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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Ruby Jewel-Like UFO Over Pennsylvania Highway -- Deafening Sound in Oshawa, Ontario -- Flying Triangles?

Ruby Jewel-Like UFO Over Pennsylvania Highway

Cooper, PA: The evening of July 8, 2015 I was driving alone along a PA state highway interstate when I saw an unknown unimaginable UFO object in my front view as I was driving approximately 70 mph. It was blinking in and out moving at a slow and steady pace, moving down and forward. I was in complete disbelief by what I was seeing because the first thing that came to mind was a UFO because it was not anything of a ordinary flying object that's man made. The object itself looked like it was made of ruby, like a jewel, it had 4 solid circle beams of light that was gold colored and bright that surrounded the dome cylinder shaped bottom but the light that projected the beam that came down appeared to come from the center of the object. It was in view for about a a minute or longer. To my amazement I just stared as it blinked in and out I was trying to fathom what I was seeing while trying to stay safe on the road. There was no other vehicles on the road besides a truck in the distance behind me. I didn't think about stopping but I slowed down so I could go to my camera on my cell phone to capture what I could before it left my view. One picture came out purple I don't know if it was because my hand covered the camera I don't know but the other picture shows a glimpse of part of what it was. I don't believe that there will ever be enough technology to fully capture the true essence of what had appeared, it was from another dimension not of this world. It is complex to describe because what my camera captured wasn't exactly what was before me as if it was transformed but still had the characteristics and form of UFO with a distinct crusted pattern like a ruby jewel, something I'll never forget. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: This appears to be Rt. 80 in Cooper Township in Clearfield Co., PA. Lon


Deafening Sound in Oshawa, Ontario

Oshawa, Ontario - 7/16/2015: Let me first state that i was not able to see anything visually, I am not sure if this even qualifies as a UFO sighting but I did not know who else to report this to. It was about 5:00pm yesterday afternoon, I was standing outside on my back porch, the sky was clear I had been sitting in the sun throughout the day and pulling weeds out of the garden earlier. So as I was standing there, out of nowhere the was a loud sound similar to a jet or a large plane at first but it suddenly got much louder and sounded like a missile or a bomb dropping? I have never heard one personally but it was the only comparison I can think of right now.?

It was so deafeningly loud and I could feel the base from it in my body and in the ground. I was so afraid that our entire city was about to be blown up that I ran inside and tried to get my family into the basement. My mother and girlfriend heard the noise as well

It sounded like something getting closer and closer and then there was nothing, i kept wairing for a shockwave or something, i was terified. After I felt like it was okay and caught my breath, I went back upstairs to be laughed at and told it was probably just a plane, I looked around, out front , out back, every direction and I could not see a plane or vapour trail of any kind anywhere. We live close to a local airport so I hear a lot of planes and have been to air shows and am very familiar with the sound of commercial jets and military jets and small air crafts, the sound I heard was nothing like that or nothing I have ever heard in person.

I contacted my father in Pickering, 2 cities to the west, about 40km away and asked him if he had heard anything, he stated not at all other than the Pickering nuclear power plant air raid sirens being tested in the late morning that day. I have no idea if there is any correlation or reason that this sound occurred on the same day, I just thought that small detail could be relevant or may be the underlying cause.?

I wish I could have seen the object or get some answers as to what could have caused such a loud sound or what kind of object could even create that sound, I would also like to know if anyone else in my area reported this noise?

I am available for further questioning but I am currently restricted from leaving my residence in accordance to my probation right now, I have an ankle bracelet on so I'm not able to leave but you can reach me by phone and email. I do not answer to blocked callers or private numbers, I find it helpful to screen my calls.

Thank you in advance, and I hope this letter is not a waste of time. - MUFON CMS


Flying Triangles?

Montana - 6/27/2015: I found this when viewing a picture I took while traveling through Montana in late June of this year. When I zoomed in on the squiggles’ in the right upper portion, I got chills. The objects appear to be forming or fading as the top one indicates. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: was this windshield reflection? Lon



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