Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekend 2 Cents / Arcane Radio Presents: Dennis Carroll - Cryptid / Paranormal / UFO Investigator & Researcher

This week we welcome cryptid / paranormal / UFO investigator & researcher Dennis Carroll to Arcane Radio.

Dennis Carroll has 40+ years of experience in the field of the paranormal. He has studied, researched, and investigated many aspects pertaining to the paranormal and the supernatural with many personal paranormal experiences. He is also a researcher and investigator of the occult and the supernatural, as well as a scholar of the Bible, religion and demonology. Dennis is a published writer/author, who has written several books and is currently at work on a series of adventure novels based on supernatural events. He is a speaker and performs lectures and presentations on culture, folklore, myths, and legends.

Dennis' books include The Road Unseen: A Paranormal Journey Into High Strangeness and Beyond the Shadows: A Field Guide to the Paranormal

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Slamming Doors & Shattered Glass

Jeremy in Vermont called in to tell of a bizarre experience he had while working the nightshift:

“I had a strange experience on my 30th birthday. I was working by myself. I clean at night. Still do. Something happened in this building and I never had it happen again. Anyway, on the second floor, I cleaned some bathrooms. On the way out, I noticed a door that was open to the visiting room. Which shouldn't have been open. The alarm was set but it wasn't going off. I didn't walk in because I didn't want to set off the motion sensor. It had one of these arms on the door that prevented it from shutting. It had one of these things so it wouldn't shut it from the wind or something. So I went off and did something else. I came back and I called out, is anybody there. I was standing at the door. I took a step out and it slammed in my face. It really slammed! I thought to myself, okay, something weird. No big deal. I went downstairs and started cleaning. My normal duties. I cleaned out four coffee pot containers kind of like the kind you get at a store or at a rest-stop or something. I put three of them aside. Started doing the fourth one and the first one I cleaned shattered from the inside out. It was on the shelf sitting untouched. It was literally six feet away from me. I'm working on the fourth one and I hear that exact sound, glass shattering over my headphones because I wear them all night long. And sure enough, it's all shattered. Now I'm gonna say this is weird because only one member of my family didn't live to 30 and it was my grandfather. I think it was symbolism in a way. Like he was reaching out to say hi or notice me or something.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 7, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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