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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Aliens, Doppelgangers and Other Anomalies -- Girl Killed by Jumping Sturgeon -- Plagued by Evil Spirits

Aliens, Doppelgangers and Other Anomalies

Bartlesville, OK - 8/14/1984: I was probably around six, at the time. This occurred after I had a sighting. After that first sighting I was unreasonably afraid of strange men that I thought were in the forest outside of my window for several years.

One night I woke up and my window appeared to be sealed off. Everything else in my room was the same as before except for the window. A large, light bulb shaped, head with large, black, almond shaped eyes, was coming through the seal on the window. I interpreted it as a balloon with an angry face. I had not been exposed to "Grey" aliens at this age, so I didn't realize that was exactly what this looked like until I was several years older.

I was terrified. I ran down the hall to my parents' room and couldn't wake them up. I was terrified, shouting, and pulling at them, but they wouldn't wake up. Eventually I was overcome with a feeling of defeat and apathy and said to myself "I guess I had better go and get what's coming to me", or something like that. As I went back to my bedroom, I could see a bright light and the angry light bulb head. The next thing I knew I was laying in bed, it was daylight, and I was terrified.

I talked to my parents about it, and they didn't remember me going into their room. They said it must have been a nightmare, and that's what I have believed. I drew pictures of the light bulb balloon head for several years after that, and was always terrified that there were strange, inhuman, men in the forest waiting to take me away.

This isn't the only strange thing that happened in that room. Many odd things happened there. For instance, I noticed that my toys were moved after we left and returned when nobody else was in the house, so I left out a stack of toy bricks. As soon as we got home I checked on them and they were unstacked on my desk. I attributed this to the spirit of my deceased brother (I don't believe in such things now, but as a child that was my explanation).

Another time, when I was about five years old, in that same room, my mother and I were cleaning. She was dusting a shelf when the phone rang in her bedroom. I watched her walk down the hallway and answer the phone. When I turned back and looked in my room, there was my mother, but it wasn't my mother because I could hear my mother on the phone down the hallway. This doppelganger looked at me angrily, reached up to the top shelf of my bookshelf where I couldn't reach. We kept my deceased brother's piggy bank up on that shelf so that I wouldn't be able to break it. The doppelganger took the piggy bank and smashed it on my desk. I cried. My mother came rushing in from her bedroom asking what happened. I hadn't moved from my position in the doorway, but the doppelganger was gone, and I told my mother that she had broken the piggy bank, which, of course, she denied since she was in the other room on the telephone.

I still have no idea what that was about.

Other things that I experienced in that room were a pair of strange blue hands on the side of my bed that caused me to leap and run out of the room when I was about seven or so. I also awoke to a little man standing on the foot of my bed one night. I carried on a brief conversation with him and told him that I had to show him to my parents. He said that he would leave if I did that. I told him to wait, went and got my parents, and, of course, when they came in with me, there was nothing there. I chalked that up to a dream too.

The strangest thing was when I woke up at night and saw a swarm of creatures composed only of odd angles and light outside of the window, I referred to them as "angels", and then I saw a bright light that I thought was "god". I told my mother about it the next morning, we figured that was just a dream as well.

I always chalked these experiences up to just being a kid, or dreams. However, once we moved out of that house this sort of thing stopped happening for the most part.

Since I had a death in the family at a young age, I was checked out by therapists pretty often to make sure that I was coping with things well. I always had a clean bill of mental health. I have no record of anything that could be considered psychosis, or schizophrenia. I did not experience these things as an adult, and I went on to hold positions with the US Government that required security clearances.

Although I have had several UFO sightings as an adult, these sorts of encounters were not a normal thing after moving out of that place. Perhaps it was a child's overactive imagination, hallucinations, or dreams. Perhaps there is some strange electromagnetic current in that room, or maybe it is something else that I can't understand.

I have been going through my previous UFO encounters and reporting them before I get any older and forget about them, and these incidents came up. They had some similarities to other stories that I have seen on your site recently, and since I have seen a variety of UFOs over the years, I figured that these accounts could possibly be related in some way, or that they may be useful to some researcher, somewhere. - MUFON CMS


Jumping sturgeon kills 5-year-old girl on Suwanee River

A 5-year-old girl was killed by a jumping sturgeon Thursday on the Suwanee River near Fanning Springs, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Then, two more people were hurt by a jumping sturgeon on Friday on the Sante Fe River.

Jayln Rippy died in the accident Thursday, and her mother, Tanya Faye, 31, and her brother, Trevor, 9, were injured. Both of them will need facial surgery.

This is the first fatality that has been recorded from a sturgeon strike on the Suwannee River, according to FWC. Four boaters have been injured this year.

The Rippy family was airlifted to Shands Hospital in Gainesville on Thursday.

On Friday, Colleen and Charles Harvey were transported to Shands after they were hit by a sturgeon on the Sante Fe. They were eastbound from the Suwanee headed toward Ellie Ray Campground when they were struck.

The FWC reminds anyone in a boat to wear life jackets and do no stay on the bow of the craft.

"With the low water levels in the river system, the sturgeon are jumping much more frequently than in recent years," said Maj. Andy Krause, FWC regional commander in Lake City. "We want everyone boating on the Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers to be aware that the sturgeon are jumping and that people have been injured." - Jumping sturgeon kills 5-year-old girl on Suwanee River


Plagued by Evil Spirits

Kerry Katona is convinced that she is haunted by evil spirits.

The former Atomic Kitten star has claimed that ghosts have plagued her throughout her life and have been responsible for all the bad things that have happened to her.

She has also insisted that her husband George Kay's recent health scare was caused by the spirits, who she believes are out to destroy her.

"I always have a goal and then something bad happens. Whether it's drugs, divorce, bankruptcy, my exes or George's health scare."

"I'm 100 percent sure it was them," she told The Sun.

She even claims that the spirits have even begun targeting her 14-month old, Dylan-Gorge.

"DJ will sit in her cot and have a full-blown conversation when there is no one there. I can hear her chatting away sometimes but she doesn't even speak yet"

In an effort to end her lifelong nightmare, Brian McFadden's ex recently called in a team of ghosthunters to try and rid her of the spirits once and for all.

During a reported 5-hour long exorcism, a voice told Kerry and her family to "get out" of their house, before screaming "George! Watch! Face!"

Thankfully, the paranormal investigators helping Kerry believe that they have managed to rid the house of the evil spirits.

"I wouldn't rule out the ghost causing George's face problem. But I'm pleased we got rid of it because who knows what's capable of." - 'It was the ghosts that did this' - Kerry Katona blames failed marriages, drug addiction and her husband's 'stroke' on evil spirits


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