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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

2012 Lycan Witness Comes Forward

I received the following information on Tuesday. All personal and contact information was redacted from the original text:

Hello - I was directed to your article about the large standing dog-like creature seen in the Lakewood suburbs of Denver. I had an experience in August 2012 about 8 miles north of the Lakewood incident.

My ex-girlfriend and I were travelling north on Rt. 93 in Golden, CO on our way home. It was about 8 PM and still daylight. We were behind a tractor-trailer that without warning slammed it brakes to avoid hitting an animal crossing the roadway from the right. To our left, we could see a tall beast emerge from in front of the truck running on two legs towards the bluffs west of the highway. I swore at the time that it looked like a huge wolf running upright on two back legs. I was amazed how quickly it was able to move.

The form of this beast was very similar to the sketch you had in the article. It was difficult to make out the details other than it was dark in color.

The tractor-trailer driver had jumped out of his cab with a rifle, pointing it in the direction of this beast, but it was too far away by that time. I was simply scared out of my mind by what we had seen. I just drove around the truck and continued on my way. My ex-girlfriend was speechless and refused to talk about it. There's no way I was going to stop and talk to the driver or anyone else. There were several cars in the opposite lane that had stopped as well.

I recently talked to someone I trusted (who is an outdoorsman) about what I saw. He mentioned that there were rumors about man-like beasts in the mountains, but he had never seen anything. He gave me no indication that any of these looked like wolves.

The person who told me about your article was aware of my experience and suggested I contact you after reading the article. Do you think the witness in Lakewood saw the same beast? Thanks for reading. LL

NOTE: I contacted the witness last evening...and I received another email in response. I believe that he is sincere since it is apparent that he was unaware of the phenomenon prior to and for some time after the incident. He doesn't want to meet with an investigator but he did supply the GPS coordinates of the sighting location. The witness lives in close proximity of the sighting. The contact information for the ex-girlfriend is not known. He couldn't supply any additional details. Lon

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