Thursday, January 07, 2016

Black Eyed Babies

I recently received the following accounts from researcher and friend Jamie Brian. This time, the subject is 'Black Eyed Babies':

March 2015 – California, USA

A physician named Jim Fisher e-mailed Dave about one of the strangest stories he had ever heard from a patient.

“I'm a doctor practising the last 40 years here in Eureka, California. When I'm in my office late, I make it a point to break up the boredom of the massive paperwork mountain we doctors are now required to perform and from your program as well as Coast to Coast, I've heard stories about black eyed children. Frankly I would have rather heard about ghosts or UFOs etc. Because black eyed children just did not seem plausible. I received my first doctorate in physics and became a physician so that I could resume my own theoretical research for dimensional periodic functions which is pretty boring but needs a lot of time and maybe instrumental in the multi-verse theory.

One of the tricks I've used over the decade was when a patient is fearful of a needle or some other potential procedure, I used to ask the patient: What is the strangest thing you've ever seen? Once a patient is talking, breaking into some story, the chances of nausea are greatly reduced in my experience. So here's the story:

One of my internal medicine colleagues sent me his wife for a procedure. The wife, the patient, is an attorney. For a patient, she's really nervous, even telling my assistant that she really dreads going to the dentist. So while I was performing the preliminaries to surgery, I asked what's strangest thing you've ever seen? The patient replied that, "you wouldn't believe me." I'm not even sure I believe it myself. Now I really got to get the story. The patient finally acquiesced and told me what happened.

It was March of 2015. The patient was in our local Safeway, pushing a cart like everyone else. She was on the left side of the aisle. Being left handed, she was taking items with her left hand and putting them into her cart. At this point, she hears the sound of a baby cooing, baby-talking. And this baby was in a cart that had drawn parallel to her. She looked up to see a blonde haired, blue eyed baby of indeterminant sex. About eight months. She smiled and said, "Hi, baby." At this point, the child made eye contact with her. Immediately the baby's eyes turned a deep, opaque black. Not just the iris but the sclera as well. She took a rapid step back, not only fearful of the transmogrification but the feeling of being drawn into those eyes. She broke eye contact. The baby smiled at her, black eyes and all, showing it's apparently newly erupted two front teeth. She was immobile as the mother of the child and the basket carried on their way down the aisle turning right at the end. The baby looked at her as the mother made this turn. Its eyes were normal and blue as before. My patient then went on to the end of the aisle, turned left, checked out and then went home fearing she was having a psychotic break.

I asked her a few questions:

Did you see the mother? No, but she was ballet dancer thin, had long blonde hair and wore jeans. She did not appreciate any facial features.

Have you ever heard of the black eyed children? No, I would never ascribe to that paranormal stuff, was her response.

And just to be complete, this patient was not a drinker, nor does she have any history of drugs, save some THC in college. I do not know what to make of this story. The patient is a practising attorney, well respected in our small community and married to a physician. There was nothing in her demeanour at all in our contacts to make suspect drug abuse or mental abnormalities. An ophthalmologist colleague told me that he had once heard a similar story but does not know any syndromes that would cause black sclera save for any trauma.

As Rod Serling used to say: "Submitted for your approval."

Source: Darkness Radio – January 4, 2016


Interestingly, this isn't the first time I've heard of a black eyed baby terrifying someone. In the Ghost Theory forum, somebody wrote of their own experience with a black eyed baby that occurred around 1975 in Hamilton, New Jersey.

“This happened to me in the mid 1970s. My ex-wife was working at the Atlantic City Race track. Her boss and I became very close friends. He brought his girlfriend over - he was cheating on his wife at the time. She had this toddler with a big head. I didn't pay too much attention to the kid as to tell the truth, I was eyeing up his girl most of the time as she really lit me up. He didn't drive and asked me to drive him to the store for cigarettes. My wife said she'd drive him. She placed the kid in a carrier that I noticed he was way to big for. She had him on the kitchen table and I was talking to her from the den across the room. Then this girl asked me to mind the kid while she went to the bathroom. It was getting dark and I hadn't put the lights on yet. I walked in the kitchen and this kid with solid black eyes scared me so bad I almost threw a punch at him. He stared at me like he could talk and that look was spine chilling. I remember backing into my den almost frozen with panic. This kid never took that stare from me. Then with a clear adult voice he said: What's the matter? I did not imagine this and I wanted to shoot him. The toilet flushed and she came out. I ran to the back of the house till my wife came back. I never told anyone this story and it's the truth so help me.”

Source: forum, quoting eez714

NOTE: Both accounts seem to suggest possible malevolent possession, not necessarily demonic...but evil nonetheless. Then again, some beieved that BEK are alien hybrids. Since these children were so young, it is different than the typical BEK reports...where a group of these children approach someone. You may want to look at this account as well - The Babies In Kansas. Lon

The Black Eyed Children

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The Black Eyed Kids

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