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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 6

By Stephen Ellis - A comment from one of my readers caught a “mistake” I made. I referred to the “Hindu Wars” as an example of many being killed in the name of God. Actually, I was referring to the siege in India where Muslims killed more than two million Hindus for the simple reason that they believed differently than did the Muslims. My apologies, I should have referred to it as the Muslim-Hindu Wars. Thanks for catching my mistake.

A question I am often asked is: “If we do live again, do we live it as someone of the same sex? As someone in the same financial condition? As someone with the same educational opportunities? Of course, I do not know...or do not remember. But, apparently, there are many who remember far better than I.

I had an incredibly detailed dream when I was in Paris (as a tourist enjoying the sites). I was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel which is right across the street from the famous Louis XIV Palace. As I slept, I kept hearing strange music. It was like a bunch of violinists were playing a “Waltz”. I’m not an aficionado of Waltzes, but it was music I’d never heard before, and, while half-awake, I tried to remember the tune because it was played perfectly in great harmony and Waltz rhythm.

I finally fell asleep, but the music continued and, in my dream I was in a great ballroom and the music was coming from an elevated alcove where four wigged musicians were playing violins. It was like I was watching an historical motion picture with men and women wearing grand clothing and dancing in the ballroom.

Somehow I felt out-of-place there, but my body was not my body. I wanted to know who or what I was so, standing in a doorway watching the dancers, I turned to a girl just outside the ballroom and asked her for a “looking glass”.

I have no idea where I ever came up with the term “looking glass”. I’ve never used that term in my entire life.

The girl handed me a mirror with a wooden handle and I looked into it. The reflection showed a young, not unattractive, girl wearing appropriate (for this type of ballroom) clothing. What makes this dream fascinating is the “detail”. The finery that the guests were wearing was simply not what you would see in a movie. It had imperfections that the movies never show. The clothes I was wearing as the girl in the looking glass was not the finery of the dancers, but it was a more childish finery as might have been worn by one of the guests’ children. The faces of the guests were faces I had never (knowingly) seen, down to the details of the powdered wigs many wore and waxed moustaches on some of the men. The details of their faces and clothing were astonishing. The strange music played on...and I fell into a deeper sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, I could still hear strains of that beautiful Waltz that had kept me awake before sleep overcame me, but as happens with a dream, very shortly, it was completely gone.

The following day (or perhaps two days later) my wife and I went to tour the Louis XIV Palace. Among the things we were shown was the Louis XIV grand ballroom. It immediately brought back images from my dream. The ballroom seemed to be the same room I had dreamed about, but there were several changes in it. The ballroom was not as glamorous as it had appeared in my dream, and the elevated alcove where the musicians had been was not there.

I felt compelled to ask our tour guide if there had ever been an elevated alcove at the end of the ballroom. The tour guide gave me a “strange” look and said, “Yes. There was a musician’s alcove at that end of the room but it was taken down when the Nazis occupied Paris and used this palace as one of their military headquarters.”

Was it a baseless dream…or was it a glimpse into a past life? And what about that beautiful Waltz music? I made it a point to listen to CDs of Strauss’ Waltzes, but I never heard that particular Waltz again. Now, I doubt if I heard that music again that I would recognize it.

My own experiences with past lives has been limited, but my files are full of reports from others concerning having lived before. My skeptical nature has been overcome, and I am thoroughly convinced we have all lived before and will live again.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $5.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon. - stebrel@aol.com

Explaining the Unexplained

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