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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Face of Horror

Tiffany in Pennsylvania submits the following account:

"This was when I was living in California. This was before the '89 earthquake so I was about 7 or 8 I think and, in my room, I always slept on my stomach and I always felt this hot breath like something was blowing on my back. It wasn't a heater because we didn't have any vents above my bed but I always felt like this hot breath on my back. So one day I got tired of feeling this breath and I rolled over and I fell back asleep on my side.

Well, all of a sudden I felt my leg, like somebody pushed my hip and it literally like pushed me over. So I roll on my bed and now I'm laying on my back and as I'm laying on my back I can see into my bathroom area. Well, right there is this face. Just talking about it gives me the creeps. It was this horrible looking face. It was like the jaw was hanging down. I could see a little bit of like a red flannel shirt and this face was just like trying to talk and it was just moving its jaw and it was horrible and around this figure, whatever you want to call it, there were these circles with plus signs falling along side of it. Now I know I wasn't sleeping because I'm looking at this and I could see the reflections of like the headlights from the cars driving by the window and I'm sitting up and I'm trying to scream for my dad. I'm like hollering but nothing is coming out. Finally I let out this huge scream. I scream for my dad and my dad comes running in and he's trying to convince me it's just a dream and as I see my dad there and past his shoulder, I see this face still there. It's still there. It's just looking. It's just gruesome. Horribly gruesome and the face starts to go away but the circles with the plus signs are still there and finally they go away.

So my dad says, okay, you can come sleep in our room so I go sleep there and that was pretty much the end of that experience. I never saw that guy again but it turns out, years later, that experience actually scared my dad because, before we moved into that apartment, the landlord had told my dad about a man who lived in that apartment. He was an artist and he actually shot himself in the face with a shotgun in the bedroom where I was sleeping. It made sense later because I think it was not even a month after that experience happened, we moved apartments because my dad said he couldn't even stand it. That just scared the bejesus out of him.”

Source: Darkness Radio - March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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