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Monday, July 25, 2016

British Forest 'Goblins'?

I received the following information and images this past weekend:

Hi there, my name is Claire and I am 33 years old. I live in the UK and as hard as it is to believe I have various creatures I take pictures of because they show themselves to me.

One day this year I was on a walk with my husband, we were actually looking for signs of Bigfoot. I know it sounds crazy. well you should see my other pictures. So around 10 minutes of walking, this is what I saw. This is not usual to me I have many pics and thought I would share with people. I do call these Goblins as they are only 3ft tall and it has a goblin face. I am not saying that is what it is, but it looks like that to me.

Was I afraid? No I was not. You should never show fear to any kind of cryptid, and I have been doing this for 3 years now. These things like to hide in trees and at the back of trees. Like I said we were out in a Bigfoot area so some people think it is a Bigfoot, but it is 3ft tall so I think this in my personal opinion is a real goblin.

This is my picture, just brightened to bring him out more as the original, as you can see, is pretty dark. Sorry this is not a horror story, it is just how it happened. I saw it and it saw me. I took a picture and it watched me walk away. I am hoping to return to get a picture for comparison. It did not scare me but I think it is creepy. I included the darker picture so you can see how it had to be lightened up for the whole face. Thank you, Claire

NOTE: I am presenting the images 'as is'. The pixels are a bit too large, so it's hard to make out a clear image. Not really the 'Harry Potter' or 'Lord of the Rings' version of a 'goblin,' but I suppose a moniker was needed for the creature. Lon

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