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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'I Looked Inside An Orb' -- UFO Buzzes Vintage B-25 Mitchell Bomber -- White 'Globes' Over Osaka, Japan

'I Looked Inside An Orb'

I recently received the following information from a reader:

This is an account of me observing the inside of a white orb. This occurred on May 27, 1999 at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) during the launch of the STS-96 Space Shuttle from pad 39B.

I was employed by Computer Sciences Raytheon (CSR) as a Meteorological Electronic Specialist. For the launch of STS-96, I was assigned to work at the KSC weather station to respond to any equipment malfunctions that could impact the Shuttle launch.

At 6:49 a.m., the Shuttle was successfuly launched. The Shuttle has two solid rocket boosters that are used for the first two minutes of flight. After two minutes the "solids" separate from the main Shuttle. I wanted to look at the separation, so I picked up a pair of military grade 8X40 field glasses from inside the weather station. I went outside to the weather observation deck to get a better view of the booster separation.

Looking east over the Atlantic Ocean, in the direction of the Shuttle, I noticed a large white light moving slowly south to north. It appeared to be close to the ocean shore line at an altitude of 500-800 feet. This is only a guess-timation. Where I was, the weather station, to launch pad 39B is approximately 5 miles and to the coast line, a little over 6 miles.

Looking through the field glasses I was amazed that I could see inside the white orb. It was slowly rotating in a clockwise direction and was emitting a continuous series of brilliant "T's". The "T's" were originating from the orb's core center and moved outward and then disappeared. The "T's" started very small and grew to a very large size before disappearing. The time from the start of the small "T's" to the large "T's" was about 1/2 of a revolution of the orb, I'm guessing 5 seconds. The energy "T's" reminded me of the little toys that used a cigarette lighter flint and were rotated with their wooden handle to produce sparks outside when it was dark. The brilliant light inside the orb was somehow contained to just the center. The outer circumference was a dark ring that blocked any light from escaping. It reminded me of how a chicken egg looks when it is held under a light (called candling).

The shape of the orb looked like a hollow ball that was cut in half and had a continuous energy source in the center that emitted sparks. Due to the timing of its appearance, I believe it was observing and/or collecting data from the Shuttle launch. I asked an employee of the company that operates all the film/video cameras at KSC, if it recorded it on any of their equipment. He said no, but he had a lot of phone calls the day after the launch asking about the mysterious light that was in the area.

I filed a FOIA request with NASA. They answered with "no reponsive records were located".

In my research, I have found many accounts of orbs following Space Shuttles that were in orbit. - siand


UFO Buzzes Vintage B-25 Mitchell Bomber

Santa Margarita, CA - 5/24/2015: An event held on May 25 at the Santa Margarita featured a B-25 Mitchell bomber, which offered rides to the public from the private strip on the ranch.

While working in my front yard I saw the B-25 flying just above the oak trees heading north before making a turn towars the south and proceeding on to the runway for landing.

As the plane passed me I took my Samsung Galaxy phone and began taking a few pictures.

As I did I saw something streak past the plane heading west as the plane headed north. I quickly lost sight of the object as my attention was focused on the plane.

When I looked at my pictures I saw that the object was captured in one of the photos.

I can not identify the object and I am forwarding this report to you for your files. - MUFON CMS


MH370 Mystery May Soon Be Resolved

Debris found in the western Indian Ocean on Wednesday appears to be part of a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared in 2014, according to a source close to the investigation.

The source said there is a unique element to the Boeing 777's flaperon, a wing component, that Boeing observers believe they are seeing in photos.

The debris was found Wednesday off the coast of Reunion Island, a French department in the western Indian Ocean. It is being examined to determine whether it is connected to flight MH370, a member of the French air force in Reunion said Wednesday.

The debris was found off the coast of St. Andre, a community on the island, according to Adjutant Christian Retournat.

Boeing officials conducted an initial assessment of the debris using photographs. The source stressed the observations are preliminary. Read more at MH370: Boeing officials think Reunion debris could be from 777, source says


Get off our lawn!


Video of 10 white globes floating in Osaka sky leaves net users wondering worldwide

A video showing 10 unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky over the Japanese city of Osaka has been making waves in Japan this week, to the degree that news sites all around the globe have begun talking about it.

Uploaded on Monday, July 27, the video shows 10 white objects, which appear to be almost circular, dancing in the sky for more than two minutes.

Numerous copies of the footage have been made, some having been watched tens of thousands of times now, with western sites including The Huffington Post and the Mirror picking up the story.

Check out the video ---> Video of 10 white globes floating in Osaka sky leaves net users wondering worldwide



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