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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Frightening Bigfoot Encounter - Daniels, Maryland

The following encounter in the Patapsco State Park in Maryland was recently posted at Reddit. This is in the same park where I had my encounter in 1981. Through the description of the location provided, it is probably the area around Daniels, MD, which is about 6 miles downstream from my encounter. The mill town was washed away in 1972 during the floods from Tropical Storm Agnes:

My son and I had an experience with Bigfoot. We were walking in a unpopular part of Patapsco park in Maryland. At first we were searching for ruins of a town washed out in the seventies. He was fifteen at the time and we were not having luck. Right from the beginning I got the creeps. We are in the middle of Nowhere Forest and we come across an empty ball field with metal bleachers and a shack that was open with dated equipment in there. As we were walking through the field I felt scared, like there were eyes on us all around. I said nothing.

About thirty minutes in we realize were in the wrong area. I was thinking 'Oh good I failed my angry teenager again. He is going to forever think I can't do anything right.' We see a burned-up pine tree and I stop to take a picture. My son says "This is lame lets go" This is where things get real fast.

We turn around, walk twenty steps. He picks up a stick and bangs a tree. I look down and see deep footprints in the semi-dry mud. Those tracks were not there when we walked up. We take pictures. I jump up and down to try to recreate the indentation and I cant do it. I then realize that we are being followed. Panic sets in. I declare a swift departure. I think to myself is my child safer in front of me or behind me? That is a shitty thing to have to think. I push him in front of me. He has a machete and I have a stupid stick. We start to run walk back. This is what we hear.

Rustling along the side of the path, my son sees an arm. We hear the sound of a jug. You know the sound you hear when someone is blowing on a jug top. We see two different sized prints, small ones and large ones. We run by what looks like bedding in thick cool grass. We start to feel safe getting closer to the car. My son beats a stick against a tree. At that point a giant roar scream erupts behind us. So I grab the stick and scream at him "Stop hitting the effing tree we know it works RUN!"

We make it back. I'm repeating the words I wish that never happened to us. He's repeating 'that's the best thing that ever happened to me.' We get home and I am virtually retarded with stress. My son said we have to tell someone. Oh man I think. I cant deny it, my son was with me. Thus began my contact with a Bigfoot specialist and a cryptozoologist. I would say to my husband "If the Bigfoot person calls, tell him I'll be back by seven thirty." It was 2 years ago. I have thought about it a lot. I believe them to be real and not real at the same time. Somehow I think they are spirits of the forest. I also no longer care if people believe me or not. It happened and I have nothing to gain from the story. Also I told the Bigfoot people to stop telling people to bang on trees. They hate it.


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