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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fiery Chinese Space Junk Streaks Across the Western Sky

Thousands of residents, stretching west to east from California to Utah and as far south as the Baja Peninsula, witnessed a spectacular slow burning object in the night's sky. The sightings occurred between 9:20 - 9:45 PM PT. The object split into two objects and demonstrated various colors during it's fiery descent. The U.S. Strategic Air Command now states the light was caused by Chinese space junk...remnants of a CZ-7 rocket body, burning up upon re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Below are a few reports from the MUFON CMS. I also received 3 reported by email from witnesses:

Los Angeles, CA: This just happened, video not too great but it was huge then broke in to two smaller pieces with tails, didn't catch the entry, but it was bright green then orange, went behind a building, then came out on the other side in two pieces. Pretty crazy sight

Reno, NV: On the evening of 07/27/16 at approx. 9:30 - 9:40 P.M my husband was walking our Dog on the corner of Mira Loma and Santa Ana in Reno, NV and observed in the southern night sky: 2 ball like bright white lights traveling closely together, that flashed red/green and white, sparks with trailing tails like comets but traveling very very slowly across a clear dark night sky. He saw this for perhaps a minute before they traveled out of sight. Didn't have a cell on him to take a picture. He thought it might be space junk?? as it appeared there were pieces falling off of these lights or objects. Or it could be something else... Traveling too slowly for a comet or a meteor. I'm commenting because these were apparently sighted in AZ, CA and Las Vegas NV. and perhaps other places as well, and all tonight.

Layton, UT: We where walking on the side walk late at night and me and my sister saw a big glowing orb with what looked like a fire trail and the about 30 seconds later it split into at least 50 pieces and what was strange none of the pieces feel from where they split, almost like flying in a formation. As low as they where and how large they where they would of crashed into the Wasatch Mountains but soon disappeared and I wasn't able to see it. We thought possible a plane or a satellite. Never where sure. I felt clam but nervous at the same time because it looked to big to not crash into the cities below. We all lost site of it when it went behind trees.

Temecula, CA: I was sitting in my car on the third story parking structure getting ready to head home from work. I saw something out of the corner of my eye (to my left) and nothing an object flying through the sky that appeared to be on fire. At first I thought it was an airplane on fire. Then on closer inspection it had a long red/flaming trail and as I watched it slowly continue on a straight path the object split into two objects. Both objects had the bright red flaming trails and continued to stay on the exact same path. They didn't deter from their course and remained side by side the entire time. I eventually lost the objects behind a building. The event lasted for 1 minute and 20 seconds and right after I saw the objects I heard a helicopter flying over head towards the directions of the objects. Video download

Ensenada, MX: I was driving north on a Highway coming into Ensenada when we saw a bright light in the sky. It follow a straight line from west to east and at first I taught it was a comet or a falling star, but it glow a couple of times, changed colors from white to yellow to reddish and the it separated or disintegrated into two smaller objects, both of them kind of red, I think I saw a third one but could confirm it because of the light emitted from the other two. Lost sight of it going, or falling east. It was going as fast as a falling star, it seem to wobble a little bit.

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