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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Alien Being Killed in Puerto Rico

The following is the original email I received from the witness:

Hi - In 1986, my Dad and his sister owned a cattle ranch in northern Puerto Rico. One morning, after finding several heads of cattle mutilated under strange circumstances, Dad decided to guard the ranch during the night armed with a rifle along with myself (I was 15 at the time) and two of his friends.

A few nights later we noticed movement about 100 metres east of us. There were five short grayish beings with very large heads emerging from the ravine and approaching the cattle. The alien beings quickly entered one of the pens and proceeded to float a calf out. The floating calf was very close to the ground and the beings walked alongside it in a shuffling manner. We never noticed where they took the cattle or any type of craft.

At that point, Dad and his friends began firing at the creatures. One of the beings seemed to be hit and fell to the ground shrieking loudly. The calf also fell to the ground while the other beings assisted their wounded companion who was writhing in obvious pain. The men fired again on the beings who then ran quickly into the woods leaving the injured being behind. The wounded being attempted to run away but was shot in the back by my Dad's friend. It lay silently on the ground dying. My Dad then struck it on the head with the rifle butt caving in the top of the head. It died very shortly.

Pictures of the dead alien being were taken and hidden away. My Dad preserved the body in a large jar filled with alcohol. He stored it in the cellar of our home and told me to never mention it to my Mother and siblings. I remember seeing it several more times after the incident and noticed that the skin color eventually had turned dark red.

In 1999, my Dad suddenly passed away. His friends think he was killed by the beings since he disappeared for several days before his burned body was found in a remote area. I do feel that my Dad's death was related to the alien beings we witnessed that strange night.

The body of the being is supposedly being kept by one of my Dad's friends who fears the local and US authorities would somehow prosecute him for his involvement in killing it. I now live in Texas and, honestly, I hope I never see that alien body again - though I do believe it should be disclosed that it exists.


NOTE: I originally received this information March 2010...and I sat on it almost one year. During that time I talked to Jorge on two occasions. He mentioned that the man, who possessed the alien body, was named Enrique Bautista and that he lived in Ponce, PR at the time his father passed away. He also stated that he had never seen a UFO or craft. I lost contact with Jorge in January 2011. I decided to post only the original email at that point. I always felt that Jorge was honest with me. He demonstrated real fear about disclosing the information, but thought that it should be a part of public record. After the original post, I received a few inquiries, though I feel most people didn't believe the incident ever happened. I decided to post the account once more...maybe someone will take interest and make a few inquiries. Lon

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