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Thursday, January 28, 2016

'He turned into a tree..!'

One interesting tidbit that I have noticed over the many years I have researched the strange and unusual is that military facilities and engagements experience a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. But the following account is just plain weird.

Tim in Kentucky called Coast to Coast AM to tell of something bizarre that he experienced while serving in the military:

“One time, back when I was in the Army, I was out in Fort Hood (TX) doing maneuvers and I was the lucky one with radio watch that particular night. So I'm sitting there doing my little hour-long shift and we've got the ranchers there. They've got the cattle range on the land and they would eat the grass. Well, one of them came up into our area of operation. And, you know, he had his little whip and so I was kind of talking to him because I was bored, you know. There wasn't much else going on and he didn't speak any English and my Spanish is really bad so I was like great, I can practice and that will help me stay awake.

And so we were sitting there talking for awhile. It got to the end of my shift and I had to wake the next guy up. The farmer's not supposed to be there so I'm like, 'Hey man, you gotta go' and he wouldn't leave. Finally I was like, 'No, man, you gotta git, I gotta get the next guy up.' So I reach over to grab hold of him and....he turned into a bush. He really did. He just turned into a tree. I mean it was like, you know South Texas is with the trees? And he just turned into a tree. I... I... That tree wasn't there when we set up. He was gone. He just turned into a tree. I was like, 'Oh my god!' and, you know, I got the next guy up because it was his time and he was talking about, 'Why did we put our camp right here with this tree in the middle?' I mean, I tell you what... it was just like a little shrub, like it had just grown over night or something. It stood about 5 or 6 feet. Just weird.”

Source: Coast To Coast - January 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

I have heard of people shape-shifting into animals or simple vanish...but morphing into a tree or bush is a new one for me. Could this have been some form of sorcery or magic? Sounds like an episode from the movie 'The Fountain.' What explanation can you offer? Lon

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