Monday, July 11, 2016

A Haunted Furby / 'Phantoms & Monsters' Update

Dan in St. Paul, Minnesota called in to tell of his bizarre experience with a Furby doll:

“My house is very old. Old St. Paul house. 1892 and there have been a number of bizarre instances but I think the most interesting one was I had one of those Furbies. Remember those things? I put it in the back closet because, you know, we were kind of done playing with it and it would just start talking on its own at random saying bizarre things like, you know, danger or beware or... just kind of ominous things. And so I had enough of it so I took the batteries out and low and behold, I'm in the other room and the thing just starts talking again. And so it did that a few times so I put it in a box and just kind of said, knock it off and it hasn't really said much since then. But that was kind of bizarre that the thing would talk without any batteries. It was like something was using it almost like a conveyance – like a means of conveyance.” (Dave Schrader, the host, informed Dan that over the years he has heard numerous callers who told him about these strange sinister Furbies and believes that's why they were pulled from the market for a short time a few years ago.)

Source: Darkness Radio - December 7, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


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