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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Spectacular Cloud Formation in Columbia

Click for video - Vídeo del espectacular fenómeno que causó conmoción en Colombia

Shocking video footage of an apparent bizarre cloud formation with a pulsing light inside have led to claims of an alien mothership visitation.

In scenes not unlike the Indepenence Day franchise about alien invasions of Earth, videos have apparently shown a gigantic disc-shaped cloud over the skies in Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

It was allegedly filmed on June 30 and has been estimated at 1km across.

Various versions of the video have been uploaded to YouTube paranormal and UFO channels, showing the cloud as seen from different locations.

It is in the shape of a giant disc, and there is a bright yellow and orange glow coming from the underside.

Many viewers claim it must be a digitally-manipulated hoax video, with others suggesting it is just a strange cloud formation with sunlight breaking through. Read more at INDEPENDENCE DAY INVASION: Bizarre disc cloud sparks panic it's hiding huge UFO

NOTE: there are other videos on YouTube showing different angles. Very interesting phenomenon. Lon

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