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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Old Hag' Attack -- Bizarre Encounter Report -- Alligator Kept In Basement For 26 Years

'Old Hag' Attack

Terry, a one time skeptic and atheist, from Salt Lake City, Utah called in to tell of an encounter with an old hag that reminded him of Samara, the creepy girl from movie The Ring:

“One time I was laying in bed and I woke up. I couldn't move. I looked at the cross that was hanging on the wall and I started hearing a scratching on the floor, then it moved over down underneath the foot of my bed. It was a female and she raised up, like brought her head up, so I could see and, it sounds kinda cheesy, but her hair was down in her face. Whenever I see The Ring, the movie The Ring, it kinda gives me the chills. She looked kinda like that. Then, all of a sudden, like a wild and crazy animal, she scrambled across my body. My bed, it would slide away from the wall. She grabs my arm and starts pulling me down in between the wall and the bed. This whole time, I’m sleeping next to my girlfriend and I’m trying to move or wake her up or something but I couldn't. And then, finally, I was able to move and I was halfway in and halfway out of my bed. I just pulled myself out of the hole and woke up my girlfriend. I was terrified. I left the room. Anyhow, I think I saw her again one time. I was sitting in a chair and as I stood up I, like, stood up with my eyes closed, and when I opened them, she was standing six inches in front of my face, looking me right in the eyes. I blinked and I jumped back and she was doing the reaction and when I re-opened my eyes, she was gone.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 13, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


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Bizarre Encounter Report

Mobile, AL - 4/5/1981: When I was young I had sleep paralysis, I would wake up but could not move, I would have to will myself to wiggle a finger until I could break free. Often when I was falling asleep a electronic sound would fill my ears. I was drawn to light, I often would stare at the bulbs. Once I was staring at the bulb in the hallway and a fly flew into my eyeball. It crawled into my eye, crawled behind my eyeball. I had to open my eye with my fingers and bop myself on the back of the head to get it to fly out. When I was about 10yrs old I was in my room meditating but a buzz sound came and I opened my eyes and found a beautiful irresistible woman like creature before me. She was white with blond hair. She positioned herself so that I couldn't see her hands or feet. She was irresistible, I felt intense sexual feelings for her, but she disappeared when I approached. The next time she came to me she allowed me to approach, this time we had sex but the world burst into a blue flame, exploded into light, then I blacked out. This was my sexual awakening. Before this I was a child, after this I was sexually aware. After my experience women have always been drawn to me, throwing themselves at me, this has been true since 1981. When I was in the Navy I had an unexplained object removed from my foot. The doctors said from the x-rays it looked like a sewing needle deep in my left heel. When they removed it the doctors were being strange about it, not wanting to tell me much, but they did say they couldn't get the last piece, as if the "sewing needle" was in pieces...I would have remembered stepping on a sewing needle if i stepped on one so hard that the entire needle entered my foot, and if the needle entered me whole, why was it now in pieces? - MUFON CMS


Alligator Kept In Basement For 26 Years

A huge alligator had been living in an Illinois man's basement for the better part of three decades.

These days people keep a lot of strange and exotic creatures as pets but while it might not be that unusual to see someone with a pet snake or spider, an alligator is a different matter entirely.

In a bizarre story that emerged this week, a repairman paying a visit to a suburban home in Illinois got the surprise of his life when he discovered a 200-pound alligator inside a cage in the basement.

It later turned out that the owner, Charles Price, had kept the alligator there as a pet for 26 years and nobody else had even known it was there - not even his neighbors.

According to a police report Price had obtained the creature when it only a few centimeters long and had kept it alive by feeding it chicken breasts and by exercising it in his back yard.

He has since been charged with the unlawful possession of an endangered species. Read more at Alligator living in basement of suburban home found after 26 years



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