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Friday, January 01, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Weee! Little Flying Fire Critters -- Congress Asks NASA to Build Deep Space 'Habitation Module' -- 'Glitch in the Matrix'

Weee! Little Flying Fire Critters

Minneapolis, MN - 8/15/2015: I saw two orbs moving in front of me, towards me quickly, but there were fireflies out so I assumed it to be larger fireflies. They got closer moving fast and it sounded like a high pitched "Wee!" As if they were enjoying riding their flame things...

I was sitting in the window of my truck, I had been playing a SETI app minutes before and was being eaten by mosquitoes so opted a seat on the window instead of the tailgate. I had a perfect view of these things coming in, as if they were doing it on purpose. I froze wanting to get either in or out of my truck. It was happening so fast I knew I didn't have time to decide, whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

As they were nearly inline with me now as I sat on the window still, they were out the drivers window close to me, it felt like time slowed down. I saw the one closest to me turn his head and look at me. They were so small. They looked the same color as a fire ember. I was so confused. They rode something but it too looked like it was engulfed in fire. It had dark eyes, like empty, like the night was shining thru the back. It had a Cheshire Cat grin. With sharp long teeth. It was a bit like the mouth off the movie "Critters." I had the thought run through my mind that it could have devoured me and not left a bone so I was glad it seemed happy.

It passed by me and I followed it, watching closely for it to hit the ground running. Still unsure how to react. But as it came within inches of the field road, it was like both of them disappeared. I stumbled out of the window and exited the truck. I looked for any light or sign they were there or had been there, and there was nothing. I could hear the shrill noise in my head yet, it was as if I expected them to come over to me. I even called out to see if they'd do anything.

I saw no ships. No anything normal to describe. I'm at a loss for words to even describe what I did see. I don't even know what to call them. I have nicknamed them my fairies. But only cuz of the size. I have no idea what else to call them. - MUFON CMS


NASA asked to accelerate development of “habitation module” for deep space missions

American space agency NASA has been asked by Congress to accelerate the development of a “habitation module” that would be used to take astronauts on deep space missions, emerging reports say.

Last month, U.S. lawmakers passed an omnibus spending bill that increased funding for the space agency by $1.3 billion for 2016. It also directed the space agency to build a prototype habitation module for deep space missions within no later than 2018.

A report accompanying the bill earmarks $55 billion for the habitation augmentation module development. It would be paid for by the agency’s Advanced Exploration Systems program as part of the $350 billion funding that it received for Exploration Research & Development in 2016.

In mid-December, NASA International Space Station director Sam Scimemi described plans to start testing a habitation module in the 2020s. But, Congress wants the agency to pull in that timeline by many years at least.

The habitation module will first be tested between Earth and the Moon. NASA has plans to use it to keep crewmembers safe as well as comfortable on long-haul trips to deep space destinations like Mars in future. A round trip to Mars would take more than a year.

For now, NASA officials are not revealing how and when the habitation module will be built. The agency has been asked to report to Congress on its progress on the project within 180 days of the spending bill’s enactment.

According to a report from the InsightTicker, The instruments aboard InSight – a shortening of Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport – are created to listen to what is going on in the deep interior of the planet. Mars will give a better understanding of Earth’s early development because the crust and the mantle of the red planet have been undisturbed as compared to Earth.

NASA said the decision to delay follows unsuccessful attempts to fix a leak affecting the vacuum seal around three main sensors that is necessary in order to withstand the harsh conditions of the Martian environment. NASA has not officially announced the length of the mission delay, but it will likely be two years or more, according to Science.

A report accompanying the appropriations bill earmarks $55 billion for “habitation augmentation module” development, which would be overseen and paid for by NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems program as part of the $350 billion the agency received for Exploration Research and Development in fiscal 2016. NASA will have to report to Congress on its progress in developing the deep space habitat within 180 days of the spending bill’s enactment, according to Space News, told the Extremetech.

The Fastcompany notes that, NASA has been tasked with developing a "habitation module" that could be used for deep space missions. The news was initially reported in SpaceNews, which picked up on a report attached to the recent omnibus spending bill. NASA has been allocated at least $55 million to get the module ready by 2018, which some Internet commentators say is a highly ambitious goal.

NASA, which is perpetually under-funded, recently received some other good news. Congress set aside more money for the space agency than the Obama Administration had asked for: just shy of $19.3 billion for next year. With the additional funds, NASA might be able to meet its goal of launching crew missions to the International Space Station by 2017. NASA currently relies on Russia to hitch a ride, which has been a point of tension in the government and scientific community. - NASA asked to accelerate development of “habitation module” for deep space missions



How to Attract a Ghost Sexually

Spectrophilia is a mysterious and exciting prospect, particularly if you've grown tired of the whole warm body-on-warm body thing. Maybe that’s what brought you to this particular Google search. Or perhaps you've brushed up against a sexy phantom and want to lure her back into your orbit. Whatever your motivations, here’s how to do that.

The bleeders and breathers among us don't have much in common with ghosts. They float and fly while we walk and digest. They will carry on forever and we will carry on until the day we join their ranks. But there is one thing we do have in common with the spirits that make us haunted and horny: We want what we cannot have. For a ghost, life is the ultimate turn-on.

To lure your sultry specter, then, just be as alive as you can. Run and sweat and feel your heart beat. Ride a bicycle and sit in chairs; force tangible objects to support you. Cut your hair, trim your fingernails. Spend as much time as possible eating food and drinking drinks. (I can imagine that watching red wine rush down a live specimen's gullet would be particularly attractive to a wan phantom.)

Also, like most live humans, ghosts like the thrill of the chase, and they want to make sure that that chase won't get cut short by a sudden illness or a tragic accident. So go see your general practitioner with haste. Wear a helmet and a seat belt whenever possible. Look both ways when you cross the street. Floss every day. Do not consume sugar, artificial sweeteners, or saturated fats in excess. Exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. You don’t want to be “too tired” when the ghost in question inevitably wants to to bone.

Then again, ghosts like to save people! Remember the movie Ghost, with Patrick Swayze, in which Patrick Swayze dies and then tries to save his wife who is a hot ceramicist? Ghosts love to be the hero. So while you shouldn't actually die, maybe hire a stranger to stalk you, and then feel your ghost lover float to the rescue, the winds of salvation blowing at your neck. If you go with this option you will probably have to negotiate the terms either via email (ghosts probably can't infiltrate the Internet) or some sort of other safe room that a ghost cannot penetrate, just to make sure they aren't in on the plan.

If you were looking to attract a warm-bodied human who has ghosted you, I have no answers. These are our modern world's most confounding beings. Just move on, I guess. Find another human to kiss. Or the nearest ghost. - How to Attract a Ghost Sexually


OK old-timers (that includes me or anyone born in the 1950's or before)...what's the deal with the 'Blinki-tron?'


Subway Rider Experiences a 'Glitch in the Matrix'

1980s - Toronto, Canada

A person called in to talk about a weird time shifting experience he had in his teens.

“I was in my late teens. I'm 45 now. I'm on the subway and I'm counting down the stops, you know, paying attention. I'm getting off on the last stop on the line. And I just stopped paying attention for a little while and then I looked up and I had gone back like three or four stops and right away I kind of sat up and looked at the map that was up there and I looked at the stop and I went and I counted through and I... it was just an alarming feeling, you know. I didn't feel anything different. I didn't notice that I had lost any time or anything it's just I had gone back a couple stops. It did kind of a little reset. I never had an experience like that again. That's what happened. (Art Bell asks him to explain). It was supposed to take me an hour to run the whole line and I think it took me an hour like I don't think I lost or gained any time. It was the Toronto subway system so I'm like going through the stops like, okay, Jane (names off more stops but I couldn't make them out) or whatever. I went through three stops I wasn't looking at alright and then I'm back like three or four stops and then kind of like went through the stops again.”

Source: Art Bell's Dark Matter – October 10, 2013

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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