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Monday, July 27, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: It All Happened...After I Died -- My Aunt Never Moved On -- Milwaukee 'Big Cat' Update

It All Happened...After I Died

Murray, Utah: The story I am about to tell you is the scariest and hardest thing I ever had to do. Let me be clear, I thought my whole life I was both lucky and crazy. I never told a single soul in the world about it (out of fear) and always came up with an answer to justify what happened and that I had imagined it. 25 years of believing I was crazy and then my world was turned upside down.

I don't know where to even begin. When I was 4 years old, I drowned and died for 7 minutes. Afterwards, what I described to my parents wasn't what they expected. I said "a couple Angels came down in a shiny ball from in the sky and told me not to be scared and that I was special and they would always protect me and they made me safe" Because I am literally worried and afraid for my safety to report any of this, I will also say, since that day I have died 2 more times and miraculously came back to life, perfectly normal and unharmed. Each death experience has a big story behind it and I have never, ever, ever discussed it with anyone. I didn't want to be locked up in a white jacket and be called crazy. All I can say right now is, during my last death experience, I awoke and in my journal entry that night (I have used and kept a detailed journal since I was 9 years old) and on the entry of that night I wrote about what I saw and what happened and then wrote "They told me they found me and not to be afraid." I remember waking up in the hospital and crying because I felt so alone and scared that I was going crazy. Since that specific date, I have been in 16 car accidents.. 16. Prior to my death, I had never been in a single one. Every single accident I walked away absolutely unharmed, when I should have been dead.

There is SO much more. So much I want to share, but, I am so afraid to. Here is the story of my latest abduction that changed everything. I am a manager of a Marriott hotel and sometimes, I have to work graveyards when an employee calls in sick, etc. That night an employee got back in town late and I had to cover half of their shift. Around 2:50 in the morning I left the hotel and started driving home, which is about 3-4 miles. I was listening to "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey on my phone and it started getting really scratchy and high frequency noise and then boom. My engine shut off and died and so did the radio. I glided the car to the side of the road and put the car in park and that's when I felt... Off. I could feel all of the hair on my arms neck and legs stand straight up, like static electricity and I don't know why or what caused this, but, I was having trouble breathing. The air felt so thick so I got out of my car to get air and that's when I heard a very low yet strong humming noise and I couldn't see anything and felt really disoriented and that's when the light beamed down from the object, consuming myself and my vehicle. 4 1/2 hours later my wife and mother found me 200 yards away from my house, sitting on a sidewalk (still dressed in my work suit) crying hysterically because I didn't know where I was or how I got there or why and then I looked behind me and my car was TOTALED.. The whole front half was just smashed in so perfect, almost like I hit a wall going 100 mph... But, not one single scratch or bump. Not one.. More than that, the car was completely immobile and unable to drive. How did it end up 2 miles away from where it happened? I lost over 4 hours of my life and I have no idea what to make of it. What I do remember, I don't feel comfortable sharing. I never told anyone what happened. Who would believe me? 12 days ago two gentlemen approached me while I was leaving work and started immediately asking me about my accident. (Not feeling safe or comfortable enough right now to share more details about it) except to say, they wanted to know something and they think I am lying and told me they would not ever go away until I stop lying and tell them. 4 days ago 3 gentlemen approached my wife and mother separately and did the same.

You may not believe any of this and I honestly wouldn't blame you. I wouldn't.. But, I beg you to give the benefit of the doubt before assuming or deciding. I have so much I want to say but I just can't over the Internet. I am so afraid I am being watched and harm could happen to my family. God as my witness, everything I have said is true and over half the info and stories I haven't shared yet. I honestly am afraid for my safety. - MUFON CMS


My Aunt Never Moved On

The following is a reader submitted account:

Strange thing it is when you experience ghostly things. But even more odd is when multiple people experience the same events...then it is really strange. I grew up in Pharr, Texas. At the age of 5 yrs old my elderly aunt died of cancer in her home. She was 78. About a year after her death we began seeing her appearance at our house, which is weird. And scary for a 5 year old. I saw her one night in the rocking chair in our room my brother and I shared. Once my brother saw her just standing in the doorway looking at us. And one night my Grandma, who lived with us and shared rooms with mom, woke up and saw who she thought was my mom dressing up from the reflection of the mirror. When she got up to ask where she was going she noticed mom was asleep and it was middle of night and there was no one else there.

All this occurred within a year or two after she died. Her husband who was 80 and Grandma's brother often came to our house and thru casual talk would say that my aunt woke him up with a kiss in morning or that she'd fixed his pillow at night while he slept. Well he died one day and their son began renting our house. Once we would meet the people renting and became friends eventually they confided in us they would see an old lady with a pink dress walking the halls, opening the master bedroom door, and just the feeling of someone in the room. My brother rented the house for 10 years in 2000 and boy said the apparitions were our aunt. Things moved from place to place, she walked the hall, and would touch my brother's toes while he slept. All this happened from 1980 until 2010 when my brother moved out. A family moved in later and I wonder if they are seeing her. Eventually we will meet them too and I will come around to asking them if any weird has happened. I bet it as. I wonder why is she in limbo. Why didn't she ever find eternal rest. Maybe there was something more to her than we knew. We will never know, right. Matt

NOTE: Seems to me that the Aunt is trying to convey a message to the people in the house. This may be a good situation in which to bring in a rescue medium and direct the Aunt's spirit to the next level. Lon


Milwaukee 'Big Cat' Update

P&M reader Jeff has forwarded an update to the Milwaukee big cat situation:

Hi Lon,

The Milwaukee lion phenomenon continues. Police have now reported seeing it. Milwaukee Police Department and Department of Natural Resources personnel had a wooded area surrounded for 12 hours all last night. They were heavily armed and had tranquilizer guns and police dogs. A zoologist was on-scene. The police dogs were directed to bark loudly in order to drive out the lion. Yet somehow it appears to have slipped away. People have reported seeing one or more cubs with the lion. This is an ongoing story.
Here are some news updates:







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