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Friday, July 10, 2015

Witness Describes Crashed Craft

The following eyewitness report was forwarded to me in November 2010. At the time, I advised the witness to report the incident to MUFON, which he did several weeks later. Almost one year since the report was submitted to MUFON, the witness stated that he was never contacted:

I'm still apprehensive to report this and I haven't said anything about this to anyone until now. This event occurred on 7/15/2001. It was about 3am and I was traveling on Rt.26 from Idaho Falls to Jackson, Wyoming. I barely made it to work in Jackson that morning and I was in a state of shock and a bit worried when I arrived that someone would come after me.

On my way I saw lights as I came up the road. From far off it looked like a giant ferris wheel leaning on it's side. I thought to myself that was so odd, in the middle of nowhere, in the woods; this? But as I got closer I realized it was surrounded by vehicles, big military vehicles, white vehicles, men in hazmat looking suits, men with guns.

It was down in a small valley and the road I was on began to climb up around a mountain (headed toward Jackson) so I had a bird's eye view by this time. I slowed down, almost to a stop, I realized it was not a ferris wheel. It was a huge space ship! It had crashed and I almost wrecked staring at it. I couldn't hear or see anything. I was just in shock.

It had to have been at least 80-100 feet across and was shaped more or less like you see on TV, a disk shaped thing with a portal/door at the base. It had windows all around the middle of the ship, and the base had colored lights. I noticed red, blue and orange lights.

By this time I started coming back to my senses and realized I was in danger; men began running to their vehicles and waving their arms and yelling, drawing their firearms, heading up the mountainside toward me. Needless to say I took off...pedal to the metal, no exaggeration. It would take them a minute or so to get back on the road because there was only a crude rough road winding down to where the spacecraft was, so I immediately had an advantage. I barreled up the road reaching 90+ miles per hour in my Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 on a winding incline with cliff on one side and a wall of mountain on the other. Suddenly animals were running across the road and up the mountain away from the site. I kid you not; there were raccoon, deer, and all sorts of creatures just migrating away from there! I was slowing then speeding weaving in and out of these creatures. I hit the mountainside more than once and almost careened off the cliff several times. I'm telling you it was the most blood pumping thing that ever happened to me and I have been in some hairy situations during my life.

All kinds of things raced through my mind as I sped away from there and looking in rear view mirror. Thankfully I got away. I started taking random small roads as soon as I seen them to lose a trail. I meandered all the rest of the morning and I arrived in Jackson just before 8am as my shift started. I thought about what happened and my friends all told me I looked like something was wrong. I said I was just not feeling well, but what was bothering me was WHAT exactly was going on back there? Would it be in the news? Of course not. Were those men after me? Also a feeling of wonder, and excitement; because I had witnessed something that I would call others crazy for believing in. It was really true; there IS something out there.

NOTE: I had posted this report in late 2010, but removed it at the request of the witness. I have not seen updates on this sighting...so I assume nothing was investigated. While looking for information on another case, I re-discovered this report. I have decided to post again...maybe other information will surface. Lon

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