Friday, July 22, 2016

Was It Supernatural?

I found an interesting account published in The Eaton (Ohio) Democrat on January 14, 1886:

Strange Occurrences Coincident With a Death in the Next Room.

Cleveland, O ,January 10. - At about 3 o'clock last Friday morning, Mrs. Emily Frayne, a widow, of Hamilton, Ont, who had come to Cleveland to visit her sister, who resides in a block on Prospect street, died very suddenly. Frank Lamb, 33, who occupies apartments adjoining those in which Mrs. Frayne died, relates a remarkable story.

He says that between 2 and 3 o' clock on the morning in question he was awakened by something and looking across the room he saw a lady sitting, on a lounge about four feet from the bed. "What do you want" he asked. Raising her right hand the lady said "hush, hush" and then she disappeared. Lamb is a disbeliever in ghosts, and he at once made a search of the room and examined the lock on the door. He found that the door was securely fastened, and getting into bed he lay for ten minutes thinking about the strange occurrence.

Suddenly the clothing of his bed and the tick were tumbled off by some unseen power, and he found himself on the floor. Being angry by this time, Lamb made another search of the room, without finding anybody. He then opened the door, and as he did Mrs. Hodden, the sister of Mrs. Frayne, came from the room into the hall, saying, "My sister is dead."

Lamb declares that he was not excited and that he was perfectly sober. He can not account for the strange occurrence. Other people in the block who heard Lamb fall also left their rooms, and they corroborate his story to the coincidence of his fall with Mrs. Frayne's death. The Coroner has decided that the woman's death was caused by heart disease.

What do you think? Simply coincidence...or supernatural? Here is a personal experience I had in 1977 - She Was Saying Goodbye.... Lon

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