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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: A Divine Vision? -- Phantom 'Night Bombers' -- Gigantopithecus Was a Picky Eater

A Divine Vision?

In 1994, Fr. Gobbis Cenacle Mass At Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe, NM. A stranger gave me this photo. My first thought was the Virgin. - MUFON CMS

Remember this incident? Vision of the Virgin Mary in the Ivory Coast

How about Our Lady of Fatima? The Fatima UFO Hypothesis


Phantom 'Night Bombers'

This was from the Fortean Times - It Happened To Me 2:

Clare, Suffolk, UK: The following happened when I had recently arrived back in the UK from New Zealand, so I estimate it took place about 1971. I was working as a chef in the vill age of Clare, Suffolk. Travelling home one night between 11.30pm and midnight, on the back road from Cavendish to Foxearth, (a very rural location), I became aware of a low droning sound. I stopped the car on a right hand curve, by a field, got out and stood on the edge of the field. The night sky was filled with World War II bombers, I would guess I could see more than 30, flying spaced out, (I was not!) in the same direction and it was their prop engines producing the noise. I don’t recall whether or not they showed any lights. During World War II, this part of eastern England was peppered with airfields from where the bombing raids against Germany were launched. I believe what I saw was maybe one of the 1,000 bomber raids forming, which would have taken place maybe 30 or so years prior to my sighting. It goes without saying that by the 1970s there would only have been a handful of these planes still airworthy, and they would have been spread about around the world. The fear of ridicule has meant that I have kept this largely to myself, but the utter strangeness of it has never left me, and I am now considering trying to recover this memory by consulting a medically qualified hypnotherapist, but they are thin on the ground here in Dubai where I live. Finally, I was neither under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I am pretty level-headed and have not had any other inexplicable sightings before or since.

Source: It Happened To Me 2, Glyn Jones, 2008

Forwarded by Jamie Brian


Gigantopithecus was a picky eater

Gigantopithecus just couldn’t adapt when its fruit ran out, says study. The world may not have had a King Kong as Hollywood imagined him to be, but the next best thing was a creature called Gigantopithecus that roamed 100,000 years ago. The largest ape known to man stood some 9 feet tall and weighed half a ton, gorging on fruit in what used to be semi-tropical forests of Southeast Asia, explains AFP. As it turns out, the giant ape’s demise had nothing to do with unrequited love and everything to do with its diet in a changing world, according to a new study. When the forests began turning into grasslands, Gigantopithecus ran out of food, say researchers. Other apes were able to adapt by adding grass, leaves, and roots to their diet, but for reasons that remain unclear, Gigantopithecus didn’t make the switch.

“When during the Pleistocene, more and more forested area turned into savannah landscapes, there was simply an insufficient food supply,” says researcher Herve Bocherens of Germany’s Tübingen University. “Gigantopithecus probably did not have the same ecological flexibility and possibly lacked the physiological ability to resist stress and food shortage.” Fossil records for the ape are skimpy: A post at Laboratory Equipment notes that it wasn’t identified until 1935, and then drew quick comparisons to King Kong because the movie had come out just two years prior. In the new study, researchers analyzed carbon isotopes in teeth and jaw bone fossils to conclude that the ape was a strict vegetarian that probably even shied away from bamboo.


Rare Pink Hippo

A rare pink hippopotamus was spotted bathing in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve by a French couple, according to Caters News Agency.

The hippo, which has speckles of gray mixed into its pink skin, is leucistic — a condition that causes pigmentation cells to develop improperly.

Animals who suffer from the condition are at a disadvantage, as it is easier for prey to spot them and they are at a much higher risk for sunburns.



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