Baalakraam belonged too had come in the procession. Pt. Baalakraam was a distant acquaintance of the family, and he too was in the procession. this girl, when she saw him from afar, came running to him and hugged him (like a child does). Pt. Baalakraam was surprised, as he didn't know who she was, and asked her the same, to which she replied that she was Shweta, his dear cow in the earlier life.
    [sincere prayers at the time of death of someone do have their effect; one can find incidents of this across cultures].

    so there we go. :)
    if one gets down to it, can find a number of such stories and incidents in families among the people worldwide!

    thanks again for your article(s), and thanks Lon!

    P.S. - a very good book (no research, just personal experiences) on the 'hows' and 'whys' of what happens in the 'beyond' and how is it connected to the-here-and-now is late Mrs. Khorshed Bhaavnagri's book, 'laws of the spirit world' [info/knowledge received by her from communication by her deceased sons; a very good and helpful read esp. for those recently bereaved of near-dear ones and in confusion and sorrow].


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