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Monday, July 11, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Humanoids in Wetsuits -- Orbs in 'Hell' -- Model 'Possessed by Cannibal Ghost'

Humanoids in Wetsuits

El Paso, TX - 2011-07-12 - 3:33AM: Hello my name is [name removed]. I have been slowing piecing together the stories, memories and encounters of creatures in my neighborhood that go back about thirty years. These creatures appear to be tall, thin and to be wearing wetsuits, most likely without a mask. I first encountered one of these creatures in my backyard sometime between 1986 and 1988. I was home alone sick when I saw one through the slide door window looking out into my backyard. I panicked and it noticed me watching it. It also panicked then ran off into the neighbor's yard. I lost track of it after that. Mostly because I was very young and scared. I also believe it was also raining that day. It is my belief that they used to get around the neighborhood in the daytime when most people are at work or in school. I believe they used the greener yards of the past for cover. As the neighborhood became arid and more sparse over the years they needed to find other methods for getting around. Now they appear to run and jump from rooftop to rooftop late at night when most people are asleep. I, as well as some residents in my neighborhood, would like an investigation to be done. We are curious for some answers. - MUFON CMS


Orbs in 'Hell'

I recently received this account:

Hi Lon, I have a small investigative service that mainly researches extraterrestrials, UFOs and other paranormal events. I will tell you my close encounter that me and four others witnessed on a clear and peaceful night in Hell, Michigan. Yes I said Hell, Michigan, I lived there from late 1990 to mid 1997 and this event took place in late September 1994.

At the time I was very much a avid and active amateur astronomer, I had several types of telescopes and would travel the local parking lots and set up my equipment to show people the great beauty of the night sky. On the said night I was in the parking lot of my local convenience store in Hell, Michigan. It was about 10:00 pm on a very nice late September night and I had a crowd of 4 people around the telescope and we were all enjoying looking at the moon and several planets. The store is located in the middle of town (this town is only about 1/4 mile long and very rural and dark) I was looking into a field behind the store that is about 100 yards long and 30 yards wide. It is edged by a road on the north side and a very dense wood line on the other.

As I looked across this field my eyes caught a glow in the woods and I was immediately drawn to it. In the meantime several of the others saw it too and got very alarmed by the glow, I think they thought the woods were on fire. As we watched in total amazement two brightly glowing orbs passed through the trees and out into the field. They were about the size of a basketball and moved inline to each other. They glowed a blue and a red color but not like any blue or red I have ever seen or have ever to this day seen. They move slowly out of the woods and into the field about two or three feet off the ground (hard to tell accurately at the distance we were 50 yards) they seemed to be under very accurate and deliberate control. They moved out about 50 feet and turned back towards the woods as they entered the woods they lit up the trees just as they did when they arrived. It took about 10 seconds and the thickness of the woods consumed there brightness. After this event my 4 fellow observers were very quiet and then all hell broke loose 2 ran towards their cars and left the area very quickly and the other two were very upset and asking me "what the hell was that" and "it was a UFO wasn't it" I myself was extremely shocked and unable to answer their questions this was nothing I had ever seen before and it had me really really spooked. The last two left and I am sure there lives had changed. I stayed there for about 15 more minutes and I was unable to grasp what had just happened. To this day thinking about this event gives me unusual feelings and apprehension. I did not return to that parking lot again. I have told a few people about this event and have been met with very cynical answers " you were seeing things" and "it was Saint Elmo's Fire" or ball lighting. Well I can tell you it was none of the above and since drones were several years off rule them out. I will let you decide what you think it was. Thanks, TP


Model 'possessed by cannibal ghost'

Thousands of viewers were in for a shock when Thai model Thippawan ‘Pui’ Chaphupuang appeared to be possessed, while being interviewed live on TV. The video of the model talking gibberish on TV has gone viral, setting the Internet abuzz.

The model is shown telling the host that the ghost of an evil cannibal called ‘Pop’ has possessed her and writhes on the sofa soon after. She reportedly demand pig’s blood and says that the spirit wants to eat her because she’s pretty. Video can be found at Model 'possessed by cannibal ghost' demands PIG BLOOD live on TV



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