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Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Update: Flying Human-Like Creature - Buena Vista Township, NJ

I received the following information in response to Flying Human-Like Creature - Cherry Hill, NJ:

Lon, I lived approx. one hour outside of Cherry Hill, NJ and while on my way to my now wife's home to visit as the sun was just going down, my best friend at the time was driving as we were all going to hang out. I was listening to music and looking out the passenger side window just enjoying the woodlands as I like to do often. As we approached an opening on the side of the road for the power line towers I seen a lanky-humanoid-looking creature with huge black wings flying up into the clearing.

The event shocked both myself and my best friend at the time who was driving so much that we decided to turn around and try to get an even better look at it. By the time we had returned to that spot however there was no sight of it. He and I have never really spoken about this with anyone for fear of ridicule, but the instant I saw this on your site, I felt I needed to give that mother and daughter a piece of mind. They aren't crazy, and I know what I have seen. I have lived in the woods of NJ almost my entire life, and have seen almost all of the natural wildlife that occurs within it and this was not one of them. Here is the google-maps-street-view of approx where this happened (Landis Ave. in Buena Vista Township, New Jersey)

The sun was just going down so there was still some light shining down in this area. Very bizarre creature, whatever it was. Sean S.

NOTE: This location is further south and not far from the Pine Barrens...an area known for various cryptid sightings. Hopefully, other sightings will come forward. Lon

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