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Friday, July 22, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Utah Sasquatch Eyewitness -- Meteor Explosion Rocks Argentina City -- Melissa McCarthy's Real Haunting

Utah Sasquatch Eyewitness

Mark in Utah at Hill AFB called to tell of his Sasquatch sightings:

“I'm just calling to tell a couple of Sasquatch encounters I had. First one was in Layton and it was in this little forest area in this subdivision. I was walking home in the middle of the night. It was like 1 or 2 in the morning. And I saw this like grey Chewbacca creature about a hundred to a hundred and fifty feet away from me. He's walking up a hill and he went into these scrub oak which were just over its waist but were shoulder to head height to me. And it would have had to crouch down in the scrub oak because I would have seen it as I walked up the road... the dirt road because I would have seen it in the neighbourhood down below. So he crouched own in the scrub oak. Anyway, that's the first one. I was 18. I'm 44 now.

The second one was up in the mountain, about halfway up in the mountain in the Fruit Heights area. And I was hiking on this trail over there and I hear this really deep and really loud 'Whaaa'. It was like 'Whaa!' and when I heard it I was like, I was thinking it was an electronic voice because it didn't sound like a creature noise and it was like my mind said it didn't even happen. It was really loud and really close and there's no way a human could have made it unless they had like a DJ set-up. I was thinking it was a Sasquatch. I didn't see any other footprints up there either. They weren't humans that followed the trail that I was on and that was pretty much the only trail up to that area.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 15, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Meteor Explosion Rocks Argentina City

Residents of a city in southern Argentina got a scare when a series of powerful explosions shook homes and buildings Wednesday, but the cause turned out to be a natural wonder: a meteor disintegrating overhead.

It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in General Roca, a city of 85,000 people, when suddenly a series of loud blasts caused buildings to shake and windows to rattle.

"Everything trembled," said Martin Soria, the local mayor.

Police, firefighters and emergency workers rushed to the scene, but found no evidence of a bomb, earthquake or calamity.

Finally, scientists pieced together the reason: A meteor had entered the Earth's atmosphere some 10,000 meters (33,000 feet) overhead, traveling at 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) per hour.

"It took everyone by surprise because it entered the atmosphere over an inhabited area. If it had fallen over the desert, the sea, Antarctica, we would never have known," said astronomer Roberto Figueroa, head of the nearby Neuquen observatory.

He estimated the meteor measured about 12 meters in diameter before breaking into three fragments.

"It was likely a mineral meteor that entered the atmosphere at high speed at a very close angle to the Earth. As soon as it contacted the (atmospheric) gases, it heated up, the stone dilated, broke apart and fell as ash," he said.

"Some of the larger pieces may have reached the lower layers of the atmosphere and burned up there. Since they arrived at tremendous speed, they produced an expansive wave that could be heard as a boom." - What was that explosion? A meteor, it turns out


Black 'panther' spotted 'chasing deer'

Authorities were notified after a large black creature was spotted chasing deer in North West England.

The 'alien big cats' phenomenon, which concerns sightings of large predatory cats roaming the British countryside, has generated a great deal of intrigue and debate over the years.

There can be little doubt that these animals exist as, in addition to evidence such as footprints and mutilated livestock, big cats have even been captured alive in the UK on more than one occasion.

Many researchers believe that the presence of these animals can be primarily attributed to exotic pet owners deliberately releasing them in to the wild, something that became a lot more common following the introduction of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976.

The most recent incident, which occurred on Wednesday, saw police officers being called out near Radcliffe to investigate reports of a large black cat chasing deer in the local area.

No trace of the creature could be found, however from a description provided by the witness it appeared as though it may have been a panther - a particularly large and dangerous cat.

"Remember to check your doors and windows before you go to bed," the police department wrote in a tongue-in-cheek Tweet. "We wouldn't like you to be a victim of burglars or black panthers." - Black 'panther' spotted 'chasing deer'



Melissa McCarthy Reveals That A Real Ghost Once Haunted Her House

“I do believe in ghosts,” the actress told US Weekly Video in an interview to promote the new flick. Wait, what? “I lived in a house in Boulder, Colorado, that every time you walked up there — everyone who walked up there said — ‘Oh, I don’t like this.’ There was just a presence.” Ah! How freaky is that??? So did Melissa call over her co-stars to try and exterminate the phantom intruder with a proton pack? Apparently not — though we would have liked to see that! Read more at Melissa McCarthy Reveals That A Real Ghost Once Haunted Her House



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