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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Various UFO Related Sightings / Encounters

In observance of 'World UFO Day.' I offer the following UFO related sighting / encounter reports transcribed and submitted by Jamie Brian:


Ryan from Oregon called in to tell of his sighting of a UFO:

“Last fall, my friend and I, we were in the Coburg Hills just north of Springfield, Oregon and we saw and it was pretty close to us, we saw this giant, or large, yellowish ball of light and it was moving northwest of us but it was moving up and down and back and forth and all around. I mean, all over the place. And there were two jets just following it as it went on its track. It was just very obviously nothing that I know of that exists.”

Source: Clyde Lewis - Ground Zero Radio May 12, 2016



Sherwood in Maine called in with the following:

“I want to tell you about what I seen in New Hampshire back during the Reagan years. It was quite a ways back. As far as the exact time, I really don't know. I came home with my wife. My son was asleep in the backseat. He was a little boy then. We lived right on the powerlines. I get home and she says, I got to take Max in. I look down the powerlines and I see two headlights. It looked like car headlights and there's a road called (sounds like?) Chemung Road in Meredith, New Hampshire. And the headlights would normally be going down, you know, across the powerlines instead of pointing towards me and I said, that's weird, there's a car facing this way. That's odd. So she takes the kid in and I see those headlights coming towards me which was very bizarre, down the powerline. So I went in to get her and said, you got to come out and see this and those headlights, we both watched them come down the powerline and... I work construction so I know what distances are, so I want to say this, and I also drag race, so I know what an eight mile is. Originally the lights were at the eighth mile, so I had time to go in and get her and still watch these lights come very slowly down the powerline and I'm gonna say this was 150 feet in the air, maybe. It was right over our head. Silent and it had green and red on the ends of it, like a plane would have. That was a common thing for a plane but it had more of a triangular shape. It was somewhat foggy. We couldn't make it out exactly. It went by us and coming up toward us it had no sound whatsoever and very much hovering and it went by us and it still drops down after that. It kind of went (makes whistling sound) and when it got to the next knoll where it went up, it went (makes whistling sound again). So it obviously had some kind of turbine. I'm familiar with jet cars and stuff. I'm know what a turbine is but it was very much a slow turning. The way it changed speed was not anything conventional. But it had no sound coming towards us. And my wife and I looked at one another and said, 'what was that?' exactly at the same moment... I don't know if it was taking the power from the powerlines which was giving it the energy to hover above, like powering up, but it was definitely following the powerlines.”

Source: Clyde Lewis - Ground Zero Radio May 12, 2016



Sean in Baton Rouge, Louisiana called in to tell of a UFO sighting:

“When I was in the 8th grade in 1988, a friend and I we, snuck out on his motorcycle. This was in Gwinnett County, Georgia and we went down 540 Trickum Road, right where Ronald Reagan parkway is now. Before that was there, his girlfriend had a house there. It was a long dirt road to an old cabin. They had a note saying they had to move out in five years because we're wrecking it to build this road. So he goes up there to see her and I'm sitting there at the end of this driveway in the woods probably 30 to 40 feet off the two lane blacktop road, just sitting on his motorcycle. I hear this... it was 3 in the morning, I hear this oscillating sound... just this oscillating, just all in the air, all around. I stand up and I'm looking up in the trees towards it and it's just voom voom voom voom voom just oscillating like you couldn't believe. And sometime later, I'm probably 150 or 100 feet over, face down on my knees and my hands and I feel like I'm in a net of some sort. And, you know, I'm on the ground in the leaves and there's like a white light... (Noory ends the show)

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 28, 2016



Tammy called in to tell of her UFO sighting experience as a little girl:

“Me and my dad were in Texas. We were on our way home from Fort Bragg to Oregon and my dad and I stayed out all night, beautiful warm summer Texas night in the middle of nowhere, Big Oak Camp. My mom and I were fighting and my dad stuck up for me so he kind of got the boot too. So I said fine, I'm just gonna camp out on the tables. So I put my sleeping bag on the tables and my dad said, there's snakes out there! I said, well, if one bites me, fine. I was just so mad. So I laid down and my dad came out and he has his feet by me and he was rubbing my feet so I could go to sleep faster. I said, dad, what are those things? And he looked up and he goes, honey, I don't know, they sure the hell aren't planes or helicopters. (Jimmy Church asked what they looked like) Oh gosh, there were so many lights. I mean, they were red, white laser beams going... one threw off a laser beam. I'm not kidding Jimmy and I thought, what, wow, is this like, okay, sorry if you've seen it or not but I don't like Star Wars.”

Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church – January 29, 2015



Brent, a truck drive from Canada, called in to tell of his sighting of a falling star that acted peculiar:

“I'm an over the road truck driver and I was out of Virginia on the 85, heading northbound and I seen a shooting star, a really bright light, and was about to make a wish or what not and as I was about to make a wish, it slowed down. I was talking with my other friend and I didn't want to seem crazy and I figured I'd mention it to him because he's over the road too and he was from Texas and he said when he's near Mexico, he's seeing them all the time. He said sometimes they were chasing behind each other. Sometimes there's one of two of them chasing behind each other and then all of a sudden the light just goes out on them.”

Source: Coast to Coast – December 26, 2011



1988 – Enumclaw, Washington

Mike in Seattle, Washington called in to tell of a white light:

“I just wanted to call, the lady that called earlier, the bright white light that lasted about 5 seconds... Well, the same incident. Well, it's not the same incident as hers but the same type of incident happened back in 1988. Four of us were out celebrating my buddy's graduation and we were kind of sitting there talking about, you know, it was '88, the height of the nuclear tension between Russia and the US so that was the subject for the evening and what would we do if... Then we saw a bright light, you know. We basically didn't do anything. We decided it was time to leave and head home. I kinda remember the incident only because in the process of us leaving, I fell, and this was kind of a drinking area I'd say, so I gashed my knee open on a broken bottle. We got to the hospital and we were asking even them, did anybody see anything, report anything. They looked at us like we were nuts, like, that never happened, what are you talking about? It was like it never happened.... We were actually out in Enumclaw in the Black Diamond area. We didn't hear a boom but we saw the flash of light. It was bright and the trees were like photographed into our eyeballs for about 5 or 6 seconds and we kind of just sat there going, What just happened? That lady (the previous caller) was the first one to mention anything... I mean all these years. I mean we are in 2015 now and this happened in '88. And, like, all these years me and my friends were the only ones that this ever happened to. I just wanted that lady to know that she wasn't the only one.”

Source: Coast to Coast - September 25, 2015



Cee in Scranton, Pennsylvania called in to tell of a massive UFO he observed from is backyard:

“About three months ago, I seen something gigantic in the sky... It was like, I turned my head to look over my backyard. It was gigantic, Maybe rectangular in the back with rows of lights and what I noticed, it was huge, no noise. I went to go get a phone to take a picture and by the time, 20 seconds, turned my head and it was just gone. Three rows of lights, different colors, blinking. Kind of pointed in the front.”

Source: Coast to Coast - September 25, 2015

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