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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Flying Humanoid Over Central Illinois -- The Severed Foot -- Ed and Lorraine Warren Never Investigated Enfield Poltergeist

Flying Humanoid Over Central Illinois

Normal, IL - 2015-11-10: I watch some meteor showers, so I was watching for the taurid fire balls. Turned out lights in the house so it would dark, went to see if there was anything happening, stood there, waited for about five or ten minutess and seen my first fire ball. Knowing this would be a good night I set myself up with Adirondack chair with soft drink, blanket cushion, for lengthy stay. Saw one or two small ones, about to lose interest, while facing north I could barely make out something coming straight at me about 30 degrees off horizon. It had no lights, made no noise, seem to be gliding. Couldn't make out what it was, but looked to be about 20 ft across with I thought to look like something hanging down underneath. Not knowing what it was or what to expect, I started to get a better look at this thing but my mind and eyes wouldn't let me accept what I was seeing. It glided straight over my porch with roof, so I jumped up and ran to south end of porch. Waiting for it to come on over there it was. It looked to be a 1 or 2 hundred feet above me. With a loud yelp hollered what is ? ! # that with other choice words. Watched it glide out of sight. I do some flying, Cessna, and can judge pretty well how high something is and by judging with that if it were a plane I could have read the numbers on a plane. I could see it! It seem to adjust for gliding but had no known propulsion. Stayed even keel, same elevation, same speed, same direction. First I said pterodactyl? But no visible head, letting my head accept what I seen. It seemed to be some sort of entity. And my searching the internet I came across Mothman. With what I thought were light colored bags hanging down. Now I'm thinking legs hanging down. With dark brown wings. But enough about what I think, there you go. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. - MUFON CMS


Enfield Poltergeist Investigator Says Ed and Lorraine Warren Never Investigated Case

Dave Schrader: Mr. Playfair, I’m sure you’re familiar with Ed and Lorraine Warren and their research and work. Have they ever worked along with the Society for Psychical Research?

Guy Lyon Playfair: No. I bumped into Ed Warren once or twice, and Lorraine… and I got the impression that Ed Warren was, well.. (laughs) fill in your own expletive. I wasn’t impressed at all. Lorraine is still living, so I’ll refrain from commenting on her, but she was very… quite pleasant when I met her.

They did turn up once, I think, at Enfield, and all I can remember is Ed Warren telling me that he could make a lot of money for me out of it. So I thought, “well thats all I need to know from you” and I got myself out of his way as soon as I could. I said was not impressed. He didn’t spend… I don’t think he went there more than once. And I did read somewhere a transcript of a lengthy interview which he’s alleged to have with one of the girls – which they couldn’t remember giving him – and it was describing all sorts of marvelous wonders which I don’t think ever happened. I think he was a complete…um… well… (laughs)… fill in whatever word…

Dave: (laughs) I understand. So you don’t feel that – and especially in the interactions you had with him – you don’t feel that maybe they had the best intentions when it came to the investigations of these cases?

Guy: No, they just wanted to make money out of it.

Dave: Okay. Did – have you heard, or in your research, have you come across any proof that Ed or Lorraine Warren had anything to do with consulting or being a part of this investigation?

Guy: Certainly not. Nobody ever mentioned them. I mean, I don’t think anybody in the family had ever heard of him until he turned up. Uninvited. And uh..

Dave: Oh, so just came out…

Guy: …he said who he was and he didn’t come again and we just sort of forgot about him.

Dave: So he came out to the site uninvited, and just showed up to try and insert himself into the story, is what you maintain?

Guy: Thats what I remember, yes.

Dave: Okay, fascinating.

Guy: It was quite brief. He was just one.. we had so many people coming and going. I mean I remember one day he did turn up. I think Lorraine was there as well – I’d also met them in Brazil. They sort of pop up all over the place. And it was just no big deal at all. I mean, I had a brief conversation with Ed at Enfield, and as I say, he was telling me how much money he’d help me make, and I politely declined his help, and I strained that that’s not what we exist for in the SPR, and that was the last time I saw him. - Conjuring the Truth: Enfield Poltergeist Investigator Says Ed and Lorraine Warren Never Investigated Case and Just How Involved Were The Warrens In The Enfield Poltergeist Case?!


The Severed Foot

Judith in Ohio called in to tell of something strange she discovered many years earlier.

“It's been many years now because my son was just like 7 and now he's in his 30s so like almost 30 years ago. I found a foot. My son and his friend were sled riding. My sister lives out in the country and I'd gone over there to take them sled riding and there was nobody home. The house was locked and I was walking in a little grove of trees, next to where the boys were and in the snow was a foot. The first thing I thought was, oh, somebody killed a deer and the dog just drug the bone in. I picked it up and then I got real scared for a second because I thought it was human but I didn't have any medical training now but I have now. But it wasn't a human foot. And even then I felt this isn't made right. It was like it was fresh bone, it wasn't old, it was fresh like if you go to the meat market and you get a bone for your dog and it had a little bit of gristle on it. It didn't have any skin or any hair or anything. And it was like, there was like one joint where the heel is. The length of the whole thing was maybe 14 inches – 12 to 14 inches long. There was the heel part and then from the heel there was like one bone that would come out clear up to a little joint and then there was like... there was several of these, not like 2 or 3 but maybe like 4 to 6 or 7 of these. First off, I didn't make it very clear. I was walking in the woods. I first thought it was a deer. I did pick it up. It felt the same weight as you would think a bone would feel and it had, from the joint at the back, it had maybe 4 to 6 or 7, I didn't count them because there was snow on them, from the heel to what would appear to be a toe joint. They were just one thing, like if you pencilled them, there was not just a bunch of little joints like in the back of your hand and then there was one joint and then there was like 2 inches of what would be like a toe but they didn't angle like human toes do. The whole thing was like a triangle. Like a long skinny triangle. And it had snow packed around it and from the heel type end, there was a bone, one bone coming out. And I'm holding this thing and at first I thought it was a deer. I picked it up and I thought, Oh my God! It's a human foot and I figured it was a serial killer or somebody and he was gonna kill me and the kids. I was real scared for a second. And I'm looking at this thing and I'm thinking, wait a minute. Because I thought maybe they were made by hand with all the bones. And it wasn't all those bones. And there was no like big toe little toe, everything was the same. And from the heel part, it came up about two inches and it was just one bone and I thought there was supposed to be 2 like there is in the wrist. I was obviously more familiar with the hand. And it was one bone and the weirdest part of this whole thing was that it was like solid bone. It didn't have an inside opening and when you looked at, when you looked straight down on the 2 inch high part, it was solid, the same creamy color. But inside like a 4th of an inch was like an 8th of an inch of pink all the way around like a little circle of pink. But the strangest thing is, if you turned the thing, you were looking on the same plane, it wasn't like broke off or something, it was cut off. And was cut like fresh board where you go (makes sawing noise) and then there's a little tick on the board where it doesn't quite clear. This had that little tick thing. I don't know where it came from. I know it wasn't an animal. I've looked at all kinds of pictures of deer palms and bear palms and everything. I took it. I was gonna wrap it in a towel and my brother in law works for a vet and he's been a vet in the second world war and he grew up on a farm. I thought, Maybe Jim will know. And if he doesn't, I was still married to a professor and if he didn't know, because I thought he knew everything, we would take them somewhere. It wasn't a matter of carbon dating, it was a fresh bone. And I wrapped it in a towel and I had the car and I was gonna put it in my car and my son... He held it too. We both held it. It wasn't just something we looked at. And he was freaking out and he never really freaked out about things and Bradley says, Oh mom, don't put that in the car. I don't want that in the car with us. So I stuck it in the crux of a tree along the corner of my sister's house as high as I could reach. And this was way out in the country and I took Danny home and I came right back and my brother in law and sister and everybody was there. Now, the summer before, there was lights in the woods which I don't know if they are connected or not with this. I won't go into that but there was some weird light in the woods. Well, it was gone. (she mentions her parents seeing and following a light 20 years earlier and Art cuts her off).

Source: Coast To Coast - August 27, 2010

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


'Magic Mold' Kills Cancer Cells

ANN ARBOR--Nisin, a naturally occurring food preservative that grows on dairy products, delivers a one-two punch to two of medicine's most lethal maladies: cancer and deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A new University of Michigan study found that feeding rats a "nisin milkshake" killed 70-80 percent of head and neck tumor cells after nine weeks and extended survival, said Dr. Yvonne Kapila, a professor at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Kapila has studied nisin in cancerous tumors and as an antimicrobial to combat diseases of the mouth. After nine weeks of nisin treatment, tumors were comparable to tumors at three weeks.

Kapila's group has published positive results with less potent nisin, but the highly purified nisin ZP used in the present study nearly doubled its effectiveness. The dosage of 800 mg/kg given to mice would translate to a pill a little bigger than a third of an Advil per kilogram of body weight for people.

Nisin, a colorless, tasteless powder, is typically added to food at the rate of .25 to 37.5 mg/kg. Many foods contain nisin, but nowhere near the 800 mg/kg needed to kill cancer cells.

Several products available to consumers also contain nisin--creams and pharmaceuticals to fight infection and mastitis, and a sanitizer in lactating cows.

While promising, the results are small and in mice only, so it's too early to say if nisin will act the same way in humans, Kapila said.

Nisin also fights deadly bacteria such as antibiotic-resistant MRSA. In a recent review paper, Kapila's group looked at experimental uses of nisin to treat 30 different types of cancer; infections of the skin, respiratory system and abdomen; and oral health.

"To date, nobody had found bacteria from humans or living animals that is resistant to nisin," Kapila said.

Nisin is lethal to bacteria for two reasons: 1) it binds to a static area of bacteria, which gives nisin the opportunity to work before bacteria changes into an antibiotic-resistant superbug, and 2) nisin kills biofilms--colonies of bacteria that group together into a fortress that thwarts antibiotics.

Another positive is that nisin has withstood the test of time, Kapila said.

"Mother Nature has done a lot of the research for us, it's been tested for thousands of years," she said.

The next step for Kapila's lab will be to test nisin in a clinic setting.

"The application of nisin has advanced beyond its role as a food biopreservative," Kapila said. "Current findings and other published data support nisin's potential use to treat antibiotic resistant infections, periodontal disease and cancer." - Magic mold: Food preservative kills cancer cells, superbugs



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