Friday, July 08, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Hovering UFO & Lost Time -- New Film Claims UFOs Monitored Nuclear Weapons -- 14-Pound Hairball Removed From Woman’s Stomach

Hovering UFO & Lost Time

Baltic, CT - 1979-06-13 - 11:41PM: I was between the age of 8-9 yrs old, I still remember it as if it had just happened. When I used to go to my grandma’s farm in Baltic, CT during the summer. My family would help on the farm and stay till late and then my mom would drive my sisters and me home. One night, she parked her car along my grandma’s long driveway about 17 yards away from the house and where there was no lighting, because my aunts and uncles had taken up the parking spaces closer to the house. Just as she started the car a large circular flying aircraft flew from the direction where the Mohegan Sun country club is now and then stopped right above our car and just hovered, it seemed like forever.

My sisters and I never told anyone for fear they would call us crazy or just wouldn't believe us because of our age at the time, but are mom was the one who noticed it 1st as she seen it flying toward us and told us to get down on the floor so they don't see us, but as I crouched down I couldn't help to look. Remember being scared and amazed at how huge it was and all the lights going around the edge of it. I honestly thought it was cool as I watched it. My mom looked terrified. I don't know how long exactly it lasted but it stayed there for quite some time.

I am telling my story now, in hopes to see if anyone back then seen anything similar like us. Given my age that would be between 1978-1979 (telling my age, lol)

But anyhow back to what happened. I didn't fall asleep but for the life of me I think we lost some time because the next thing I remember was standing outside the car a little further down the driveway near my grandma’s barn going towards the woods and seeing a glowing whitish person walking towards me and then being back in my mom’s car and watching it fly off very fast in the direction towards downtown Baltic like it was flying in a southeastern direction. I don't recall how I got out the car or getting back in to be honest or the length of time it all was but it felt like hours had gone by. And my family never wanted to talk about it.

I have always wondered about the lost time but shrugged it off. Questioning if what I remembered truly happened? But now I'm a little nervous seeing articles and videos where some people have under gone past life regression and had a similar experience of lost time and found out that they had been abducted. I'm not saying my life been peaches n cream but that would scare the life out of me to find that out. I'm undecided what to do. Hopefully someone will see this post and has had a similar sighting. - MUFON CMS


New film claims UFOs monitored nuclear weapons

By George Knapp , Matt Adams - Officially, the U.S. government ended its study of UFOs in 1969 because -- it assured the public -- there is no proof the phenomena represents a threat to national security.

But what if these unknown aircraft showed an interest in our nuclear weapons?

A group of more than 150 military veterans, missile officers, and security personnel, including many who worked at the Nevada Test Site, say they've seen mystery intruders over nuclear facilities.

In the darkest days of the Cold War, atomic weapons were routinely exploded above ground at the Nevada Test Site, the most nuked placed on earth.

In 1955, 14 A-bombs were detonated as part of Operation Teapot, witnessed by thousands of military personnel in trenches, and by thousands of test site employees. But there were other observers as well.

"It was what we called flying saucers. They were pretty prevalent at the test site back then," said a former test site photographer.

At least a dozen former test site employees have told similar stories about unknown aircraft showing up hours or days after an atomic blast. Read more at I-Team: New film claims UFOs monitored nuclear weapons


Doctors Remove 14-Pound Hairball From Woman’s Stomach

A British woman who suffered unexplained abdominal pain for months “cried with relief” after doctors removed a 14-pound hairball from her stomach.

Sophie Cox, 23, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, told South West News Service that the giant ball of human hair was built up over seven years of eating her tresses.

Six years ago, Cox was diagnosed with both trichotillomania, a condition where sufferers have a compulsive urge to pull out their hair, and and trichophagia, where they eat it.

Cox said when she was stressed, she found comfort from plucking strands of hair and eating them during the day, according to SWNS.

She thought it was harmless until she became pregnant in 2014. During her pregnancy, Cox suffered serious stomach pains and kept losing weight at a time when she should be gaining it.

Two months after her daughter was born, the pains became excruciating and left her doubled in agony.

“By October 2015, I couldn’t eat without vomiting and my stomach would swell up,” she told the news agency. “I’d lost [84 pounds] in two years and dropped six dress sizes, taking me to a size 12.”

Doctors had no clue what was wrong, but tested Cox for gallstones and stomach cancer.

It wasn’t until Cox had an endoscopy last November that they figured out what was wrong: that giant hairball.

“When they showed me the scan I was speechless. It looked like something from a horror film,” she said. “The specialist hadn’t seen anything like it in 30 years. It was too big to break down in my stomach, leaving me malnourished and dehydrated.”

Even worse than finding out she had a giant hairball in her stomach was waiting five months to have it removed.

The hairball, or “trichobezoar,” was removed in a six-hour operation.

“I felt instantly better when I woke up, even though I was sore and groggy,” she said. “It was disgusting. I cried with relief that it was gone.”

Since then, Cox has been monitored regularly to ensure no other hairballs develop.

She is also on a waiting list to receive treatment to help determine the underlying causes of her conditions.

“I’m just so thankful the hairball was found before it was too late,” she said. “Now I can get on with being a hands-on mum.” - Photos (nasty...)



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